5 Food Groups to Include to Lose Weight for Female


Women are more particular about their body look and are more concerned about their health and how they look as you all know that getting overweight is not at all good for your health. Also, overweight women seem fat and will not have a pretty look. 

So, it is essential to have a properly balanced weight. If you want to lose weight, try weight loss programs to get tremendous results for your body. It is challenging for women to lose weight and get a suitable diet plan that works well for their bodies. 


If you are strict about losing weight and have fixed to make some changes in your diet, it is essential to prepare a proper diet plan that should be helpful for you in weight loss. You need to follow some tips to lose weight safely and quickly.


  • It is always the best choice if you consume freshly prepared meals.
  • Make sure to include all types of food groups in your meals.
  • It is essential to take breakfast after thirty minutes of waking up.
  • Breakfast should be hearty, and you can opt for idlis, uttapam, dosa, bread, paratha, and eggs are a perfect choice.
  • While coming to lunch, it is better to opt for sabzi, dal, roti, rice, chole, rajma, and curd.
  • And, for dinner, you can choose dal chawal, khichdi, or curd rice. It should be completed at least two hours before bedtime.
  • In between these three main meals, you have to include mini-meals.
  • Mini-meals can include nuts, fruits, peanuts, salads, etc.
  • Water is one of the essential and significant elements of a balanced diet.
  • Fiber-rich foods are a perfect choice and help for weight loss because it makes your stomach feel full.


Five Food Groups to be involved in Women’s Diet Plan for Weight Loss


What are the Five Food Groups to be involved in Women’s Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

If you are preparing a diet plan to lose weight, you must plan equal quality foods and balanced meals to get adequate nutrients for your body. You can join weight loss programs to get an idea about these.


1.) Carbohydrates:

Some people may think carbohydrates are a destructive element for the body and skip them during the weight loss diet plan. But, it is your misconception.

Carbohydrates are the foremost important energy source, and consuming them daily is essential.

You must remember to add excellent and nutritious carbs like ragi, brown rice, and oats and avoid foods that contain too much sugar like white rice, bread, etc.


2.) Protein:

The next significant element for women’s weight loss diet plan is protein. Protein can helps your body to repair cells, create new ones, and assist in the development and growth of muscles, bones, skin, and cartilage.

A protein-rich diet is required for your body to reduce weight because it reduces appetite, lowers cravings, increases strength and muscle mass, and finally burns heavy calories than fat.


3.) Fibre:

Fibers are another essential component of a women’s weight loss diet plan, and it helps to maintain your stomach complete for a long time and retains your gut healthy.

Also, consuming sufficient fiber improves digestion and keeps the bowel healthy, preventing constipation.

The fiber content includes flax seeds, oats, apples, and many other foods to reduce cholesterol levels and maintain proper blood sugar levels.


4.) Fat:

Fat foods must be included in your diet plan to lose weight. Some people may think that fat is not good for health and will avoid this. But, some excellent fat foods are highly required for your body.

It helps to synthesize hormones, gives energy, and stores vitamins. The healthy fats are monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and omega-3 fatty acids.


5.) Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamins like A, D, E, and B12 and minerals like iron and calcium are significant components of women’s weight loss diet plan. These supplements help in bone health, metabolism, and muscular function.



These are the five most essential food components that you have to include in your diet to lose weight.


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