6 Shopping Tips for Curvy Brides


Wedding dress shopping is always trickier than you may think. It’s one of the essential shopping you’ll ever do, and you’ll want to ensure it goes right. Choosing a style that flatters your curves will give you a look you love. Curvy brides should try on several styles of wedding dresses before making a purchase.

When shopping for a wedding dress, keep an open mind. Many brides shy away from trying different styles due to concerns over their body image. You may be pleasantly surprised that many styles and silhouettes look stunning on curvy brides! To find a dress that flatters your figure, consider the following tips.

Curvy brides should also consider their budget while shopping for wedding dresses. These dresses can be expensive compared to slim-fitting gowns, as extra materials are used in their making. Shopping for your dress in a shop with wedding dress stylists will help you find the perfect dress and make sure it fits within your budget.

Read along to learn 6 wedding dress shopping tips for curvy brides:

1.) Avoid Heavily-Beaded Bodices 

Curvy brides should stay away from heavily-beaded bodices. Instead, they should opt for thicker fabrics that define their bust line. Avoiding heavily-beaded bodices will help you take away attention from the areas you want to hide. Avoid strapless styles, which can throw off your entire silhouette.

Also, choose styles with wider straps. You can always seek professional guidance or helpful shopping tips from well-experienced wedding stylists.

Choosing fabric for your curvy wedding dresses is also crucial. Soft and flowing fabrics look best on curvy brides, while a thicker material gives extra support and creates a streamlined silhouette.

Satin, for instance, flatters every body shape. Be careful to avoid heavily-beaded or appliqued bodices since these tend to highlight areas you might not like.


Avoid Form-Fitting Silhouettes


2.) Avoid Form-Fitting Silhouettes

If you’re curvy and want to emphasize your curves, avoid dress silhouettes that are too form-fitting. A-line and empire dresses have skirts that flow out from the waist.

Avoid styles with high necklines and backs, as these shapes can make you look shorter and unbalanced. There are several styles of wedding gowns that flatter a curvy body. Get in touch with renowned stylists for shopping for bridal dresses in New Jersey.

One of the most flattering is an A-line dress. This style highlights a woman’s tiny waist and naturally flows down the floor. It can also create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

You will never want to take chances with your wedding dress; it’s advisable to hire the best stylists to shop for wedding dresses for plus-size brides.


3.) Cap Sleeves Draw Attention Away from Your Legs and Hips 

Curvy brides can make their bodies look beautiful by wearing a gown with details that emphasize their upper body. A gown with cap sleeves can be a great choice because they draw attention away from the midsection.

Using panels and other details can also elongate the torso. When choosing curvy wedding dresses, make sure the neckline accentuates your shoulders. Visit some local wedding dress shops in New Jersey for wedding dresses.

While a V-neck or a scoop neck will make your shoulders look broader, you can choose a dress with a diagonal cut sleeve.

It’s always better to have someone with you while you go shopping, as they can suggest what’s going well and what to avoid. You can also check these wedding dress shopping tips before finalizing your wedding dress.


4.) Avoid Off-The-Shoulder Gowns 

During their wedding shopping, curvy brides should avoid off-the-shoulder gowns. They may make the chest area look bulky, while a backless dress with low necklines can draw attention away from the chest area.

Also, if the bride has a pear-shaped body, she should avoid strapless gowns or dresses with high necklines. If you are looking for beautiful bridal dresses in New Jersey for your or your loved one’s wedding, visit a nearby bridal wear stylist to get the best one.

Avoid wedding dresses with thick waistbands and fabrics that are cut at the waist. Instead, brides should choose styles that highlight their best assets rather than hide them.

Alternatively, they should choose wedding dresses with a cinched waist. If you are unsure about the style of your wedding dress, get in touch with some wedding dress stylists for their guidance.


5.) Be Sure About Your Budget 

Before visiting a bridal shop, it is essential to have a price range in mind. Deciding on your budget will help you declutter your mind and find the best from many wedding dresses.

It will save both your time and effort. Seeking professional help from some wedding stylists is highly advisable if you are too confused to decide on your wedding dress style and budget.

Most bridal shops have gowns within your budget, so you should determine how much you will spend on curvy wedding dresses before visiting.

Tell the bridal shop stylist what your budget is before trying on dresses. This will ensure you don’t waste time modeling a gown that is out of your price range.


Don't Listen to the Naysayers or Demotivators


6.) Don’t Listen to the Naysayers or Demotivators

In our culture, plus-size brides are often pressured to lose weight to fit into a wedding dress. It’s a shameful phenomenon that continues to plague the wedding industry.

We are bombarded with messages telling us that we’re “thinner than we’d like to be,” and it’s hard to feel empowered about our bodies.

This mentality is toxic for many brides and exacerbates stereotypes about plus-sized women. It also makes the shopping experience incredibly stressful for brides-to-be.

Fortunately, the fashion industry is moving towards more inclusivity and creating more options for plus-size brides.

More boutiques are catering to the needs of curvy brides, and more designers are recognizing the beauty and importance of looking beautiful on the day of your wedding. You can also seek sincere and professional guidance from well-experienced wedding dress stylists.


Key Takeaways

Curvy brides are often challenged to find a bridal dress that fits their figure, especially in the plus size category. The problem is that brides are often painted thin and zero-figured, which puts undue pressure on curvy brides who don’t want to compromise on their wedding day.

Luckily, above mentioned wedding dress shopping Tips can help you find the dress of your dreams without the stress.

Before you go shopping for your wedding dress, consider the theme of your wedding. Many curvy brides get jitters during the bridal shopping process.

During the wedding-dress shopping process, make sure you bring someone along to support you. You can even consult plus-size bridal wedding dress stylists for advice and help you find the perfect gown.


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