8 Investments to Boost a Beach House’s Property Value


A beach house is a good investment if you are looking for a great ROI. This type of property has a high appreciation rate and can be rented out if you don’t intend to use it as your main address. If you want a real estate investment, then a beach house is worth considering.  


Imagine the crashing of the waves serenading you to sleep. The beach is your backyard, and the smell of the sea wafting into the air is just a normal part of your everyday life.

Not to mention the peace of mind it brings – a refreshing getaway from your daily busy schedule and the stressful hustle and bustle.


You’ll probably spend many vacations and eventually settle here with your family. In such a case, you can consider investing in doors and windows with fire-rated glazing to help prevent fire-related incidents that might put your family and your property in harm’s way.

These kinds of fire safety solutions can be a great addition to your real estate investment’s property value, as well.


Must-have Beach House Investments 

Buying a beach house may be considered a luxury for some people. But, the right property can provide you with an extra source of income. You could rent it to people who are looking for a few days of downtime.  


A beach house also gives you access to a spectacular vacation house if you’re fond of out-of-town trips. You also get to enjoy the fruits of your beach home investment during off-peak seasons.


No wonder, many property investors are in the market for a beach home. But before you dive in and buy your dream beach house, you should consider several factors such as paying for the property, taxes, and insurance.

You might also have to spend on advertising so that vacationers would know about your beach house for rent. Managing a rental house, such as a beach house property, might not come cheap.


Nonetheless, such expenses are necessary if you want to make the most of your beach house. Here are some essential home improvements and other factors to consider if you own a beach residential property.


1. Renovation or remodeling 

Some beach houses are built from scratch, while others are fixer-uppers where renovations have to be done to make them livable. Either way, a home remodeling project need not be expensive.

There are ways to renovate or remodel your beach house on a budget. 


However, it doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on building materials. For example, beach houses should withstand the wear and tear of beachside living. This means using materials resistant to salt, sand, and water.  


2. Railings

Railings are important for everyone’s safety, but choosing the right one can make a difference in your beach house’s aesthetic. Choose stainless or stone railings with eye-catching designs for a perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality.


3. Flooring 

Like railings, you should also choose flooring materials that can withstand beachside elements. Upgrading your house flooring is an inexpensive renovation option, but it can greatly impact your house’s overall value.

Some beach-house-friendly flooring materials include the following:


  • Cement could be a little expensive but durable and worth the price.
  • Painted wood is ideal for hiding sand particles and humid environments.
  • Limed oak can withstand moist and damp environments.


4. Kitchen countertops 

A new kitchen countertop will make cooking a more pleasant experience while updating your house’s overall look. For beach houses, home improvement experts recommend soapstone, black granite, marble, and teak countertops for a cozy beach sanctuary.


5. Outdoor furniture and fixtures 

Other nice-to-haves in a beach home include big beach umbrellas, outdoor showers, lounge seating area, and porch re-flooring. These structures and solutions are effective in limiting the amount of sand you might be bringing from the shores to the inside parts of the house.


6. Paint job 

Painting is the easiest and cheapest way to brighten and freshen up your beachside home. Choosing the appropriate colors can add value to your home and transform it in ways you never imagined.


For example, neutral and pastel wall paint can make any room look spacious and airy. White, beige, and pastel shades will help you achieve that spacious effect.

Meanwhile, accent walls, patterns, darker furniture, or a piece of art can add a pop of color and break the monotony in the room.


7. Home décor and furniture 

Wicker furniture, large houseplants, and rope baskets are among the most popular forms of beach home décor. They can make yours cozy, as well.


But remember, decorating your home interiors need not be expensive. If you want to go the DIY route, unleash your inner interior designer.

There are a lot of design inspirations online, so you won’t run out of ideas to decorate your beach home. A tip for beginners: you can never go wrong with a nautical-themed beach house.


8. Amenities 

Additional amenities can add oomph to your beachside property. If you have an extra budget, you can build a swimming pool in your backyard.

A viewing deck is also a good addition to your beach home that lets you see the spectacular view of the seaside. Add in a retractable awning or canopy and comfortable seating in your deck area to enjoy the grand beauty that surrounds you.


Other Considerations 


Beach House Property Value


Renting out a beach house means you need to spend on the abovementioned investments to get ROI in no time. However, you also must consider the mortgage, tax, and other bills, including utility expenses. Expect to pay higher taxes when you advertise the property to potential vacationers.


Sustainability and safety should go hand in hand to limit the structure’s environmental impact and keep the occupants safe from accidents, such as flying umbrellas or fires.

A cost-effective way to achieve this goal is by installing fire-rated doors and windows, smoke control systems, and other mechanisms to ensure everyone’s safety.



Whether you want a family vacation spot or a rental home for guests, a beach house is a good investment. For many homeowners, it is a pleasant experience to live on the beachside and get away from the stress of daily life. As long as you consider safety and sustainability factors, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your real estate investment.


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