Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes for School Students


Acquiring education at the school level can become a bit challenging if online learning is introduced. Because students require direct attention from teachers, a well-organized learning system should ensure that each student receives equal attention and assistance from the instructor. 

Any opinion essay writer can enlist several advantages and disadvantages of online classes for school students. However, we have gone over a few of the most crucial ones to give you a better perspective.


Online Classes: Advantages and Disadvantages for School Students

By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of online classes, one gets a better idea to make well-informed decisions. 

Online Classes for School Students



Advantages of Online Classes for School Students

Below are the advantages of online classes for school students:


  • Enhanced Comfort and Accessibility

Due to a rigid timeframe in the physical setup, students cannot contact their lecturers frequently. Some may not be able to ask questions in class due to shyness and lack of confidence.

Every student in online education has the opportunity to express their concerns without fear of being judged. It becomes much easier to access lectures through the internet and communicate from behind the computer screen. 

They have the opportunity to engage openly with their classmates and instructor through written or spoken communication without having to confront them directly.

As a result, many students find it very convenient, and course content can be accessed with just a few clicks.


  • Greater Exposure

One of the biggest advantages of online education is the great exposure to different online sources that school students might not have otherwise.

Kids get a chance to know each other via bulletin boards, mailing lists, etc. There are many group activities conducted with educators from different institutes or even different regions. 

It establishes links between students and esteemed educational experts and makes them more informed. Learning how to get information via the internet opens up a world of possibilities.

At the school level, kids get a chance to improve their technical skills and become more aware of the applicability of various online tools. 


  • Flexible Schedules

Online education has a big plus in terms of flexible schedules. It offers greater ease to access courses from anywhere and anytime.

Instead of being punctual in a usual classroom environment, many institutes now offer online courses that can be attended at your convenience. You can continue other activities of life while studying online. 

Many kids get fed up due to hectic routines while going to school so online education takes away all such stress. The course material also remains available for a longer period instead of panicking about maintaining notes. Thus, it brings great productivity and freedom.

Also, there are a number of productive mobile apps for students, from they can take advantage of.


  • Diversified Learning Opportunities

Pupils not only get to learn the course content but also get knowledge and hands-on practice with various tools and techniques. It brings a range of learning opportunities in different fields.

Students who have an interest in graphics might get different ideas through online platforms. Similarly, by using various sites, they get inspired to gain digital and technical expertise. 

Where the traditional classroom environment provides only limited opportunities for learning, the online world has adapted many modified methodologies.

There are lesser chances of any innovative discovery in the class whereas, through online means, students get access to global educational sites. 


  • Effective Time Management

The efficiency of students is increased tremendously when they get a chance to manage time effectively. The online education system saves time that could otherwise be invested in traveling and conducting on-campus classes.

Time management solves a lot of problems so students can spare time for other activities. It also lessens their burden and panic. 

The majority of students find it hard to balance their routine daily while going to school. They get minimum time for socializing or playing games. When shuffled to online learning, it can be of great help as it spares a great time. 


  • Economical and Less Burdening

Learning online saves travel costs and expenses that come with on-campus facilities. Thus, there is only a tuition fee and some institutes even offer free courses as well.

So, a lot of money is saved that can be invested in many other things. Learning becomes quite easier when students do not have to worry about educational expenses. 

Online classes are beneficial for those kids who reside in remote areas. They do not have to travel to far-off places for acquiring an education. 


Disadvantages of Online Classes for School Students

Have a look at the disadvantages associated with online classes for school students:


  • No Face-to-Face Interaction

No face-to-face communication with the instructor limits and diminishes feedback, & promotes social isolation, and may result in a lack of motivation. Students do not have the opportunity to discuss their concerns with the instructor and receive support. It may make them feel unheard or underappreciated.

Concentration problems are also a disadvantage because they raise the chances of students dropping out. It can lessen their confidence and might be a contributing factor leading to a non-productive outcome. 


  • Independent Atmosphere

Although an independent environment has many benefits, it is not for school kids. At such an age, there is a great need for direct feedback from teachers. Students require attention and guidance from teachers.

The freedom that online learning brings can make students careless. It may reduce productivity and affect academic performance. 

During higher studies, online learning can be of great help but it should not be practiced at the school level due to this drawback. The students find it quite easy to escape and do not give their best effort to their studies. 


  • Fosters a Sense of Isolation

Everyone learns in his or her way. Some students may study independently, while others want to be part of a campus community where they have easy access to lecturers and fellow students.

The good news is that online virtual classroom platforms have been working to bridge these gaps by creating a set of technologies that allow students to actively participate in live sessions.

Long durations of online education will most probably lead to social isolation. Social isolation combined with a lack of communication can result in excessive tension, concern, and anxiety.

The need for introspection, loneliness, and a lack of connection has become all too common in the digital learning environment.


  • Need for Improved Training for Instructors

To construct a successful online course, teachers must go through an initial learning curve and put in the extra effort.

To avoid missing out on all the additional benefits and tools that eLearning and blended learning have to offer, instructors must gain a thorough awareness of the various methods of teaching and learning. 

Instructors must also be properly trained to deal with the technical aspects of online learning, such as video and audio recording equipment, virtual classroom and lecture capture software, and, of course, Learning Management Software (LMS).

For the teacher, the combination of all these new skills constitutes a high learning curve, but careful investment in excellent preparation will payout tenfold.


  • Technical Issues

Online education requires a speedy and stable internet connection and properly working devices. If students do not have these basic facilities, they cannot avail of education in this way.

Due to any natural calamity, sometimes, certain areas get affected and the internet becomes non-available or there is no supply of electricity. Therefore, there are chances of technical problems making the online learning process riskier.

Such problems do not occur in traditional classrooms since there is no need for using such mediums for instruction. Thus, due to technical errors or delays, the quality of education can be affected badly. 



While there are benefits and drawbacks to online education, the benefits greatly exceed the drawbacks. Furthermore, as technological frameworks progress, technological shortcomings will be gradually rectified, resulting in online education becoming a more comprehensive learning platform.


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