Is There an Age Limit for Kids Strength Training – Where To Start?


When we think about strength training, the first that comes to mind is weight-based workouts. Heavy weight lifting where you have dumbbells in both your hands and then you work out for hours.

Most of these workouts are followed by men who actually want to see significant improvement in the size of their muscles as well.

This is one of the biggest issues that parents never think that their kids will ever need strength training. They usually think that children just need to eat well, get a good enough diet and play around and all these things will help them grow better.


There is no doubt children need to eat well, however, just relying on diet and sports is not a good option. You have to keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle is much more than diet and games, it also involves the strength of your body and your admins.

You might have noticed that some kids get tired very easily when they play. On the contrary, others will keep playing for the whole day without getting tired.


Why Do People Think Strength Training Is For Adults Only


Why Do People Think Strength Training Is For Adults Only?

You might have seen people talking about the limitations of workouts for kids. This is actually not true because when you train you are just helping your body get acquainted with your lifestyle.

If you teach your child to lift a certain amount of weight every day, you will actually see that happening and you will see the progress, workout is usually designed in a way that will help people to achieve their goals.

However, most kids eat a lot of calories without a proper workout which reduces their performance threshold and they eventually waste time laying around.


This passive lifestyle is so far the most damaging for kids. In fact, even in real life, when kids do not engage in day-to-day activities or invest time in playing, they get tired easily.

The best way to help you, child, is through a healthy diet and a daily workout.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the best workouts to improve strength. We will also look at the age limit of strength-based exercises as well as how important it is to start the workout as a child.


Is There An Age Limit For Kids To Strength Train


Is There An Age Limit For Kids To Strength Train?

Well, experts say that any kind of strength training can be good only if it is progressive, goal-oriented, and done under supervision.

This obviously means that when you get to strength train it has to be age-appropriate as well. You cannot ask five years old to handle a weight of 150 kg and expect him to do well. You need to keep in mind that everybody has a different requirement and you need to follow the limit of your body.

With the help of training, you are just trying to improve the capacity of your body but it doesn’t have anything to do with the overall health or the physical fitness of your body.

You also need to keep in mind that the requirement of every age will help you to know what kind of strength is needed.

If you invest more time in weight lifting at age 5, you might be able to lift more weight but this will divert all the energy to weight lifting and there will be no other option.


Age-Appropriate Strength-Based Training


Age-Appropriate Strength-Based Training

There is a limit to the strength you can acquire as well as the weight that you can lift. You need to keep in mind that your weight and age should correlate otherwise this can cause injury in long run.

Here are some phases along with the strength-based recommended training and the age limit that can help you know when and how to start the workout with your child.


2-4 Years

If your child falls in the age bracket of 2-4 years, this is a good time for improving motor skills and building neuromuscular pathways.

Training in this phase will help improve muscle movement as well. During this phase, you can start with a balloon bouncing and that will be good enough for the child.


5-12 Years

If your child falls within the 5-12 age limit, this is the time when he can get to explore his interests in sports. This is the phase where kids get easily bored if you try to get them involved in repetitive work.

No matter what you choose, make sure you continue to change them. This will improve their endurance, agility, and strength as well.


13 – 20 Years

This is the trickiest stage because you get to be involved in all sorts of games. The child in this phase is familiar with all the options and finds it much more appealing to be engaged in them.

You might have seen people learning their social skills in this phase as well because they get to know who will resonate with their energy and then try to engage with them accordingly.


Kids doing exercise


During this phase, the child can actually start lifting weight. Overall if the weight training will help, you will improve in body activity as well.


Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the goal you set for your child. There is no doubt strength-based training will help them in day-to-day activities yet you need to be very careful about the route you choose just to achieve that goal.

There are so many different age-appropriate games and workouts that you can start with your child. Most people think that strength training is just another name for weight-based training.

However, you need to think beyond that. Most people think that lifting weight will stunt the growth of their children or they might get injured in the process.

According to experts, there is no doubt both these are true but they will only be true if there is no supervision involved. However, if you get to seek actual help from a professional the strength training will not only benefit your child but also help him in day-to-day life.


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