AI & Business: How to Employ Artificial Intelligence in Your Business?


When we talk about artificial intelligence, most people associate it with science fiction. However, AI is already widely applied across all industries. in healthcare, retail, fashion, and a variety of other fields.

According to IBM’s “2021 Global AI Adoption Index,” 31% of organizations are using AI and 43% are considering it, with that percentage expected to grow by the end of 2022.

The use of AI is growing as a result of its ability to boost productivity and produce accurate results. The World Economic Forum’s report on the impact of AI by the end of 2022 disproved the claims that AI will replace humans and cause many people to lose their jobs.

It is estimated that AI will eliminate 75 million jobs while also creating 133 million new ones.


AI can be the ideal assistance for you, and yes I am talking about Tony Stark and Jarvis. Machine learning, data processing, and accurate findings and expectations are just a few of AI’s many capabilities.

Today, we’ll learn more about artificial intelligence (AI) and the domains in which it can be utilized.


AI Applications in Business:


#1. Recruitment:

All organizations need to hire the best personnel, but the recruitment process takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of time and effort to go through all of the applications and identify the best candidates, then schedule interviews, and so on.

AI and natural language processing (NLP) can help to speed up these processes. AI assists you in filtering CVs and shortlisting the best candidates for the job.

This can be accomplished by providing AI with data such as requirements, skills, education, experience, and location. The AI then analyses all applications and quickly selects the ones that match your needs.

It even suggests other jobs for the candidates if they are qualified for them. 

This saves you time and money while allowing your HR team to concentrate on tasks that require human abilities, such as dealing with employees and candidates.

This may appear to be bad news for recruiters, but we live in a world where you must adapt or perish.


#2. Customer Service and analysis:

“Looking into the future, VCs see the consumer trends of today fuelling tomorrow’s technology. AI will continue to evolve, powering nearly every personalized shopping and customer experience.”

                      Veronika Sonsev, co-founder, CommerceNext.


AI feeds on data. The more data you provide, the more accurate interactions it gives. Chatbots, for example, powered by NLP and machine learning, are used to respond and interact with customers quickly and gather customer data or analysis.

This data can be used to obtain accurate results on the market and customers’ expectations.

By providing relevant product recommendations based on purchase history and interactions, AI can also help in the creation of the ideal personalized customer experience. 


Role of AI in CyberSecurity


#3. CyberSecurity: 

Data security is crucial, and the maze you’ll find yourself in if your data is leaked is sophisticated. To maintain the security of their data, particularly financial data, all businesses must have a security plan in place.

AI helps in the detection of unusual activities and the removal of unwanted data. Automating routine operations like data entry and record-keeping also helps in eliminating human error, which is responsible for the majority of cyber breaches.

 AI can assist in detecting patterns in massive amounts of data that human analysts cannot see. For example, AI could trace vital language patterns used by cybercriminals when submitting new threats on the dark web and notify analysts.


#4. Business Intelligence:

Knowledge is a powerful tool. AI is a technology that can assist you in processing and extracting information from your data.

This can assist you in making the best business decisions, gaining a better understanding of your customers, and improving your marketing and sales strategy. With various artificial intelligence-enabled tools AI in SEO is already playing a huge role.

Knowing what you have makes it easier to achieve your company’s goals.


#5. Billing and Invoice:

Humans are slower and less accurate than AI. While it takes almost three and a half minutes to manually create an invoice, AI can accomplish it in just 27 seconds.

It gets much faster if the invoice comes from a regular provider because it learns from previous transactions. Furthermore, AI is more precise, so there is no room for human error. And it enhances productivity.

Your team can focus on essential business activities like financial planning, controlling spending, empowering vendor connections, and more with AI and machine learning handling manual duties. 

When it comes to billing reports, AI is the go-to solution. With AI-powered billing software, you can obtain accurate reports based on your accounting records. reports on timelines and methods of payment, and more.


#6. Smarter Operations:

As we mentioned before, AI can streamline your operations, but it will also make them smarter. In the retail business, retailers are using AI to monitor inventory.

It gives them data on the freshness of products, temperature, quantity, and more. They also create smart stores like AmazonGo, for example.

The potential of AI is huge. You just have to be creative with this tool. 


improve work environment quality with AI


#7. Create a Smart Work Environment:

AI can take over boring and routine work. This will create a satisfactory employee experience.

When you create a smart environment for your employees where the focus is on creativity and innovation, you will achieve all your goals in no time.

Google, for example, created the ideal work culture with the help of technologies like AI. In 2019 alone, Google earned 15 awards from Comparably. These include the best company culture, best CEO, and best firm for women awards. 


#8. Building Products and Services:

Not only can it help with knowing the market demands, but AI can also help with designing and building products. Designers are using AI to create designs faster and cheaper.

Feeding AI with data on the material, purpose, color, size, etc., helps in the creation of multiple designs to choose from. 

In manufacturing, AI can be used in a variety of ways. It can help with predictive maintenance, in which it predicts errors and malfunctions and then provides alerts that the machine needs maintenance.

This will decrease downtime and eliminate all unnecessary maintenance. Another use of AI is for quality purposes. AI can provide quality reports based on image processing algorithms.


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

As we said before, AI will boost your productivity and save you a lot of time and money. But there are some other benefits of AI for your business, that include:

  • Improve the features, functions, and performance of your products.
  • Optimize internal business operations.
  • Create new and improved products and services.
  • Free up workers to be more creative.
  • Target new markets.
  • Reduce human error.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Making better business decisions.
  • Improve Marketing and sales strategies.


Bottom Line:

In today’s business world, you have to be creative and innovative to survive, especially post-COVID. Many companies perished because they didn’t adapt quickly enough to the change. AI is like any other tool; if it is used correctly, you can obtain the best of it.

There are plenty of IT service providers who can guide you through this tool and help you fully benefit from it. Every day, more and more businesses are adopting AI. Your business journey will only become more comfortable as a result of technological innovations.


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