10 Apps to Watch Online Videos, Movies and More


Who does not like to watch online videos for free? Platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, and Hulu ask you a load of money to use them. On the contrary, there are some android apps that you can use to watch online content for absolutely free.

Coming home from work, while eating or traveling, we crave movies, TV shows, and videos. Sometimes even news as well. But to get all that in one place you have to pay at multiple places.

Because even if you take a subscription to let’s say Netflix, you will not be getting everything. These kinds of platforms have rights to some media, hence limited. Why not use something that has no limitations?

Even if you do not get everything here, there will be no regret. As you have not paid anything.

Top 10 Free Apps to Watch Online

Watching movies, TV shows and videos is a daily habit. Even if your heart does not desire it, it is always better when something is in playback. For that to happen, you need to pay and take subscriptions.

Just get to these free android apps and you are all set. You do not need to pay anything, the apps do not cover a lot of space and they are completely safe to use.

Millions of users are already using these applications and have given positive reviews. You must have heard some of their names like Cinema HD, UnlockMyTV, and PFTV. Let’s see which one you prefer.


Free Apps to Watch movies Online


1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD is the most popular and most used app in this list. Inspired by the legendary Terrarium TV, the app got bigger than expected. With Cinema HD, you can watch millions of online content on HD resolutions.

Not to mention, the app lets you customize itself. Sort through categories like popular, trending, top-rated, and more. Watch and share with your friends.


2. FilmPlus

Being a new online streaming app in the market, FilmPlus has made a name for itself. Just like Cinema HD, FilmPlus is also inspired by Terrarium TV and safe to state; it gets the job done.

With countless online content in high resolutions, you can use the app for free. One of the best features of FilmPlus; it lets you get 40 links when you select a video, yes 40!


3. Momix

Momoix is a simple third-party and third-line android app that lets you stream online content for however long you need. The app has some special features.

For instance, if you are a registered member of Momix, you can stream videos from different platforms. Hence, avoiding the issue of limited content. Save your money and use Momix.


4. TeaTV

Didn’t you want an app that lets you streamline TV? Well, TeaTV gets you covered. The app offers many live TV services that users can use whenever they want. Plus, TeaTV is known for its consistency.

The app never breaks and works fine even with low internet. All the content available on the app is in high resolution. Try it once and see why TeaTV is among the most consistently performing apps in the market.


5. Nova TV

With tons of online content, users also want good UI, updates, and other features. Nova TV is a known name that lets you watch online videos for free. But it is not just limited to that.

With good content and HD resolutions, the app has constant updates and a clean user interface. The app also packs a calendar feature that keeps track of upcoming content. So that you can keep up to date with your favorite content.


6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn TV uses a slightly different method for streaming online videos. Instead of any simple server, Popcorn TV uses BitTorrent. What it does is it starts downloading a portion of your video in advance.

This allows streaming content without buffering and a smooth experience. Using torrent technology can restrict traffic with ISPs but that is avoidable. Just use any VPN and you are golden.


7. Project Free TV

Do you remember the PFTV name? The name itself is a brand and is very popular among people who stream online content daily. Project Free TV is the latest addition to PFTV.

The app has a large number of online videos in many categories. Browse and watch anything you like with Popcorn Free TV in high resolution. With its prestigious name, quality also comes. Ry it out and see for yourself.


8. MovieWatcher

MoveWatcher is just like its name. It focuses on user experience and sees that you do not feel discomfort. How does it do it?

With MovieWatcher, you can download movies, TV shows, videos, and much more. Download and keep it for later. In the case of traveling and low internet, watching online can be very tough.

With MovieWatcher, this can be avoided. Plus the app has the lowest resolution of 720p, hence you get only high resolution.


9. UnlockMyTV

The legendary UnlockMyTV, was inspired by the legendary Terrarium TV. With time, the app has become one of the very best apps to watch anything online. This app in particular has the best UI and millions of online videos available.

With a download size of just 6 MB, UnlockMyTV does not even cover your storage. If you want a guaranteed good experience, this app will surely deliver it.


10. AZ Movies

AZ Movies brings something different. Just like its name, the app has A to Z on movies. Unlike other apps in the list, AZ Movies does not have any online content to watch.

Then how does it fall on this list? AZ Movies is your pocket edition to all the information. The app has details and info on all platforms like Netflix and Apple TV and what comes when.

Basically, it is a tool that gives you access to info on online content globally. Get this guide for yourself and be updated.



As we already know, watching online videos nowadays comes very costly. If you get a chance to get everything at one place for free, would you not take it? Just think of all the money and time you can save by selecting one of the apps mentioned. It is like having a mini TV in your pocket. Not to mention these apps can be integrated into firesticks. Just a cherry to top.


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