Best Call Recording Software for Your Online Sales Staff


‘If you’re not on the Internet, you’re not here, does that phrase ring? This is something that, a few years ago, could have made you laugh. But today it is almost a reality because we all, or almost all, search the internet for our needs, even when we have it.

And over the years online business or eCommerce industry has made strives. People around the world created websites, pages, and groups on social media to launch their own brands.

Online brands have hired people from all over the world who work from home or their respective offices to make calls for sales. E-commerce or online business companies have also hired salesmen to boost their sales.


Over 6 billion phone calls are made every day alone in the USA. About 50% of employees’ time spent on work is spent calling or texting. And of course, it can prove beneficial, especially for those working online.

The information a salesperson documents after a call for future reference is referred to as sales call reporting. The sales call report makes it simple to keep track of sales representatives’ calls and contact with leads.

These reports provide sales managers with information on individual salespeople as well as team performance. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as different levels of intricacy.

Therefore, a call recorder app, Android or iPhone compatible is a must-have.


Recording a call can also help improve the buyer’s journey and customer experience by explaining how to personalize messages and interactions with individual leads based on the relevant context.

Sales recording software, often referred to as call recording software, is the best way to collect these records without increasing the workload of your sales staff. 

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) — which allows you to make calls over the internet — or regular phone calls can be recorded in a digital format using sales recording software.

A call recording program may include features such as call logging, tracking, storing, sharing, analysis, and playback in addition to recording phone calls.


Below are some of the best sales recording software that you can use to boost the productivity of your calling staff, while also improving the sales process and customer experience. You can get a call recorder Android or iPhone-compatible to make your life easier.

Why You should use Call Recording Softwares



Jiminny is a Revenue Intelligence Platform for remote sales teams that incorporates AI-powered call and meeting records, transcripts, and analytics. You can save and retrieve call recordings and data in your CRM without leaving Gemini thanks to the CRM interface.

Meeting notes and call recordings are also stored and linked in Gemini, allowing you to keep track of all your connections in one spot.



CallTrackingMetrics is a call monitoring and contact center software that also allows you to record and transcribe calls.

This platform makes it simple to listen to and refer back to previous conversations with prospects, making it an excellent solution for any sales team that evaluates, interacts, and provides and gets call feedback.


HubSpot Call Recording

The Conversation Intelligence product from HubSpot utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically record, copy, and analyze your sales calls. During your calls, it recognizes keywords and essential subjects so you can quickly navigate to them for in-depth study.

Additionally, because this solution is connected with HubSpot CRM, all of your call data will be put into the necessary contact records for you immediately.

This implies that your sales staff will have easy access to all of your call and contact data because it will be kept centrally.

It also implies that you may create reports based on call keyword data that is linked to deal data, as well as start workflows based on call keyword data.



Ciara is a call assistant and sales enablement tool. For pro users, the Ciara Voice function automatically records and replicates your calls. This solution also provides GDPR-compliant call recording and transcription.

During phone conversations and virtual meetings, Ciara records all of your customer interactions for you. It then assists you in determining the optimal next actions for each prospect based on that prospect’s characteristics and the context of the customer discussion.

This improves your chances of 1) fulfilling revenue goals, 2) influencing conversions, and 3) receiving information about the status of your transactions.

In addition to giving context during client discussions, it also gives real-time coaching during tool calls based on previous encounters with a given contact so that delegates may better target each person.


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