Best Designer Handbags for Women



Bags always give an extra look with exclusive designing clothes. That’s why women focus on this accessory when they buy designer bags. Color and signs can play a significant role in a style statement. 


Every brand always tries to provide the best quality with innovative style to catch a woman’s heart. Here we will present some luxury designer handbags that have lucrative designs to fulfill your wardrobe collection.


Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Hand Bag


Price– £ 1,690

Price- $ 1732.37

You can add some glamor with Louis Vuitton. Its Locky BB bag can easily catch others’ attention towards you.  It comes up in different colors. It has a long and short strap that you can use both ways for any clothes.


If you wish to carry canvas bags, Louis Vuitton is also available with canvas bags.  It is very spacious; you can’t be disappointed to use this.




Celine Designer Handbags for women


Price- £ 2,650

Price- $ 2716.44


Celine gives you a damn look with its chic accessories. Triomphe bag is special for a signature style. It is also available in a number of colors.  You can get rare colors such as tan and navy. You can change your daily look.  


This brand follows a “less is more” policy and presents minimalist bags. They are very innovative with craft and design. It is a very simple and clean design that is good to invest in.




Gucci Designer Handbags for women


Price-  £ 1,860’

Price: $ 1906.63


One of the famous brands in the fashion industry. The Dionysus bag was first launched in 2015. Day by day, its popularity has grown.

If you are looking for some fashionable bag that you can carry with your hands and shoulder, you can add extra looks with Gucci bags. Many models and celebrities carry this bag to add an extra touch to their expensive looks.


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Dior Designer Handbags for women


Price -£ 2,300 

Price – 2357.66


If you like tote bags, you can try Dior’s collection. It is not difficult to find out the reason for the popularity of Dior’s tote bags.

This brand always uses the best material with high quality and innovative design for every woman to love to carry this bag at least once in a lifetime.




Loewe Designer Handbags for women


Price- £ 1,500

Price: $ 1537.60


Loewe always comes up with a variety of sizes and colors. Recently, Loewe’s Puzzle bag has been trendy in the fashion market. Its sand and small texture can give you an additional look in a woman’s wardrobe.

It has a long and handy strap that you can carry with your hand as well as on your shoulder. 


This bag comes under the category of Spanish luxury fashion. It is recognized as the world’s best leather bag. Loewe is famous for The Nappa Aire bag. Its leather body, interior zip pocket, and magnetic snap make it worth the value.




Chanel Designer Handbags for women


Price- £ 3,610

Price: $ 6,336.00


This Chanel bag gives you a classic look that you will carry for any type of party. It is enough to create a versatile look. If you carry this bag, you can make yourself look different from others.

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Its golden touch with black leather makes a highly exclusive look. Fashion lovers like its strip design. Its quilted design makes it unique from other bags. It is a medium size bag.




Prada Designer Handbags for women


Price-  £ 1,850

Price – $ 1896.38


Prada’s collection always surprised the fashion industry. Its streamlined and sleek appearance is hard to see from other brands. Prada always contributes the best craft to the fashion influencer worldwide.

You can carry this bag on your shoulder. Its texture can create a classic look.


It defines fashion statements and style. This bag is unique in its style. This brand doesn’t like to copy from others. These brands of bags are very famous in the United States and Europe. If you like minimalistic design, you can’t ignore this type of bag.


Bottega Veneta


Bottega Veneta Designer Handbags for women


Price-  £ 584.77

Price-  $ 599.43


Bottega Veneta is one of the fashion brands that produce many versions of bags to get the top position in the fashion industry. The primary feature of Bottega Veneta is the design of the weave. This design makes this brand different from other brands.

Many women do not like brand logos in their bags. Bottega Veneta keeps in mind this demand and presents their bag according to their customers. It is one of the greatest features of Bottega Veneta to hold their customers. 


If you don’t like minimalist bags, you can try this cream-colored bag with a mid-length strap. However, it has come up with a variety of colors. Apart from this,  Bottega Veneta has a lower price than other luxury brands.




Givency Designer Handbags for women


Price-  £ 1,450

Price – $ 11737.05

Givenchy can give you a simple, sleek, and elegant look. If you look, the Givenchy new arrival 4G bag has a  long adjustable shoulder start that you can wear in multiple ways.




Vercase Designer Handbags for women


Price  £ 1040.00

Price – $ 1066.07

If you wish to add a bit of fun to your bag collection, you can rely on Versace. This patent leather handbag will meet your discernment as well. The bag has an attached shoulder strap too.


Wrapping Up

Women are always concerned when they select fashion accessories. It is difficult to win their heart. Famous brands are aware of women buying behaviors. That’s why they present these exclusive designs for women. 

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading this article. Let us know which bag you would like to buy. If you have another choice, you can tell us too. You can visit our website to get an idea of trendy hairstyles, lifestyles, and more.


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