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Gaming can be a delight for people of all kinds who are avid gamers on their PC or mobile. For PC gamers, keyboards play a crucial role or act as a tool to play more smoothly and efficiently and assist players to win the game.

PC Gaming has a separate fan base when compared to console gaming as well as mobile gaming. If you are looking to join the world of PC Gaming, you must first have an appropriate PC setup with gaming equipment like keyboards and mice.

Also, the availability of high-end gaming equipment at a low price is the main reason behind it. It’s also because it is difficult to compete with your rivals without the best gaming equipment.

This is why we have the best gaming keyboards available under 2000 INR that you can install on your gaming computer and amaze your opponents with your quick reaction time. Check out the following list if you would like to relax when buying a gaming keyboard for your computer.

A high-quality keyboard is a primary element needed for gamers to gain an edge over their opponents. Yes, the skills are important to the highest degree.

However, how a player can accomplish their high-end skills if they don’t have a gaming keyboard that is able to respond immediately to commands.

After thorough research, we have made a list of the 6 best gaming keywords under 2000 rupees so you can up your Game.


HP gaming keyboard k500f under 2000 INR

1) HP K500F

HP K500F Keyboard comes with 26 anti-ghosting keys to allow you to play multiplayer games such as Valorant and PUBG in which you must hit multiple keys at the same time.

Additionally, it has dedicated media keys that you can directly pause/play and even alter the volume of sound and/or video.

One of the most notable features of this game keyboard would be its RGB lighting. It has an RGB backlight with a rainbow effect that improves the overall appearance of the keyboard, particularly when viewed under dim lighting.


2) Redragon Karura K502

The Redragon Karura K502 model is among the most well-known keyboards for entry-level use that comes from the Chinese manufacturer, Redragon.

It’s a keyboard with a membrane that is constructed entirely of plastic and equipped with a matte design. It comes with a wrist rest to assist reduce pressure on your wrist over long hours. The Redragon K502 has seven different colors of LEDs and can be customized by using 7 distinct lighting styles.

Furthermore, as per Redragon’s claims, the keyboard is able to manage spills from liquids that happen to be accidental.


3) Redgear Shadow Blaze

Redgear Shadow Blaze is a fully plastic-constructed keyboard that comes with an exclusive Numpad. The most appealing feature of it is the fact that all keys are anti-ghosting and it comes with blue switches that are easy to operate.

The Redgear keyboard also has a wrist rest that can be utilized during your long gaming sessions. Regarding RGB lighting the keyboard has 22 spectra LEDs which you can alter according to the requirements of your game.

The keyboard also has a Windows key lock which will shield you from any type of disturbance in your intense gaming marathons.

The keyboard features floating keycaps for the most effective distance of every pressure. This is something most users prefer since it lessens the strain of pressing the keys.


4) Ant Esports MK1000

The Ant Esports MK1000 keyboard is a mechanical gaming keyboard, which means that it is usually smaller and more compact than a regular keyboard. The design for this model is built by using top-quality ABS plastic.

The result is an extremely solid feel, which ensures longevity. The keyboard is equipped with high-quality backlit keys that have a rainbow of brightness.

The keyboard also features a full-N Key rollover function which means the keyboard will not miss a single key or confuse your commands across its 87 keys.

This Ant Esports MK1000 also features integrated media keys as well as a gaming mode. Double-shot-molded ABS keys with brushed metal panels and Spill-proof bodies increase the durability of this keyboard.


5) Redragon Shiva K512

The Redragon Shiva K15 offers dedicated media keys, something that the majority of companies do not include in their budget keyboards. In addition, the product includes 26 keys that are anti-ghosting.

The keys provide more of a strategic feel when you press them, which is quite common on membrane keyboards. To put it in a more precise way during typing, I was able to feel that I was writing on the surface of a sponge.

To be honest it felt more comfortable. The feel when typing using this typewriter was more comfortable than what you get with mechanical keyboards.

The keyboard has an adjustable wrist rest which means you can take it off or put it on according to your preference. The keyboard isn’t customizable for RGB lighting as much since there isn’t an application specifically made that can be used with this particular keyboard.

However, you can switch between different lighting options using a certain combination of keys that can be found in the user’s manual for this keyboard.


6) Coconut K12 & k13 Orion

Coconut K12 Orion is a mechanical keyboard with high-quality construction. It has ABS keycaps. In the initial impression, it seems like the font will be washed off after 5 to 6 months of frequent usage.

Some other advantages of this keyboard include that it has 20 million keystrokes as well as 26 keycaps that prevent ghosting. This means that you can play games in which you have to use several keys simultaneously.

The RGB lighting provided by this keyboard is a combination of 7 LEDs with color-changing colors as well as 9 lighting modes that keep you entertained throughout long marathons. You can also alter the speed of backlighting depending on your needs.

Overall, it’s an excellent alternative to Coconut since it has a low latency regardless of how intense the gaming environment is, every single keystroke is accompanied by incredible tactile feedback, giving you optimal control over the game.

Coconut K13 is yet another keyboard that is part of the brand Coconut that you should be looking forward to if seeking the best gaming keyboards under 2000 for you.


Things to Consider While Buying Gaming Keyboard 

There are plenty of gamers who prefer playing video games using their PC rather than consoles. This could be because the technical and graphic requirements of a PC are much higher.

The capabilities of PCs are significantly higher than the console. A lot of games have very high graphics requirements that are only achievable with computers.

  • Price

The budget plays a significant factor in the final decision of what you purchase. If you’re planning to purchase a keyboard that is mechanical you must make sure you save a little cash.

You can certainly opt to buy the cheapest mechanical keyboard available from a brand name however, their longevity cannot be assured.

  • Colors

There are many people who talk about blue and red keyboards. These colors aren’t simply aesthetics. Red and blue are varieties of mechanical keys invented by a firm called Cherry that for many years were thought to be the industry standard for keyboards.


  • Layout

After having talked about all the details of the mechanism, it’s time to talk about the layout of your keyboard. Equally important is to know what keys on your keyboard do and the number of keys your keyboard contains. Keyboards typically comprise between 88 and 101 keys.


  • Appearance

After you’ve thoroughly scrutinized the functions and the mechanisms that your computer keyboard has, you might consider examining its style since it will be displayed.

Therefore, you shouldn’t choose to purchase a product that is too flashy or draws excessive attention. It is possible to purchase basic LED keyboards to have a classy appearance and feel.


Membrane, or Mechanical

  • Membrane keyboards have an oblique pad that is pressure sensitive and are highly regarded for their quiet keypress and low profile. They are however not designed for heavy use and if you play a sport that requires the use of a large number of keyboards then you should probably not make use of this kind of keyboard.


  • Mechanical keyboards on other hand, have the hybrid button, which sets an automatic folding mechanism underneath the keys. It presses downwards on the membrane whenever your fingers are pressed. These types of keyboards are used by the majority of consumers these days. They’re more expensive than membrane keyboards, however, they are cheaper than wireless keyboards.


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