Best Math Solving Apps


In 2022, there are apps for anything and any problem you can think of. So it is quite obvious that there are apps to solve all your math problems. 

Math is a problem that is not leaving our backs and is always after us. If it has so many problems, why can’t they solve them themselves? Why do we have to do it for them? 

But since there are no other options we have to solve the problems ourselves, there are certain apps that can help us in that process. 


Let’s check out the best apps for solving your math problems easily and quite efficiently, I must say. 


Best Math Solving Apps



MalMath - Best Math Solving Apps


While using MalMath, you would get a thorough explanation of each math problem and a step-by-step guide on how to solve them.

The problem to its solution is reached with easy steps so that every student can understand them properly. 

Being a totally free app available in the Google play store, the offline services here are quite powerful and effective. The need for a constant internet connection is not a requirement for this app. 


GeoGebra Classic


GeoGebra - Best Math Solving Apps


Tackling the questions related to geometry, GeoGebra Classic is the best app out there. With features like geometric designs, algebra, spreadsheets, and many more are the few things that GeoGebra offers to its users. 


With its simple and user-friendly interface, it can be used pretty easily without much difficulty. The graph feature is the focal point of this app, as it helps the students to use practical skills on a digital platform.


Matlab’s Graphing Calculator


Matlab’s Graphing Calculator - Math Solving App


At the beginning of every school, the one thing that always remained constant on everyone’s list was a chunky calculator. But is it always worth it to buy such calculators?

It is a totally unnecessary expense, but there sure is an alternative to it. 


Matlab’s graphing calculator is one of the best scientific calculator apps on the market. With updated scientific graphing and algebraic equations, the easy-to-handle tools are best for every student.


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Photomath - Best Math Solving Apps


Our math journey begins with basic problems in trigonometry and calculus. With Photomath, you get a wide range of math problems with certain difficulty levels.

The app helps to solve the most tricky and difficult problems with ease and in a simple way to make everyone understand. 


With Photomath, you can just click a photo of the math problem, and the app will show you the solution to it in the simplest way. Being a free app available in the Play store, the offline services of the app works wonderfully without a glitch. 




Brainly - Math Solving Apps


The motto for Brainly is “For students, By students.” The app does live up to its motto perfectly. The app works like a social media platform where the main focus is solving math problems. 


Here the students can interact with other students regarding math problems and help each other. The app is loved by students as it has a social media feature to it.

And teachers appreciate that the students are integrating their learning with others on the platform. 


Brainly is a free app available on the play store, the customer support of the app is very helpful, and the features are very user-friendly. 


Komodo Maths


Komodo - Math Solving Apps


The Komodo Maths app is designed keeping in mind young kids. The app works like a game, with a reward system after solving each math problem. This makes the learning experience fun and constructive. 


The main aim of the Komodo app is to build a strong mathematical foundation from a young age. With a strong foundation in basic mathematics, the transition to complex problems becomes easier to understand. 




Rocket Math


Rocket Math - Best Math Solving Apps


The motto for Rocket Math is “Launching Children to Success.” This is yet another game-based mathematical app. It provides a fun environment for the kids to learn and understand math problems and solve them. 


The game-based feature helps to learn the process quickly with irritation and problem. The user-friendly interface of the app makes it easier to use.

The easy interface makes the learning process much easier for the students to learn the problems in the most fun and simple way possible. 




Prodigy - Best Math Solving Apps


The best way to make children understand math problems is by making them fun and creative.

Prodigy understood the assignment and made their app a fantasy-based app. 

The reposting feature of the app makes it easier for the parents and teachers to understand where the child is facing difficulty understanding. Being a free app on the play store, anyone can download the app and brush up their math skills. 


The app is designed for kids from the 1 to 8 grades, so the problems here are not too complex for the kids. The problems also align with their curriculum, which is helpful for them as well. 



Having a strong foundation when it comes to mathematics is very important to get better results in the future. To further improve your math skills, you can easily download any of the apps listed here on this list. 

Hope this article helps with choosing the math-solving app for your kid and helping them with their problems.


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