Best Online Ludo Games That You Can Play to Earn Real Money


Online gaming is the future and it is spreading with an ultrasonic speed among people of every age group. Online games can be played anywhere and anytime you just need a good internet connection and a device that supports online games like Xbox, PSP, Laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Most people are not familiar with the term online gaming it means when a person plays a game over the internet with friends or with random players around the world. There are advantages of online gaming but it has many disadvantages too.

There is a risk of harassment, scamming, and cyberbullying in online gaming because some games have chatting options from which people talk to each other so be aware. 


Some of the advantages of online gaming are that people who are regular gamers are more physically and mentally fit as compared to normal people.

There are some games that force people to use their minds continuously and when people play these games on a regular basis they enhance their thinking capacity and mental health.


Some online games are offering real money to the users so most people are starting their careers by earning money by playing online games. These games most of them are Online Ludo games that are offering money so let’s discuss them.



Ludo is one of the most popular board games around the world and it is loved by everyone too. Ludo originated in India and was known as Pachisi earlier it was played by only Indian royal families then slowly ordinary people started playing too and the name Ludo was given by England people.

If you want to play Ludo offline then you need some equipment like a square-shaped board with the print of Ludo format, 4 tokens for each player, and dice to roll for the movements of the tokens.

Ludo is a multiplayer game and a maximum of 4 players can play this game at a time the main objective of this game is to take all 4 tokens to the finish line to win the game.


If you want to play an online Ludo game then there is no need to bring any above-mentioned equipment every necessary thing is designed in the app. You just need a good internet connection and a device that supports the online Ludo game and enjoy.

There are some games that have computer mode in which you can play the game against a computer if you have a shortage of players. You can spend some quality time with your family members if you are far away from them by playing an online Ludo game.

People are having fun and earning real money as well from these online gaming platforms. If you want to know about some online Ludo game that offers real money then don’t go here is a list mentioned below that contains top ludo apps.


Best Ludo apps to Earn Real Money

There are a lot of online Ludo apps that are giving money to the users and because this is becoming so popular some of the frauds are also entering the market and started scamming people.

So people should choose the most trusted and top-rated online Ludo games so they can earn and enjoy the game without any hesitation. If you are downloading a Ludo game then you should check the license of the game, security terms, and reviews of the game before installing it.

If you are searching for genuine Ludo apps to earn money then you search over here the Ludo apps are as follows:


Online ludo apps to earn real money



MPL is one of the most trusted and loved online gaming platforms and in this app, you can enjoy online games other than ludo and earn money from them too.

There are more bonus prizes like a ₹50 sign-up bonus and ₹75 referral bonus which will be directly deposited into your bank account linked to your MPL account. 


Ludo Empire

This is another great app to earn money online by playing Ludo. Ludo Empire supports two types of payment methods that are UPI and bank transfer which is a drawback of this game.

This app has a special mode known as counter mode because of this people love this game so much. Sign up bonus of this app is ₹10 and if you invite your contacts then you will get a ₹20 bonus. 


Ludo Fantasy

In this list, Ludo Fantasy is a single app that has the lowest entry fee of ₹10 to enter a game. There is a quick mode in this app that can save your time and you can complete the match quickly.

You can earn a ₹10 sign-up bonus from this app and ₹10 referral bonus and a 2% commission on every match your referral plays.



On this platform, you can play games like Ludo, Rummy, and many more fantasy sports. All the games that are in this app provide real money to the users and with earning you can have some fun time too on Gamezy.

Users get a signup bonus of ₹100 when they install the game and there is a referral bonus also for the users.


EWar Games

It is one of the best online Ludo earning apps. EWar is a portal of games that lets you play games including ludo, cricket, and many more.

The rewards earned by the users are deposited directly into their bank accounts through UPI. The minimum withdrawal limit in this app is ₹10 and all your money can be transferred instantly to your Paytm Wallet. 


Ludo League

This app gives the classic ludo experience to the users and when you play Ludo on this app you’ll feel like playing ludo offline. There are multiple payment methods and no withdrawal limit which makes this app interesting moreover you can withdraw your earned money 24X7.

  • Sign up bonus: ₹25
  • Referral bonus: ₹10


Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja is the only game that offers the highest signup bonus in this list of ₹100 and the same goes for the referral bonus. You can withdraw ₹1 into your bank account it is the best feature of this app. 


Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme has over 1 million downloads and this app is launched by Hytech Ludo game studio.

Developers of this game used high-end graphics and animations so that the users feel delighted when they play Ludo on Ludo Supreme. So don’t wait and install this exciting app and start earning daily cash rewards. 


Skill Ludo

This is a great app to earn money online and defeat ludo players from all over the world. There is a single limitation of this app and that is users can withdraw only ₹100 at a single time.

The user interface of this app is designed attractive so that people show more interest in the game. 



Real11 is one of the top-rated and famous ludo earning apps. This app is famous because the famous Indian Cricketer Gautam Gambhir advertises it on national television.

Real11 is an amazing app to earn money online without investment. 

  • Signup bonus: ₹50
  • Referral bonus: ₹25


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