Best Productive & Useful Android Apps for Students


Technology is perhaps the best thing that has happened to humanity – did you know it can boost your success rate as a student? As a result, we decided to curate a list of the best Android apps specifically designed for students. Each app mentioned below has been designed to make things easier for students, both at home and in the classroom.


Think about it. Communication technology can make everything (almost) about a student’s life easier, from maintaining punctuality and discipline to tracking all your finances (pocket money/ passive income) and even managing a social life that’s thriving.

Finding such mobile apps that can keep you productive motivated, organized, and punctual will be crucial in shaping the rest of your student’s life.


Keep reading to find out more on the same.

Best Productivity Android Apps for Students:

There are several revision apps, video phone apps, and even organization apps, as well as engaging, usual social offerings.

From organizing timetables to finding your way around, there is an app for everything. And we have managed to find five crazy apps for students, all of which are free. 

It doesn’t matter if you are in high school or towards the end of your college life, a homework planner or organizer application can prove to be a complete lifesaver, helping you monitor and track your assignments, exams, and deadline submissions.

These top-rated smartphone apps for students range from taking notes to capturing lectures, homework planning, and beyond.


Scroll down to find out more about the top Android apps for helping students thrive in both college and school.


Best mobile apps for students


  • Evernote

One of the most popular free applications for students, Evernote is really helpful for people pursuing any degree of sorts or who are still in school.

The app makes things very easy for students – from organizing all assignments and coursework to helping you find your way on your device, it is perfect!

Known as a productivity application that’s considered to be free for students, Evernote helps students stay on track. The basic plan for the app is free, and it enables users to take notes in different formats, inclusive of sketches, audio, videos, formats, and photos.

You can easily sync the data on the app across all your devices while sharing the same with other peers without any hassle.


  • RefMe 

One of the most useful student-friendly applications for collecting as well as creating references and even researching for projects and assignments, RefMe is one of those crazy award-winning applications.

It automates everything – from the entire referencing process to helping students with citations and bibliographies, instantly searching, copying, and even pasting links. 


Known as an invaluable mobile application for all college students and writers of all types, RefMe is perhaps even more important than telemedicine apps.

If you want to write any research paper, RefMe can help you to create references – you can easily export references for your paper by simply emailing yourself or even with the help of Evernote.


  • StudyBlue

One of the biggest crowdsourced libraries for studying, StudyBlue boasts over four hundred million study guides, notes, and flashcards.

This crazy application enables students to enhance their studying experience with the help of virtual flashcards and that too on their tablets or phones.

Students can easily access their study guides and aids whenever they need them with the help of StudyBlue for both studying as well as memorization needs. And that’s not all.

Students can also create as well as share all study materials, seek study content recommended by classmates, set reminders, track progress and even customize quizzes.


  • myHomework Student Planner

If there is one application that can help users organize schoolwork, daily routine, and even upcoming assignments with ease, then that’s myHomework Student Planner.

This digital-planning application is great, and you can even customize it easily according to your wish – you just need to put details about your class into the app’s calendar.

And that’s not all. The myHomework Student Planner is also great for adding descriptions for your homework, considering it’s so simple and quick to use. If you notice, users can even time, set deadline dates, and even identify low medium, or high priority – reminders can even be set.


  • PDF Reader

One of the perfect assistance applications out there for students, the PDF Reader is one app that enables users to view PDFs in the classroom presentation in the slideshow format.

The smartphone app is inclusive of many incredible tools meant for filling online documents, adding comments, signing via electronic signature, and even implementing the newest OCR technology. 

The PDF reader is great for students who are looking for one solution to split files, document conversion, security, combine documents, file processing, and the like.

A whole range of automation tools can save a student’s time with ease. Students can easily markup, highlight points, and even note down quotes or thoughts with the help of sticky notes while going through documents.


  • Office Lens 

If you do not have access to a scanner or you do not want to invest a penny in those library scanners, Office Lens is the application meant for you. Moreover, Office LenS is an app that can be used easily, is free, and features only a handful of advertisements.

With the help of your phone camera, this application can conveniently convert documents, ID cards, slides, contracts, and class notes while helping you with E-signatures on JPEG or PDF files.

The number of pages available for scanning is endless. So when the document has been scanned, the same can be shared with just about anyone in the blink of an eye.

While students are inside the library, they can easily scan any study material on any subject, even annotate them – this not just helps save the book quality but at the same time also prevent students from carrying much with them.


  • EasyBib

Known as one of the platforms for taking notes, finding citations, and researching with the help of several tools, EasyBib is an amazing literacy and information platform.

If you can use the tools provided by EasyBib, kids can easily input all sorts of references and information while instantly transforming anyone from the current styles of citation like CMS and MLA. 


The guides on citations not just show students what data needs to be incorporated for books, TV shows, and websites but also where those details can be found. And that’s not all.

Students can easily both save as well as share papers, confirm source materials and even create notes – all in a single place. Either way, you can conveniently make notes on EasyBib first before transferring them elsewhere.


  • Sleep Cycle

Are you one of those persistent snoozers who wakes up nearly late for all your lectures? If so then the Sleep Cycle application is definitely meant for you.

It is one of those alarm applications meant for students which asks users to simply finish minor tasks like taking a picture of something vital before the app turns off the alarm.

And that’s not all. You can also add ‘sleep notes’ like ‘ in the gym’ or ‘got drunk’ before tuning in for the night. This is exactly why instead of downloading those sports apps, you can install the Sleep Cycle app on your phone for healthy living!


And It’s a Wrap!

It doesn’t matter what people are saying when they are satirical about technology or even use devices like smartphones. After all, smartphones are not that bad. It can help people of all ages, and not just students, do a thousand different things – from putting down your thoughts in a jiffy to saving time, the options are several. 

You can also say that it kind of makes you happy in the comments below!


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