Best Sealing Oils For Low Porosity Hair


Are you looking for the Best Sealing Oils For Low Porosity Hair? GOOD! You can find them right now, right here.

Hair porosity is a deciding factor in how your hair routine will look, as it will heavily affect your hair product selection depending on the components that can hydrate your hair.

If you have hair with low porosity, you understand the significance of oils. Because low porosity hair desires oils, it’s paramount to provide it with the greatest oils available. However, this is easier said than done. It can be tough to choose just one oil to use when there are so many different opinions on the internet about which oils are best.

I know your problem, And I will help you in finding the best oils that best suit you. I know the answer to the secret?

I will be discussing the 6 Best Sealing Oils For Low Porosity Hair with you. But! First I will tell you the difference between sealing oils and moisturizing oils vs moisturizing oils.



Sealing oils vs Moisturizing oils

Every oil has its capabilities and benefits. Some of them moisturize the hair, while on the other hand,  others work as sealing oils. It’s very difficult to choose one from many. We can help to clear the confusion. Both contain a variety of benefits and nourish the hair in different ways.


Moisturizing oils Sealing oils
  • Penetrates hair shafts 
  • moisturize hairs 
  • Soften and strengthen your hairs 
  • Do not penetrate the hair shaft 
  • Seal and lock in moisture 
  • It protects your hair and acts as a protective shield to your strands
  • Provides shine 


The Best Sealing Oils for Low Porosity

  • Baobab oil
  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Argan
  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Jojoba Oil

Baobab oil for hair porosity

1. Baobab oil

comes from a tree that is mostly found in South Africa. This oil helps you in many ways like 

  • The flexibility of your hair
  • Resulting in fewer breakage & 
  • More manageable hair.

Baobab oil contains 

  • Antibacterial properties 

that can aid in the treatment of 

  • Psoriasis,
  • Dermatitis &
  • Eczema on the scalp


2. Sweet Almond oil

It’s another great oil liked by many people. It is the choice of most people because it gets absorbed into your hair quickly and has excellent moisturizing properties. Sweet almond oil seals and locks in moisture

Sweet Almond oil contains 

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E has many great properties for hair and it promotes healthy growth in your hair.


3. Argan

Argan oil comes among the best sealing oils for low porosity. Is it mostly known by the people for its wonderful moisturizing and sealing properties.

Argan oil contains

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A, & 
  • Vitamin E. 


All three vitamins are beneficial to your hair because they encourage growth, prevent breakage, and eliminate split ends.


4. Fractionated coconut oil

The first and foremost thing I will mention here is that coconut oil is not for everyone’s hair. Coconut oil has previously been regarded as one of the greatest hair oils available.


After several experiments, it was clear that coconut oil is not for everyone. It makes your hair

  •  Dry
  •  brittle &
  • Even frizzy

That’s why coconut oil does not absorb into low-porosity hair strands very easily. 

This does not mean that this oil is not good for everyone. If fractionated coconut oil suits you, it will deliver a slew of advantages.


Grape seed oil for hair porosity


5. Grapeseed oil

If you haven’t tried this oil before don’t worry I’ll offer you a couple of reasons why you should certainly give it a shot.

In my list, grapeseed oil is the best oil for low-porosity hair.

Grapeseed oil contains 

  • vitamin A

Vitamin A has many great properties for hair and it promotes healthy growth in your hair.


For these above-mentioned reasons, Baobab is a great oil that you can easily use to massage your scalp.


6. Jojoba Oil

It is pronounced ho-ho-ba. The thing I love about this oil the most is that it is the oil that is closest to your own hair’s natural sebum. For me, it’s an immediate win.

Jojoba Oil contains 

  • Antibacterial properties
  • vitamin E

Aside from this jojoba oil has many advantages such as

  • It prevents you from dandruff. 
  • Its antibacterial properties help in preventing scalp conditions that cause itchiness and flaking, e.g. psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.
  • It’s rather light, so you may use it daily without too much trouble.


Wrapping Up 

In the above article, I have tried to tell you the best sealing oils for low porosity. These are the best oils that will surely benefit you. You can choose the best one which suits you.


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