5 Best Widgets to Embed Instagram Feed on Your Website to Grow Followers


Online marketers and agencies spend thousands of hours creating content for social media campaigns. 

Imagine getting your content ready at literally no cost and building credibility and trust for you. 

It is what embedding Instagram on your website does to your business. 


These tools allow you to collect user-generated content, or social feeds such as posts, videos, and reviews from multiple connection types. Then, after collecting this content, you can display it on your website without complications. 

Once you embed the Instagram feed on your website, you make it even more engaging and eye-pleasing. Here is a step-by-step guide to embed Instagram feed on your website.


While embedding an Instagram feed on your website is advantageous to your business, this also requires you to learn to code while managing a business. 


 To make this process easier, you can use some social media aggregator tools that will take many things off your plate.


These tools will not ask you to learn coding, any tech-related stuff, or have any prior knowledge in this field. 


This blog will explore the 5 social media aggregator tools that will help you embed the Instagram feed on your website. 


Top Five Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on Your Website


Best widgets to enable Instagram feed on website


#1 Tagembed 


Tagembed is one of the best social media aggregator tools that enables users to create an aesthetically pleasing website that retains the attention of the website visitors and encourages them to spend more time on the website. 


 With Tagembed, embedding your Instagram on your website is as easy as pie. But, of course, you can also scrutinize the posts you want to display on your website before making your social wall live. 


The Custom Call to Action feature enables users to ensure that visitors engage with their websites rather than just scrolling over. 

Tagembed takes only a couple of minutes to update your content on your website, and that’s the fastest among all the other tools on the list. 


Tagembed also helps you customize your website’s look and make it even more visually appealing. You can also customize the theme and template of your Free Instagram widget using this tool.


Their basic plan is priced at $9. 


#2 Flockler 

Flockler allows you to collect and embed social media content on any website. 

One of the core features of Flockler is that you can store posts and images from Instagram and then display these posts from your audience on a website and other digital services.


Flockler needs only ten to fifteen minutes to update the content on your website.


Their membership starts at $94.


#3 Yotpo 

Yotpo is an e-commerce marketing platform that helps brands win customers’ trust. This tool provides a feature where users can automatically request reviews from their customers. 


Yotpo also allows users to send coupons to their customers. In addition, it encourages them to leave a review of any purchased product. 


One of the core features is to display all of your product reviews in one place. 

Their basic plan is priced at $19. 


#4 Snapwidget 


Snapwidget allows you to display your Instagram social wall without doing much. 


This tool automatically updates the pictures and videos on your website as soon as you post them on your Instagram account. 


This tool also has a feature that allows the users to make the widgets shoppable. It means that customers can directly buy the products from the picture itself. 


This tool also allows you to explore the history of all the images you and your friends have shared. 


Their basic subscription is priced at $4. 


#5 xJuicer 

Juicer is yet another amazing social media aggregator tool that allows you to enter your social media accounts and fetch all the content and embed it on any of your websites. 


You can gather all the user-generated content by entering your username or hashtags. 


With Juicer, you can auto-approve all your user-generated content or set up an auto-moderation filter.  

Their advanced analytics feature allows you to get a report of who is using your social feed and how they are interacting with it. In any case, fake id vs real id can likewise be made just to bring in cash. Trading Facebook fans is an extravagant business, as the two organizations and people pay enormous cash to get fans and likes to their page. Also, with the product to make these phony Facebook pages costing something like $200, you can perceive how effectively benefits can be made. 


Their basic plan is priced at $19. 


Benefits of embedding Instagram feed on your website: 

  • Builds Social Proof 
  • Brings engagement to your website and your Instagram account. 
  • Builds credibility and trust 
  • Improves conversion rate
  • Increases the time spent on your website 
  • Makes the website more engaging
  • Generate more User-Generated Content
  • Promote Hashtag Campaigns



Hence, embedding Instagram Feed on the website is not a bad idea, and neither it will affect the aesthetic of your website. In fact, improve it and help you increase your Instagram followers. We have almost covered some of the best tools to embed Instagram Feed and the benefits of embedding Instagram.

Like many popular global brands, you can also run hashtag campaigns and promote them on your website. Try these tools and grow your business rapidly.


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