Business Restructuring – The Most Important Thing to Do in Financial Crisis


The words “business restructuring imply going about it afresh. The term means to restructure a business in a new way when things are going downhill in an existing business.

It is done to modify the operational procedures in a business and its financial aspects. This generally happens when the business is undergoing turbulence and financial crisis.

Business restructuring can be said to be a corporate action that is taken to solve the debt problems, the very structure & functionality of the company, and its mode of operation so that there is minimum harm done to a company facing financial or other crisis.

This step is taken to make improvisations in the business and make attempts to revive it.


Here are Some Sorts of Business Restructuring

Monetary Restructuring:

Where charge thought and commitment believed are there in the business, financial reconstructing is crucial, as it extends the advantage and diminishes the liabilities.


Hierarchical Restructuring:

Extraordinarily complex movements of the business agents can lead the business structure to become inefficient. With definitive reconstructing, you can have this issue handled.


Consolidations and Acquisitions:

Unions and acquisitions can help you with growing the advantage easily. You can grow your market reach, creation, and pay.


Divestment and Spin-Offs:

Side activities and divestment are truly for those associations that are wanting to solidify. It is what is happening where the association or business doesn’t benefit and the singular requirements to sell it.


Obligation Restructuring:

Through commitment remaking, you will really need to revamp your commitments. A legitimate comprehension will be there among you and your credit supervisors.


Cost Reduction:

Accepting the expenses and commitments of your business are extending, then, you can go for remaking the business, as this prompts cost decline.


Legitimate Restructuring:

Expecting there is a change of the business visionary or new monetary patrons are there, then, business modifying is outstandingly major.


The Fundamentals of Restructuring a Business

It would first do you a world of good if you understood why business restructuring is required. There are numerous reasons why such an action needs to be taken.

If your company is faring badly and not generating enough revenue to sustain itself in this competitive market, the finances of the company have gone from bad to worse, low sales figures, huge debts piling up, or stiff competition in the market, then you obviously need to reconsider business restructuring.


Sometimes business restructuring is done in preparation for the sale of the business, merging with another company, buyout, transferring the ownership to someone in the family or when goals set are to be changed.

At times when a business is undergoing liquidation, the creditors and shareholders may opt for restructuring so that it can file for bankruptcy.


When a company files for bankruptcy, they are given time and space, and legal protection by the law for business restructuring to recover. This is the time and the opportunity they get to reframe the business in a whole new way to ensure its revival.


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The Criteria for Eligibility of Business Restructuring

business restructuring eligibility criteria


Your business must be eligible to get the status of business restructuring. For that, you must meet certain criteria like:

1. The liabilities of your company should not cross $1 million

2.  The directors in the company  have not been employed by another company facing similar restructuring issues in the last seven years

3. The company has not faced liquidation issues or restructuring in the last seven years.


If they cannot fulfill these criteria, then they are not eligible for business restructuring proposals.


Factors That are to be Considered Before Initiating The Process of Restructuring

Before initiating the process of business restructuring, you must consider the factors that will help you initiate the procedure.

When you  appoint  a practitioner to carry out the proceedings of restructuring, it must be ensured that  all your entitlements and benefits to your employees must be paid

All your returns, statements, notices, applications, and other related documents for the taxation purpose are complete

Funding and valuation

Human and cultural aspects 



If these factors have been taken care of then you can begin the process of business restructuring. 


How to Make Business Restructuring Work?

The first thing that must be done for business restructuring is to draw a restructuring plan and a written disclosure statement. The plan should be approved by the creditors and the court.

They must be convinced that your debts will be managed with the proposed plan. All the planning is done by experts who are specially hired for this purpose.

If required, then some of the company assets can be sold off to manage the debts. During this phase a lot of alterations will take place, new papers made, new people given new responsibilities, and new propositions made and implemented.

The aim of a business being restructured is to bring it back to its original shape. The result may be positive or sometimes it may not be successful.

Whatever the outcome, the onus lies on the owner to do business restructuring in an attempt to breathe new life into the company.


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