5 Business Travel Tips to Travel with Style


It can be very frustrating to travel for business. You either have to schlep to places you’ve never thought about visiting, or you jet off to countries you’ve always wanted to explore, but don’t have the time to actually ‘see’ because of back-to-back meetings.

It’s getting there that’s the worst part. Traveling for business can often be a bit of a sartorial nightmare, whether by plane, train, or boat.

It’s not enough to pack all of your necessities for work – such as important documents, your laptop, and even a tablet – you’ll also need clothes for a meeting at lunch and a drink with a client later on.


Even so, planning a trip doesn’t have to be as complicated as it often is. Traveling on business can be stressful, but we can share some time-saving, stress-easing tips that will help you enjoy your time away from the office.


Choosing the right luggage


Choose the Right Luggage Bag for Travel


The first step is to source the right tools – here, an adequate, sturdy travel bag is ideal.

If you are traveling from London to Berlin for a day or going transatlantic and transferring from Dublin to New York for a week, you should invest in a wheeled carry-on of lightweight, durable material such as leather, aluminum, or polycarbonate.


The best lightweight trolley bags for business travel make business trips easier. As an alternative, if you won’t need to haul more than one change of clothes, you might consider a well-made, minimal holdall.

For trips lasting no more than a few nights, 24- or 48-hour holdalls are a perfect size. They are lightweight, stylish, and usually have several compartments for organizing your essentials.


Outfits for Travel

Wearing the blazer (and any coat you decide to take) when traveling is a good idea since you’ll probably need one suit while you’re away.

You will look sharp and be front and center for any travel upgrades if you do this, not only because it will be protected against the inevitable folds and wrinkles from being stored in luggage.

Combine it with slim chinos, dark jeans, a plain T-shirt, polo, or Oxford shirt(all items you can mix and match throughout your trip) for a business casual look that’s comfortable and refined.


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Sit in the Perfect Place

When air travel becomes less about a magical journey through the clouds and more about a big, winged bus you’re trapped on for six hours, the right seat can make all the difference – from dream to nightmare.

Choosing prime real estate is no easy task, so how do you do it? You are likely to enjoy the smoothest ride if you sit over the wings, according to extensive research.

The front of the cabin away from the engine is the best place to find a quiet seat for a quiet flight.

Concerned about the possibility of a crash? You should go to the back.

You can find cabin maps of almost every flight on Seatguru. You can also read reviews of which seats are good, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out which seats are in the worst condition.


Improve Your Fluid Intake

Keeping yourself and your skin hydrated is the biggest challenge while flying. In other words, without wanting to sound too, water is an essential part of staying healthy.

For healthy skin, try to avoid dehydrating drinks such as tea, coffee, and alcohol in order to protect your skin from the inside.

And if you are not a fan of plain water, then try adding green tea or peppermint teabags to the bottle in order to give it some flavor.

There is no doubt that it is much healthier than sugary juices or fizzy drinks that contain a lot of sugar.


Be Light While Traveling

I don’t know about you, but I often find that liquid restrictions can complicate grooming routines, especially when traveling without a carry-on bag.

You can save yourself the hassle of fumbling with security or even worse, ditching a host of essential lotions and potions by purchasing a travel pot and scooping in enough to last the entire flight or stay for the entire vacation.


A guide to business travel style


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General Tips & Tricks

Lastly, here are a few quick tips to make crossing borders easier:

  • Keep travel documents and essentials in the interior pockets of your coat or suit jacket, if not in an organizer. They’re always at hand and safe.


  • When you arrive at security, you can simply slip metallic items and loose change off your jacket pockets to ensure alarm bells won’t go off.


  • Make sure you keep all of the essentials you’ll need during your flight, such as headphones, reading material, and water, at the top of your bag so you won’t have to awkwardly dig around.


  • Don’t forget your grooming essentials when you’re skyward bound, since flying can be rough on your body. Keep your sense of style and feeling healthy by packing gentle cleansing face wipes, a breath freshener, and eye drops along with travel versions of your favorite products.


  • The best way to get to grips with your balance sheet onboard without wearing headphones for the duration of the trip is to take some earplugs with you.


  • If you roll your clothes when packing, you minimize creases and if you do it right, you might even be able to save space. To store ties, socks, and underwear, simply roll up the ties, socks, and underwear and store them inside the shoes.


  • Check your passport for a biometric symbol on the front if you will be traveling within the EU or returning to the UK (a symbol will tell you). When it comes to security, automatic e-passport gates are almost always the fastest and easiest option.


  • In your hand luggage, you are supposed to know what you are allowed and what you are not allowed to take. Whenever you are packing, read up on the restrictions, and you will be much more likely to be accepted than if you are standing in front of a six-foot-four angry security manager with the right to search your cavity.


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