What is Chatbot & How it is Useful for your Business


Most small businesses of the 21st century are still catching on to digital transformation and catching the digital atmosphere.

Whereas, the businesses that were able to catch up, now make use of modernized and improved customer communication to enhance their digital presence and customer support rating.

From artificial intelligence to Metaverse, the technological leap has no boundaries.

Different brands from small businesses to large corporations and enterprises are adopting and embracing AIs as part of the business tools that have become a must-have.

According to a survey conducted by IDG, 89% of enterprises have a plan to adopt or have already incorporated a digital-friendly business strategy.

With the ever-increasing fame of messaging and social media platforms, chatbots for businesses have now become a centerpiece of messaging for companies all over the world.

According to Business Insider, in 2020, more than 80% of enterprises will have leveraged the power of chatbots and would have been using it to improve customer experience


What is Chatbot Technology?

Chatbots are AI-based chatting software that sends responses automatically to customers when they initiate a conversation or type-specific queries.

Chabots are used by businesses and corporations to provide quick responses to customers’ inquiries. Chatbots are pre-programmed to interact with customers when they have a certain type of query.

Chatbots can provide solutions to a lot of questions that customers might have about a business or brand and the services that they are providing.

There are chatbots for websites where customers can communicate directly from your site, and there are bots across social media like the chatbots for Facebook and other social media channels.


chatbot and its benefits for businesses
Chatbot and its benefits to businesses

Benefits of Chatbots to Customers

A Chatbot can work as a virtual assistant and engage with your visitors/customers online 24/7 which can enhance the customer experience. The time to first response can be significantly reduced if you have a huge user base.

Chatbots are very advantageous to customers, and it is one reason why most companies are now adopting them for their instant communication with customers.


Some of the main advantages of chatbots to the customer are:

24/7 Support: This is the no.1 advantage of chatbots for businesses. Support agents can not be active all-day, all month, and all year long. Chatbots, however, are always available at all times to respond to customer inquiries.

Instant communication: Customers want instant communication at all times and are not interested in waiting until assistance agents are available to talk with them.

With Chatbots, you can rest assured that your customers will not have to be frustrated because of the wait time of support agents.

Quick management of orders: 47% of consumers make their purchases from a chatbot.

Businesses, for this reason, have leveraged chatbots to automate the process of bookings and requests to ensure that customers are provided with quick and instant service no matter the time of the day.

How to Leverage chatbots for your business

If chatbots are these important, then it is a given for your business to leverage the power of the Chatbot.

In an Aspect Consumer Experience Index, it was reported that 61% of consumers feel that chatbots are the future way of enhancing customer experience, and 70% of millennials said they have positive experiences with chatbots.


The Benefit of Chatbots for Business Includes:

Lead generation

Most businesses these days make use of the Omni-channel model to reach out to customers and potential customers across different channels like the business website, Meta, Twitter, and others.

With Chatbots, you can effortlessly communicate with your customers and potential customers via all of these channels.

Chatbots allow you to communicate with customers in a personalized manner from the beginning to the very end of their decision-making and purchase.

You can present some Q&A for your Chatbot that it can use to persuade customers for lead generation. With chatbots, you can get a comfortable lead generation for your business.


Deliver 24×7 automated and seamless customer support

Customers do not want to wait for help, they want instant gratification and answers to their inquiries. 62% of companies, according to Deloitte, see a brand’s customer experience as a competitive differentiator

Chatbots can engage with customers 24 hours and seven days a week without rest.

They can provide instant answers to all regular inquiries, and this gives your business a positive impact on customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Chatbots can be programmed to provide genuine and helpful answers for higher customer satisfaction.

You can also incorporate FAQs into your bot, which it learns and adopt for answering questions by customers even more smartly.

With the use of friendly language and instant gratification, you can leverage the 24/7 support offered by chatbots to increase your brand’s customer satisfaction.


Save on customer service costs

Another way to leverage chatbots is in the saving of cost on customer service provision. According to various research, on average, businesses spend $1.3 billion to service the request of 265 billion customers.

With chatbots leveraged for your business, however, you can save up to 30% of such costs.

In the absence of chatbots, to keep up with customer requests, you will have to add more support agents at additional costs that can include salaries, training, infrastructure, and other allowances.

These expenses continue to grow as your business is growing as well. In cases where you’re unable to meet your target and revenues are low, there might be problems in your business.

The leveraging of AI chatbots for your customer support leads to less need for hiring customer support agents, and ultimately cost savings at an even more efficient customer relationship and customer satisfaction.


Increased customer engagement

You can’t have increased customer satisfaction without a causal increase in customer engagement. And one of the ways to leverage chatbots in your business is to increase engagement with your customers.

By incorporating the personalization of customer communication, chatbots can provide instant, personalized, and real-time conversations with customers that enable your brand to have increased customer engagement and improved user experience.


Easy Scalability

If your customer support is made up of live agents all through, you might not be aware of when to hire more agents to address the increase in customer acquisition.

If there’s a sudden surge in your customer acquisition level, there might be a problem with adapting your limited amount of customer support agents to the new and increased customer level.

With Chatbots, however, there’s easy scalability to meet the growing need for customer support services.

Also, hiring more support agents for your business comes at a cost, which means the availability of funds might constrain you in increasing the number of customer support agents.

This is not so with chatbots. Therefore, scalability with chatbots is straightforward and cheap.


Better team productivity

You can also leverage the benefits of chatbots to increase your team’s productivity.

The ability to automate your sales and customer service communication through the use of chatbots will help you and your team improve the productivity level of your business.

Some metrics of enhanced team performance as a result of the incorporation of chatbots. It includes increased real-time resolution of customers’ queries, instant response, and a large number of requests attended to.

An increased number of resolved issues, and higher customer satisfaction, among others. Chatbots ensure that your business as a whole becomes more productive.

You can concentrate your effort on product and service enhancement while leveraging chatbots and support agents to deliver top-notch customer service.

The combination of quality products and quality customer service gives your brand credibility and higher customer conversion and retention.


AI chatbot technologies are significant to the 21st-century business.

There are many benefits of chatbots that can work to increase your brand’s credibility and productivity, and there are different ways you can incorporate chatbots into your business.

Either with the use of chatbots for Facebook, website chatbots, and so on. Whatever your choice, chatbots are essential, and you should leverage them for your business.


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