Choosing the Right Economics Degree – BSc (Hons) Economics or BA (Hons) Economics?


India has produced several renowned economists like Amartya Sen, Abhijit Banerjee, Manmohan Singh, and so on, who marked their name on the global stage.

The legacy of Indian economists has inspired students to study economics and pursue a career.

We are all a part of the macro-economic trends in the world making the subject an area of common interest.

However, students are often caught in the dilemma of choosing between a BA or BSc in Economics. 

If you are confused about choosing the right economics degree for your undergraduate studies, read below to find out more about the two in detail so that you know what is better for you.


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Differences between BSc (Hons) Economics and BA (Hons) Economics?

The study of economics has gained widespread popularity due to its application in different sectors.

The right economics degree boosts your chances of getting jobs in the best domains as employers often seek graduates with specific and suitable educational qualifications.

A BSc in Economics deviates from the traditional paths of studying for an economics degree. History treated economics as an art subject rather than a science subject.

But a BSc in Economics is more of a science subject placing its focus on practical and analytical aspects of studies. It incorporates case studies into the curriculum to develop students’ problem-solving skills. 

Unlike a BA in Economics which focuses more on the theory part of the subject, a BSc in Economics is practice driven making it easier for students to find job opportunities in any part of the world.


Which is better – BSc (Hons) Economics or BA (Hons) Economics?


Which is better - BSc (Hons) Economics or BA Economics


The choice between the two degrees depends on the sort of career a student would like to build

Across the globe, there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals capable of meeting the challenges of real-world scenarios. 

As BSc in Economics is a science, it gives you ample exposure to the practical aspects of the subject making you skilled in the application of your economic and statistical knowledge.

A BA in Economics also encourages the critical thinking of students through theoretical information, but employers prefer candidates with practical knowledge. 

Considering the rising demand for skilled professionals, a BSc in Economics would be a better choice and this choice is entirely dependent on the type of profession a student would like to go into.


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Career Prospects

Several academicians believe that the only difference between a BSc and a BA degree is the nomenclature.

Whatever the opinion, it is a fact that the practical approach to studying a subject increases the opportunities available in the global job market.

A curriculum based on the analysis and interpretation of case studies, which a BSc in Economics provides, is in line with the current and emerging trends in the job market.

Pursuing a BSc in Economics holds the upper hand when considering the career prospects it offers. If you like to explore global opportunities, enroll in a BSc in Economics degree.


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