8 Morning and Evening Daily Routines To Improve Your Health


Do you wake up feeling tired and exhausted? Are you struggling with procrastination and the inability to get work done? Well, there’s a simple solution to all your problems- routines!

Implementing small changes in your life could significantly impact your health and productivity! You can transform your life by simply swapping bad habits with good ones.

It will improve your mental and physical health and set you up for a life full of success.


A good morning and evening routine will allow you to begin and end your day the right way. Fortunately, you do not need a concrete schedule to do this. All you need are a few minor alterations to your daily life!

Here are a few things you can add to your day-to-day routine that’ll create a huge impact and allow you to live your best life. 


Recite Affirmations

Beginning your day with positive affirmations will reframe how you think of yourself. It’ll help you remind yourself of the goals you want to achieve and encourage you to achieve them. 

Reciting affirmations will affect your subconscious mind and transform the way you think. Instead of getting overwhelmed by obstacles, you’ll view them as minor inconveniences and work around them quickly. 

Here are a few positive affirmations you can read out loud every morning. 

  • I will achieve all my tasks.
  • I am unstoppable.
  • I am worthy and capable.


Even individuals battling painful chronic diseases like cancer, mesothelioma, and diabetes can benefit from affirming their self-worth and endurance.

It is crucial for people with a greater risk of developing diseases due to their genetics or work. For example, military veterans are exposed to harmful substances like asbestos in their workplace.

Consequently, 33% of all mesothelioma claims are veterans mesothelioma VA healthcare lawsuits for compensation and benefits.

Yet, they must reaffirm their strength in tackling such a disease to have the endurance to overcome its debilitating effects. 


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Wake Up Early 

Waking up early is one of the best habits you can add to your morning routine. It offers several benefits, including improved health and productivity.

Thus, it is unsurprising that the most successful people are early risers. Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up at 4:30 to get work done while others are busy sleeping.

Similarly, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson gets up at 5:45, so he can work out and eat a nutritious breakfast. 


Early risers can concentrate better and remain alert and energetic throughout their day.

A 2010 study revealed that people who wake up early do better in school and work and eventually land the best high-paying jobs. 

Moreover, early rising boosts positive thoughts and decreases the risks of developing mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. It also reduces stress as you have more time to get work done and complete your to-do list. 


Make Your Bed

You may think of making your bed as a small, unimportant task. It may seem like an insignificant accomplishment, but it has a massive impact on your day as it sets the tone for it.

Making your bed first thing in the morning will allow you to achieve your day’s first task.

It will motivate you and encourage you to attain another and then another until you can complete all your goals for the day! 

Additionally, it also has a relaxing effect. If your room is clean and your bed is made-up, it’ll make you feel more organized.

And if your day does not turn out as you wanted, you’ll always have a clean, comfortable bed to come home to! 




Exercise everyday


Adding exercise to your morning routine will positively affect your health and mood. It releases good hormones and endorphins, which will instantly make you feel energized, happy, and motivated.

These hormones will also reduce stress and any other negative feelings you may be experiencing. 

Exercise doesn’t have to be as hard as running a marathon daily or using heavy equipment at the gym for hours!

It can be as simple as a thirty-minute jog in your neighborhood park! The whole point is just to get your body moving and release those endorphins. 


Eat Your Meals on Time 

Skipping breakfast and eating late-night meals is a part of most people’s daily routine, especially if they are workaholics. After all, who has time to eat when they have over a hundred tasks to complete? 

Feeding your body randomly will affect your body’s internal clock, digestion, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol!

However, an erratic eating schedule will negatively impact your health and productivity. It may even reduce your productivity as you will experience burnt-out and fatigue more frequently. 

Giving your body the nutrition it needs to remain in its best form at the right times. Thus, it is essential to incorporate a strict eating schedule into your routine.

Eat breakfast daily in the morning and set fixed dinner times. By prioritizing nutrition in their daily routine, such people will be better able to keep themselves fit and healthy. 


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Write Daily To-Do Lists 

Knowing what’s on your plate for the next day will help you plan it better and take appropriate steps. It’ll also make you feel less stressed as you can create an efficient plan to accomplish all your tasks. 

Make organizing your to-do list for the next day a part of your daily evening ritual. Place goals that are more important at the top of the list while keeping those with the least priority at the bottom. 



Dumping all your thoughts on paper is one of the best ways to reflect on your day and deal with your emotions.

If you do not deal with negative thoughts and bad feelings in time, they’ll only build up until you mentally collapse. Thus, you shouldn’t carry today’s baggage to the next day. 

Journalling helps in expressing your feelings and getting rid of negative emotions. Additionally, it helps in reflecting on your day and counting your accomplishments which induce feelings of happiness and gratitude. 


Create A Bedtime Routine


Create A Bedtime Routine


Ending your day the right way will allow you to have a better day the next day. Thus, it is essential to have a good bedtime routine. 

You can add simple acts like meditation and light reading to your pre-sleep checklist. They will help you destress and clear your head.

Additionally, you should include proper sleep hygiene in your bedtime routine. This includes reducing exposure to blue light by turning on Night Mode on phones and laptops.

You should also avoid watching television before bed as it can negatively impact your sleep. Furthermore, setting the temperature and turning off external lights will improve sleep quality.

Remember that going to bed early is not enough! Going to bed at 9 pm only to toss and turn all night will do no good. It’s quality sleep that really matters.

Thus, you should take all possible steps to ensure a restorative sleep that makes you feel well-rested and energetic for the next day. 


Final Remarks 

Building routines takes time, as you must train your brain and body to follow them daily. Just remember to push yourself to follow your morning and evening rituals until they no longer feel burdensome.

It may seem a little tricky initially, but once you see the way it revolutionizes your life, you’ll only regret not committing to it earlier.


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