Merits of Installing an EV Charging Station at a Business Facility

With global warming rising at an alarming rate, more and more businesses are being encouraged to switch to greener methods.

While some businesses are switching to greener sources of electricity, other business facilities located in areas with a high density of electric vehicles are placing EV charging stations to support users with electric vehicles. 

Business facilities that install chargers from EV charging station contractors are primarily cashing in on one key aspect of the shopping experience: dwell time.

Unlike the normal gas station, where cars will only take approximately 2-3 minutes to refuel, electric vehicles take longer to charge and may also depend on the type of charger acquired from the EV charging station contractors.

For this reason, the driver must wait approximately 15 – 30 minutes. It’s these few minutes that can transform the business’s customer base.


Spike in EV Sales

In the post-pandemic era, 40% of car purchasers are looking into electric vehicle options. Historical data has revealed that despite EV companies cutting down production, sales have doubled in the past two years.

More electric vehicles attract potential customers to the business as they close the gap between the business and the potential customer in terms of physical distance. 

On average, an electric charger can provide 100 miles of range if a 50Amps rapid charger is sourced from an EV charging contractor.

This process takes a minimum of 35 minutes and gives enough time for the idle driver to take a step out and explore the business premises to kill time. 

The potential customers are exposed to the business and its core values, and they may even consider partnering with the business or buying its product.

It’s also an opportunity to benefit from the synergy created by partnering with another partner that relies on the charging station to charge their fleet of electric vehicles.




Brand Identity 

More and more consumers are looking toward environmentally friendly businesses to buy their products. 45% of customers are looking for brands with environmentally friendly products and methods of production.

It only becomes imperative for any brand to take a step ahead of their competitors and provide environmentally friendly options through charger installation.  

Additionally, eco-friendly businesses can benefit from promoting eco-friendly practices using electric vehicle charging stations.

Governments provide green companies with tax concessions to help lower their costs and invest in expanding opportunities for businesses wanting to scale. Lower costs and increased revenues due to businesses can help businesses scale.


Increased Real Estate Value

The US currently has 1.6 million electric vehicles; however, only 40,000 charging stations are available nationwide.

More and more charging locations have been coming up to promote the use of electric vehicles so that potential buyers are not discouraged by the distance from their area to the nearest charging station.

Working with EV charging station contractors can help businesses in this pursuit.

Commercial real estate locations are the ideal spots for a charging station. This is because charging an electric vehicle is time-consuming, and drivers may choose to spend their time instead of being ideal.

For this reason, the value of commercial properties has increased due to premises also being used for electric vehicle charger installation. The premise has an increased value; thus, if it’s rented out in the future, it can generate higher rental income.


EV Driving Employees

Any business facility that has an electronic charging facility attracts employees who own electric vehicles. More potential employees will mail their CVs to employers with an electronic charging station.

Electric vehicles charging stations are convenient for employees, and they’re inclined to work at a facility that offers them.

On the other hand, present employees who own electric vehicles wish to stay at the same business as they need not go elsewhere to charge their electric vehicles. For this reason, their productivity increases as they want to ensure their job security.

This benefits the business as greater worker productivity improves business operations. Chances of hiring more employees because of the reduced productivity of present workers is a cost for the business owner.

Giving incentives to workers owning elective vehicles can eliminate the need for additional employees.



Businesses compete for customers. On the other hand, customers look for a better shopping experience. With the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic, customers found comfort in placing online orders, and some even sealed highly lucrative deals over the internet.

For this reason, it’s now difficult to force consumers into brick-and-mortar business offices and stores. 

The problem with online transactions and businesses is that consumers get to weigh the different options and the chances of a particular business from which they want to purchase are low.

On the other hand, electric vehicle charging stations encourage consumers to visit the facility, whereas competitors cannot benefit from this avenue. Hence, more customers are drawn away from the competitors, and the competitors stop looking like a threat to the businesses.



The detrimental consequences of global warming have caused businesses to accept the reality that reducing their carbon footprint is the only way forward.

Governments are making it easier for businesses to adopt green technologies to minimise the effects of global warming and encourage licensed vehicle contractors.

In return, this is a good opportunity for businesses to take advantage of and make it beneficial for their business in the long run. 

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