Famous Celebrities on the Anti-Aging Procedures They Love


All your favorite celebrities seem to age like fine wine. Right? But is it all-natural? The answer is probably no for most celebrities now. For the last decade, there has been a lot of discussion about plastic surgery, its improvement, side effects, and results.

Initially, anti-aging procedures were opted by celebrities to hide their age and they kept mum about all these surgeries. But now, the celebrities are opening up publicly about the procedures they have opted to look younger without any secrets or hesitation. Moreover, they have made their choices clear and loud among their fans and the rest.

These celebrities are trying to eradicate the taboo associated with anti-aging procedures. And we totally agree with the fact that everyone has the right to look the way they want, it’s their body, their choice.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing anti-aging procedures to look youthful. Many people try topical products, home remedies, and every possible way to slow down the process of aging. Then, why are these anti-aging procedures considered wrong?

To answer these much-anticipated questions, some bold and outspoken women have given a green signal to these inventions of science.

So let’s just discuss the most special procedures by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.


Chelsea Handler


Chelsea Handler – ProFractional Laser Treatment:

With the launch of her new series, Chelsea Handler made quite a headline. Chelsea appeared much younger and fresh. The glow on her face immediately made her about 5 years younger. Chelsea Handler came out publicly that she opted for pro-fractional laser treatment this time.

This treatment is best suited for people who are suffering from pit acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Pro-fractional laser treatment targets the selected parts of your dermis without damaging the rest of the skin. The results stay for about a year depending upon your actual age and other aging-related factors.



Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian – Platelet-Rich Plasma:

Go down your memory lane to 2013 when Kim Kardashian posted a spooky picture of her face covered in her own blood. She underwent a PRP procedure which is considered a beauty treatment that rejuvenates your skin cells.

This treatment got famous as the vampire facial or Dracula facial at that time.

Here, the doctor takes your own blood and separates the plasma from your blood. This three-four times rich platelet plasma is then injected into your skin at the places which require boost and plump.

This treatment is not a new name for sportspersons and athletes but Kim Kardashian surely made it a revolutionary beauty treatment in the skincare treatment industry.



Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez – Olive Complex:

JLo has managed to look the best version of herself every year. Every time we spot her she always looks younger and fresher. She spilled the beans once on her beauty secrets.

The 52 years old singer is a consistent user of the olive complex. This product improves blood circulation and slows down the signs of aging.

It keeps fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and uneven tone at bay. Along with this, she covers her skin with sun protection creams with high SPF. The combination is necessary to protect your skin from the harsh and harmful effects of sun rays.



Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton – Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel:

People’s favorite Kate Middleton is always under the limelight. Her beauty and persona have always made a mark in people’s hearts. Being captured all the time comes with hardships too.

You have to look your best all the time. Thus, to look flawless and radiant among her followers, Kate Middleton uses Biotulin gel to look beautiful as she is.

This gel gives her similar results as the botox fillers would have given. However, the gel seems a better option for Kate as it doesn’t make her face look plastic or instantly plumped. Serum may take longer to give favorable results, but make her look naturally young and flawless.



Megan Fox


Megan Fox – Cosmetic Injections:

Megan Fox is one of the most iconic Hollywood actors. She is known for her enchanting beauty and arguably acting talent. This hot diva has ruled the industry with her mesmerizing facial features. However, Megan Fox has never admitted to opting for cosmetic injections to remove aging signs.

But following her transformation, it seems clear that she had undergone rhinoplasty, and used lip and cheek fillers. Whatever the procedures she uses, she still looks like one of the sexiest women in Hollywood.



Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie – Skin Needling:

Talking about the world’s most loving, desired, and beautiful ladies, Angelina Jolie is in no way away from cosmetic procedures. Her transformation over the years makes it clear that she has picked micro-needling as an anti-aging procedure for her aging symptoms.

Microneedling makes your skin look firmer, tighter, plumper, and smoother. It boosts collagen production and prevents it from sagging, wrinkles, sun spots, and uneven tone.





Madonna – Redermalization Mesotherapy:

Infamous for its painful experience, Redermalisation Mesotherapy uses hyaluronic acid, amino acid, and vitamins as its key ingredients. These nutrients work as a tool for your skin cells to rejuvenate and improve your collagen structure.

Madonna has been spotted looking younger with fresh, firm, and smooth-looking skin. Her hands without her iconic gloves after decades made headlines.

It made evident that she probably opted for mesotherapy as her way out from signs of aging. Compared to her face and hands captured a few years ago, she now seems much younger, flawless, and radiant.

The procedure is not a permanent solution to anti-aging, thus needs touch-ups every 3-5 months after the therapy.


Penelope Cruz


Penelope Cruz – Genifique Youth Activating Serum:

The Oscar-winning star kept her loyalty to the brand and prepped her skin with this serum. Her makeup artist revealed this youth-activating serum used by Penelope Cruz to keep her skin radiant.

This serum keeps the skin hydrated and glowing all day. Vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, and Bifidus prebiotic are the key ingredients that make this iconic serum her favorite.

It strengthens the skin barrier, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and plumps up your skin without any dramatic transformation. Your skin appears naturally younger and luminous.


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