Which Type of Foods Cause Bloating and Flatulence?


In times of busy life schedules, people usually follow unhealthy eating habits which often lead to many indigestion-related problems like bloating and flatulence. Whether you admit it or not, we all have faced the problem of indigestion at one stage or the other once in a while or sometimes very frequently.

To race along with this speedy lifestyle, people usually jump to easy and convenient food which surely fulfills your hunger but adversely affects your health. 

Here we are talking about the foods that cause Bloating and Flatulence in your stomach which further causes many problems like passing smelly gas, burping frequently, etc.


If we talk generally, most people pass gas nearly about 10 to 12 times on an average count in a whole day.

But these uneven eating patterns cause more gases in your digestive organ which leads to release more and that will go for very much awkward sometimes even humiliating for you if you are accompanied by many people around you.

To avoid this, you can have instant pills for smelly gas. Nevertheless, smelly gas itself comes out with alarm which means time to wake up now and make changes in your diet plan.

But before this, you should have known which food products cause more gas in your stomach. So here’s the list:


lactose Intolerance can cause flatulence

Dairy Products

These are the products which every one of us consumes on regular basis. The first and foremost product which we are talking about is “Milk”. Now only a few people know that Milk originally contains natural sugar known as “Lactose”.

So when we see some people can’t easily digest dairy products, it is only because of Lactose Sugar. Hence people born with Lactose intolerance often feel bloated after the consumption of any of the dairy products.


Fried & Spicy Food

Most people are fond of Spicy & Fried Food hence they consume it much often.

But it should be a strict “No” to Spicy as well as fried food items instead you can choose baked food or even roasted food items and vegetables with light sauces but not with the cream or butter.

Fried & Spicy food often leads to heartburn and indigestion problems. The ingredients like chilies or peppers can be regarded as the worst in terms of indigestion.


Raw Vegetables

Vegetables are known to be high in fats hence these are difficult to digest also. Here Beans are on the top of the list when we consider the food which causes much gas.

There is Raffinose named complex Sugar which is contained in Beans that our body can’t digest easily. Certain vegetables such as Cauliflower, Cabbage, Broccoli, etc are also acknowledged to cause excess gas.


The Grains

Our main Grains like Wheat, Oats, and Sprouts hold Raffinose Sugar, Starch, and Fiber as well. All these undigested grains are broken down in the digestive tract and cause Gas there.


Packed Foods

Foods such as Bread, ready-to-eat snacks also carry the Fructose and Lactose types of Sugars along with many harmful preservatives and the plastic coating in most packed foods is poisonous.

People become easily addicted to packed foods items which soon replace your regular food items. Over-consumption of packed food causes more bloating and flatulence-related problems.



When you consume alcohol, it relaxes your mind and body temporarily only until the hangover. But it is the worse beverage for your stomach. Consumption of too much alcohol may also lead to frequent cramps in your body.


Now as we have talked a lot about the foods that generate many gases in your stomach, this leads to Flatulence or even Bloating. Flatulence is a natural and healthy process to exercise the releasing of intestinal gases but at an average rate.

When passing gas is excessive and smelling then you definitely need to consider this issue.


how to stop flatulence


Flatulence is not such a big issue, as we have already mentioned that it is a natural process. But when it becomes excessive then it goes worst. But you can simply treat this at your home by making a few changes in your regular diet.

The changes may include the avoiding of several food items or even eating less than usual in routine. Here you can make changes as follows:

  • Try to eat in small portions after some intervals rather than eating a huge amount of food once at a time.
  • Try to avoid the trigger foods as much as you can. These foods are easy to opt for but comparatively hard to digest.
  • Also try to avoid the consumption of natural smelly food items such as Garlic, Onions, Alcohol, Seafood, etc on daily basis.
  • Further, you need to try eating slowly. Chew your food properly and refrain from eating in hurry.
  • Try to drink more water for a whole day. Always carry a water bottle if you are distant from your home or working place. In this way, you will be able to consume water very easily. Instead, you need to avoid carbonated drinks.
  • Make Yogurt a part of your daily diet.



So the bottom line is even healthy food is sometimes indigestible. The undigested food splits into the stomach and then accumulates gases which lead to passing the smelly gas. Although, it is not a sign of bad health it can cause a little discomfort around people.

It’s better to follow the above tips and do at least light exercise to keep your gut healthy.

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