Google Marketing Strategy For Local Business Owners


What is the first thing you do if you want any kind of information? Google!

That’s what everyone does when we want to visit a salon, go to a restaurant, or practically anything in this world that can be found using Google. No wonder 82% of people use Google to find businesses. 

About 70% of potential customers look up to your brand on Google before they make a purchase decision. Services like Google places, maps, and Google Business Profile needs to be updated as they are a crucial part of your growth. 

Google is the world’s most visited website and holds 92% of the market share. Google My Business (GMB) profile is an important task to attract new customers and make a good first impression. Now let’s dive into this a little deeper.


How does Google help your business achieve its targets?

Customers love to read stories, it connects with them more, and they feel they know and understand you. They are delighted when to see the experiences of fellow customers in the rawest and unfiltered form. It builds their trust and establishes you as an authentic and reliable brand.

Brands that keep their GMB updated with photos tend to get 42% more direction requests on maps and get 35% more clickthroughs to their website. 

Share important, latest, exclusive information 

Customers search for specific information such as events, offers, etc., and compare brands based on products. You make your business stand out and share relevant information using posts on GMB. 

Influence potential buyers

When people search online, brands need to influence them and display content that inspires them to take favorable actions. With GMB posts you highlight recent news, current offers, etc. giving your potential clients genuine reasons to make a purchase. 

Help customers discover new things 

Nowadays customers do not like being in darkness, they prefer visiting the store only if they see something relevant and unique in the business. Posts enable users to know more about you and your current campaigns.

Draw visitors to the website 

In this digital era, modern marketplaces are changing rapidly, there is a plethora of options to explore and competition is skyrocketing. This creates a lot of opportunities for brands to come to light and draw attention to their website.

  • Here’s how to embed Google reviews on the website

Use aggregation reviews platforms like Taggbox Widget to add Google reviews to the website. You can aggregate reviews directly from Google and display them on the website without any technical expertise required.

These tools are equipped with various features for customization where you can edit the background, choose a theme, add CTA, etc.

Custom CSS can be used to further personalize the widget. Use the moderation feature to remove any explicit or irrelevant content from the widget. You also get real-time updates on the Google reviews widget. Try out the analytics feature to get frequent updates about sentiments, no. of visits, no. of impressions, and much more.

Create and manage the reviews widget with frequent updates and improvements to offer fresh and unique content to your audience on the website.


Make Business profile posts unique


Make posts unique. Here’s how!

Your GMB posts must be unique and display relevant information. To make your posts better you can add quality pictures, videos, CTA, etc., and encourage potential clients to try your product.

Select your post type

GMB posts can fulfill a lot of your purposes at once. You can share information, and announcements, promote deals, and much more. You can keep building a bond with your audience and inform customers in advance about upcoming events, launches, products, offers, etc.

Make your words count

The size is typically 300 words out of which only the top 100 words are visible to the users. Ensure that you include the necessary details as briefly as possible. End the sentence creating a sense of suspense to develop curiosity. Make sure you include keywords for SEO as well.

Use keywords

The name of your brand is the first thing your audience sees. If the business name contains a target keyword it will surely make a positive impact on SERP ranking. Be accurate and avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing. 

Showcase business values

Posts that have business values and are personal can be incredibly impactful. You show users you care about them. Customers incline towards brands that reflect values and understand their requirements. Feature your employees and reviews to build trust and improve CTR. 


Including CTA can do wonders in encouraging users to make favorable choices. Promote contests and giveaways through your posts, using CTAs like “Grab the opportunity now”, “Win a chance to get freebies”, etc. share coupon codes, unique instructions, terms, and conditions, and use key selling and most popular products more extensively.


People rely on Google to make most of their decisions. It has become beneficial for brands to prioritize their marketing decisions and consider Google. To inspire purchase behavior and attract new users, keeping a unique Google profile helps a lot.

Well, now that you know so much about it, hop on to this trend and make the best out of your Google My Business Profile.


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