How Participating in Competition Benefits Student’s Life?


“In this day and time, you are walking a tightrope with no competition. You may think that no competition is good, but in reality, no competition is really bad.”- Jerry Lawler.


As there are two sides to the same coin, the views about competition in a student’s life are positive and negative. For example, some people believe that competition can adversely affect students’ self-worth and they may get depressed about losing.

But, at the same time, others believe that competition keeps them going and motivates them to work hard and give their best.

Healthy competition is not only beneficial for students in exams, sports, activities, etc. but also plays an important role in assignment writing. Being a part of the competition can provide help with assignments to the students and provide a platform to achieve the desired results.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of participating in a competition in a student’s life. Have a sneak peek –


How Participating in Competition Benefits a Student Life


Learning Teamwork

There are various projects, assignments, or sports activities where you have to compete as a team. Working in teams teaches students how to egg on participation and support each other toward achieving a goal.

When the team competes to achieve the same goal, they have to go a long way in identifying each other’s strengths and weaknesses and supporting and motivating others to reach the target. Thus, they become better collaborators and learn the benefits of teaming up.


Everyone is a winner

When you do not indulge in any competition, there is nothing you will challenge yourself for. Whereas in the race of competition, every participant becomes a winner as he challenges herself to win.

In this process, you will learn and develop new skills which will make you a better student. Also, the experience you gain will help you perform better in your future endeavors.


Reap Monetary Benefits

Depending upon the type and level of competition you are participating in, you can win cash prizes and scholarships. In addition, there are various competitions that give huge rewards to the winners, which students can utilize in building their careers or implementing any of their ideas. 


Provide a platform

Every student is similar in an academic environment until and unless you prove yourself to be talented. Participating in a competition provides you with a platform to showcase the skills you have learned over so many years.

At such events, you can also access yourself and identify your weaknesses to work on them. You will also get away with polishing your skills and improving yourself.


Strengthen your CV

You can mention all your achievements during different competitions in your academic career. They help make your resume strong and have a positive impact on the recruiter.

Not only winning but also participating in some of the competitions is enough to give you an edge over others during the selection process. It will showcase your skills and competency, and you will be judged on them.


Meet new people

While participating in different competitions, you will meet different people. You will be able to make new friends and widen your network, but you will also learn new things.

You will be able to broaden your outlook on diverse fields and get an opportunity to see things from a different perspective.


Build confidence

Trying to win the competition and working harder towards it will make you a more confident person. You will develop self-belief and will not hesitate to take on any challenges.

This will improve your scholarly performance and give you a positive attitude toward things.


After looking at the above points, we can conclude that if competition is taken positively, it will provide an array of benefits. However, on the other hand, competition becomes bad when there is no balance and students participate just to win or defeat others.


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