How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost in 2022


SEO audits are the initial and most important step to planning a fully-fledged SEO strategy for your website.

It provides you with a clear idea of how much work you need to do on your website in order to match and surpass your competitors to rank higher in organic search results.

If you’re a start-up or a small-scale company owner or manage a large company, a thorough SEO audit is essential in 2022.

The SEO audit cost can vary as every website is not alike, and based on the dimensions of your site and its complexity, the company will give you a price. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO and want to get complete audit details, we are here to assist. 

In this article, we’ll look at how much an SEO audit cost in 2022 and all the other crucial aspects associated with it.

Before we get started, let’s look at exactly what is an SEO audit.


SEO Audit Cost

What exactly is what is an SEO audit?

As with regular maintenance for any service or product, such as an SEO audit has the objective of examining a website thoroughly and providing crucial aspects.

An SEO audit includes an exhaustive analysis of every part of the website, and experts will provide a list of every important technical and essential SEO problem.

The SEO audit focuses on content optimization improvements, technical issues fixing, overall efficiency, analysis of the competition, and much more.

Many people confuse an unpaid SEO audit and an SEO audit conducted by an expert. Both have the same goal, but they function differently, and the results are distinct.


What is the difference between SEO Audit and tools for auditing?

Both SEO audits and SEO tools have the same objective of identifying the advantages and disadvantages of a site and providing an overall view of the website’s health.

The SEO tool can automatically analyze every page on the site and highlight any issues and offer possible solutions to fix the problems.

However, the committed SEO team is comprised of a highly experienced team that will create a customized strategy before conducting an audit of the website. This SEO team will thoroughly review each page that isn’t accessible with the tool because it is the same for all sites.

It is possible to say that the SEO tool report serves as an essential source for business owners, which they can consult before engaging an SEO reseller to conduct the audit.

Through the report’s briefness, they will know how much work is required on the site.


SEO Audit Cost in 2022

The SEO audit price varies based on the size of the site and the purpose of the site. The SEO audit cost can range between $500 and $10,000 for an audit. The typical amount that companies use to provide a complete SEO review report.

SEO is a costly process, and the audit costs an amount of money to ensure that SEO efforts in the coming period are directed to the right spot and you get fast SEO results. If the audit isn’t performed correctly, it can greatly impact your overall SEO initiatives shortly.

It’s, therefore, crucial to conduct a thorough SEO audit to determine what changes are required to create a better SEO base.

A full-blown SEO audit can take anywhere between 30 and 45 days to complete, and, afterward, you receive a full report that includes every crucial aspect. If your website isn’t huge, it is likely to be less time-consuming than a larger E-Commerce site. 

When you decide to purchase an SEO program or sign an hourly agreement, an audit can come in handy and is simple.


What is the scope of the audit?

A comprehensive SEO audit conducted by experts includes various details that are vital to know the entire picture of your website. Here are some of the key auditing tasks that SEO experts will examine to ensure your website is:

  • Content Audit
  • Competitive Aspects
  • Social Audit
  • Links Audit
  • Technical Aspect

Content Audit

The second thing an SEO audit will include is a comprehensive content audit of your site. It aids in determining the real ranking possibilities for your site.

It’s among the most important factors as Google and other engines can highlight high-quality content that will fulfill the purpose of a user visiting websites. 

Content audits can aid in boosting the website’s rank more quickly, despite having inadequate authority on the domain.


Competitive Aspects

An audit of your competitors is essential since it lets you know what other websites are doing that you cannot see on your site. This audit allows you to evaluate your site with other competitors, making your decision-making more straightforward. 

Following a thorough competitive audit will enable you to surpass them by optimizing your site better than theirs. It isn’t possible to effectively use SEO tools, so it is recommended that you employ a professional to conduct the audit.


Social Audit

Social signals are among the most imperative ranking signals, and an expert SEO audit will examine this.

It will allow you to determine how your social media campaigns are doing and what your competitors are performing. It can help increase the authority of the brand’s social platforms.


Links Audit

External and internal links are crucial for building an effective SEO foundation. An audit exposes the root of the problem and ways to improve the linking profile. An internal link audit makes sure that every hyperlink is accurately working and does not appear to be spammy. 

On the other hand, external link audits will verify that the links are functioning and of good quality. If there are many poor-quality backlinks, the SEO executive must eliminate these hyperlinks.


Technical Aspect

The technical portion covers various aspects of the site that include broken links, slow loading speeds, mobile optimization issues, duplicative content, etc. It is the primary part of the audit process and reveals the problems that require immediate fix solutions. 

The success of future SEO techniques depends on the quality of the technical SEO audit carried out. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that all technical decisions are made with the utmost attention to detail.



SEO is a technical field and maybe a bit complicated. Still, it’s now an essential requirement for businesses to stay competitive to build brand recognition and increase the visibility of their website, increase leads and boost the amount of revenue.

It’s not surprising that businesses need the services to benefit without diving into the complexities of technicalities.

The SEO audit will cost you between $500 and $10,000, and when you consider the competitive landscape, online businesses shouldn’t skip your SEO audit. The price of SEO auditing is contingent on various factors and will depend on the agency or company you select. 

If you choose an experienced company, the SEO auditing cost will be higher. The use of auditing software is not sufficient as it’s just the beginning of optimization, and it is best to employ an SEO Company and get started with the audit.


That’s a wrap.

Hope it helped you find the SEO audit cost of the website.


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