How Does Online Shopping Sites Use Fake Reviews to Attract the Buyers?


Online shopping is a widespread phenomenon. With so many people purchasing things online, there is a strong need for online shopping reviews.

Without these reviews, consumers might not know which stores are trustworthy and which ones to avoid. But what if the reviews on the website were fake?

This article explores how online shopping websites use fake online reviews to create trust among these consumers.


How do Shopping Websites Use Fake Reviews to Attract Buyers?

Online shopping is a popular and convenient way to purchase items. But how do online shopping sites use fake reviews to attract buyers? 


Some online shopping sites reward customers who write positive reviews. This may be in the form of a discount on future purchases, or a chance to win prizes.

In order to create these reviews, the sellers may encourage customers to write positive comments about the product even if they haven’t actually used it.


This creates a false sense of credibility for the reviews. If a customer has only written a few positive reviews, it may be harder for the site to determine whether they are authentic or not.

This can lead to buyers being misled into thinking that all of the reviews on an online shopping site are legitimate. For example, if a customer has written over 50 positive reviews on an online seller, this may prove that they are serious about the product.

This can result in them getting a good deal because they have been presented with an abundance of positive feedback.


Unfortunately, if the customer is only writing positive reviews to get a discount or win prizes it may still be fraudulent. It is vital that buyers read through these reviews before making any purchase decision and not rely on them solely as recommendations.

If you think you have been scammed by someone who has posted fake customer reviews online, report it or pursue legal action against them. 


The Manipulation in Social Media


Manipulation in Social Media


Online shopping sites have been known to use fake e-commerce reviews to attract buyers. In fact, some sites have been known to pay reviewers to write positive reviews.

Reviews can be bought and paid for on a number of different platforms. The reason behind this is that buyers tend to trust reviews that are written about something positive. This manipulation can be seen in a number of ways.

Sites will often ask reviewers to write about a specific product or service in a positive light. They will also ask reviewers to leave their contact information so that they can be contacted for future reviews. 


The problem with this is that it can create an unfair playing field for sellers. It can also lead to buyers being misled about the quality of products. This manipulation has been highlighted by a number of different groups in recent years.

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a report which stated that online shopping sites were using fake reviews to manipulate buyers.

The report highlighted the case of a site that was using fake reviews to sell products. The site had asked reviewers to write positive reviews and then contact them so that they could provide more feedback.

The FTC argued that this practice was deceptive and amounted to marketing fraud. 


In 2017, the European Commission (EC) accused Amazon of unfair competition in relation to the impact of fake reviews.

The EC argued that the company was making it difficult for legitimate online retailers to compete because of the number of fake reviews which were being posted on its main website

The EC stated that there was a major problem with fraudulent reviews and that the company had been at fault in this regard.


Today, we will look at a number of different factors which can be used by companies to combat fraudulent reviews. We will consider whether these measures can help curb the prevalence of fake reviews, detect fake online reviews, and whether or not they will be effective enough at doing so.


You can identify these fake online reviews, especially on international shopping sites which offer international online shopping. They promise to provide international shipping by using fake reviews and fooling the customers.


Can Fake Reviews Be Detected?

Fake reviews are a common issue on online shopping sites. They can be used to attract buyers and increase the sale of a product. However, it is possible to detect or recognize fake online reviews.

The following are some of the ways that can be used to identify or tackle fake online reviews:


Manipulation in Social Media


How to Spot Fake Reviews?

1.) Check if the reviews are from real customers or from people who want to sell something. If it is from a real customer then you can be sure that he/she has purchased the product and would not fake a review about it.

On the other hand, if someone wants to sell then he will do anything for the product he is trying to promote. Some sellers may ask for money or give away free products in return for reviews.


2.) The reviews must be original and written by genuine customers of that particular product. Reviews from paid reviewers cannot be trusted as their words will not be genuine ones but they will be influenced by the seller or brand.


3.) The reviews must be authentic about the product and not misleading in any way.4. The reviews must be genuine reviews of the product and should not have any bias or have been influenced by any external force or people.


4.) You cannot do it if you do not know the person who you are giving your feedback and make sure that they are genuine in their own right to own the products that they are giving out as a review in exchange for money or free products.


5.) Do not try to promote your business or brand with fake or paid reviews because if they get exposed then it will cost you legal issues and may even lead to jail time depending on what type of crime it is committed 



Online shopping sites are notorious for using fake reviews to attract buyers. Not only do these sites try to trick people into thinking that a product is good, but they also use fake reviews to help manipulate ratings and rankings.

This can be a major problem because it’s dishonest and dangerous. If you want to buy something online, make sure that you read the reviews before making any decisions. And if you see any suspicious or fraudulent activity, please report it to the authorities!


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