How to Completely Export Yahoo Contacts on Mac Hard Drive


Yahoo Mail is one of the well-recognized and broadly used web-based email clients. It is a free email service commonly used for individual and business purposes.

Users can send, receive, and store thousands of email messages per day on Yahoo Mail. It can be easily accessed on multiple devices like Mac, Windows, etc. Like other email clients, Yahoo also provides quality features to meet a rich email experience.


Yahoo Mail gives diverse backup alternatives to protect and prevent user data from inclined attacks. Users can easily export Yahoo contacts to Mac hard drive and access them later when required.

However, most Mac users do not know the exact solution to back up Yahoo contacts on Mac local storage. 


In this blog, we are going to discuss the manual steps through which users can migrate Yahoo contacts to Mac storage. Let’s understand some basics, before moving toward the solution.


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Why do users migrate Yahoo contacts to local storage on Mac?

Contacts in any email application including Yahoo Mail are very important or might be confidential for the users. In this case, many users want to safeguard their data by creating a safe backup of Yahoo contacts.

Refer to the below points describing the reasons to export Yahoo contacts on Mac hard drive.


  • Whenever users download contacts from Yahoo to Mac storage they can easily access the Yahoo contacts in offline mode.
  • Protect Yahoo contacts from several threats like hacking, whaling, and other email attacks.
  • Users can anytime restore their Yahoo contacts from the backup file whenever needed.
  • It is right to export all the Yahoo contacts to a safe location in the system.
  • Mac users can locally access as well as share the contacts if they create a local backup of Yahoo contacts.


These are the following reasons why users want to migrate their Yahoo contacts to local storage on Mac. Now, let’s see the solution that can be used to migrate the Yahoo contact list to Mac local storage.


Manual Method to Export Yahoo Contacts on Mac Hard drive

Users can risk-free export contact lists from Yahoo mail to Mac storage using a professional Yahoo Backup Tool for Mac.

However, there is a manual method through which users can save Yahoo contact lists to Mac local storage. But users are required to follow the steps carefully to meet the desired result.


  • Open Yahoo Mail on Mac and enter the login credentials to sign in.
  • After successful sign-in, click on the Mail icon.
  • Now, tap the Contact icon located on the right side of the panel.
  • You can select single or multiple contacts from the contact list to export Yahoo contacts on Mac.
  • Now click on the more option denoted by (…) and press the export button to download contacts from Yahoo.
  • In the newly opened Export Contacts wizard, choose the desired option to save the Yahoo contacts on Mac.
  • Finally, click on the Export Now button to start the migration process of Yahoo contacts on Mac.


This manual process will deliver the contacts from Yahoo mail to Mac hard drive. But it has some limitations due to which it is not considered to be an effective solution. We have mentioned some key points describing the consequences of the manual approach.


Limitations of the Manual Method to Export Yahoo Contacts on Mac OS.

Users might face some difficulties with the manual solution to back up Yahoo contacts on Mac. It is a very time-consuming process when users have to export multiple contacts to Mac hard drive.

It is very tricky to remove duplicate contacts while migrating from the Yahoo address book manually. Users have to select each individual email to produce selective contact migration.


  • If you want to export multiple Yahoo contacts to a single vCard file then it is not possible with the manual method.
  • Any novice or non-technical user faces a problem while proceeding with the manual solution.
  • In a large organization, it is not considered to be a reliable solution to export a contact list from Yahoo mail to Mac hard drive
  • A single inaccuracy in performing the steps results in the complete failure of the process.
  • It is not possible to export selective email contacts to Mac hard drive using the manual method.


The manual technique is not said to be a wise and suitable choice to export Yahoo contacts on Mac. To eliminate the risk and consequences of the manual method many users suggest an automated solution.

Using a professional Yahoo Backup Tool for Mac, users can efficiently back up Yahoo contacts and emails to Mac hard drives.

It is the most reliable and risk-free solution suggested by many professionals and users. Users can easily eliminate duplicate contacts and export selective items without any data alteration. 


If you have a question on how do I export my contact list from Yahoo to vCard? then users can also use MacSonik Yahoo Backup Tool. It can efficiently export multiple Yahoo contacts into a single vCard file on Mac OS without any data ambiguity.



In this blog, we have discussed the manual procedure to export Yahoo contacts on Mac hard drive. Additionally, we have mentioned some reasons and certain limitations of the manual technique.

Most of the users go with the automated solution to get rid of the limitations. An automated solution delivers quick and smooth results with high data security. It can be easily used by any individual, organization, technical or non-technical user.


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