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A product’s success on Amazon depends greatly on the quality and number of reviews and ratings. Consumers use product ratings and reviews as a yardstick to determine whether the purchase is worth it or not. Considering the importance of reviews, sellers need to make careful strategies to get a 5-star rating for their products.

With a more positive rating, the seller will have a higher conversion rate, increased customer base, and exponential product sales. But getting customer reviews is not easy as it seems.

Sellers should work to capture buyers’ attention in the first impression only so that they offer the goods positive ratings. For this, sellers need to know the expert tips that will help them not only get a 5-star rating but will also increase the number of ratings they get. 

Reviews on Amazon help consumers make informed purchase decisions. They are also evidence of the seller’s popularity, product utility, and overall brand reputation.

For sellers, reviews are a great way to prove product reliability and authenticity. But, those aren’t the only reasons why sellers have to focus on getting more positive reviews.


Positive reviews and high ratings prompt better sales. Research has shown that 94% of customers will buy a product if it has a 4-star rating or a certain amount of good reviews. At the same time, even a single negative review or 2 or 3-star rating can turn a potential customer away.

So it is apparent that you need to work hard to get a five or four-star rating. To help Amazon sellers get there, here’s a list of expert tips.

Expert tips for Amazon sellers to get 5-Star ratings

  • Use the ‘Request A Review’ button.

Once the customer purchases the product, sellers can manually seek reviews for each of the products between four to thirty days of purchase. Amazon introduced this feature in 2020 to let the sellers ask for a review if the buyer has not given one.


  • To find the “Request A Review” button, sellers must go to the Order Details page after logging into their Seller Central account. 
  • The seller will then see a Request a Review button in the upper right corner.
  • Once the seller clicks on the option, they have to select “yes,” after which Amazon will send the customer a note requesting them to provide seller feedback and a product review.


  • Offer coupons and discount

When a seller sells their product for the first time, they need to engage customers since they do not have an already established audience. For this, sellers can opt for an Amazon ad that will display the offers like a free gift, coupon, or huge discount. But, creating offer-based ad campaigns can weigh on a seller’s budget and require time.

You may hire Amazon ad experts for this task, but that will also come in handy only if you are planning PPC campaigns for other purposes as well. Creating ad campaigns just to display offers isn’t always cost-effective.

So, another way to display your discount and coupon is to mention it in the product listing itself. This will help sellers to get their products noticed and can also increase the conversion rate. And if the product works well, sellers can surely expect a 5-star rating from their happy clients.


  • Personalized Greeting Message

A personalized greeting message is often called a “product insert.” It is a little card that comes with your product’s package. One of the simplest methods to enhance Amazon customer reviews is through these product inserts.

The best thing about product inserts is that you can approach each consumer and request feedback. You can include a small “thank you” message on the card and can kindly ask the client to post a review.

Sellers can also include QR codes in the message that direct customers to their Amazon product listing so that they can add ratings easily. But as customers get these message cards from hundreds of brands, sellers have to make theirs more creative and personalized. To grab the customers’ attention, use impressive templates and designs that appeal to the target user.


  • Facebook retargeting

If you have enough data of customers who have purchased your products, then you may run advertisements on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., asking users to submit product reviews on Amazon. Your advertisement should congratulate the buyer for their purchase, inquire as to if everything is satisfactory regarding the goods, and then request that they post a review on Amazon. Additionally, you can also add a little attractive video to make the ad more personalized, leading to increased response rates.


  • Focus on packaging

The package is the first thing a buyer sees when purchasing a product and frequently makes a lasting impression. Furthermore, the posting of unboxing videos has increased dramatically in recent years, and brands are being judged on the basis of how they pack the products. According to a poll, 72% of American customers said that a product’s packaging design influences their purchase choice.

This is the reason companies are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to impress their customers with superior packaging and exceptional products. So if the seller needs to get a 5-star rating, they should invest time, effort, and money in packaging.



On Amazon, reviews and ratings can make or break a purchase deal for a seller. This is the reason the businesses on Amazon must have a thorough plan in place for how to collect reviews while adhering to the Amazon Terms of Service. Following the expert tips given above, sellers can try to get a 5-star or at least a 4-star rating.

You won’t get hundreds of 5-star ratings overnight, but with a solid review approach, sellers can make it happen. It is a long-term tactic that, if used well, can improve product rankings, foster greater consumer confidence, and eventually help you expand your Amazon business.


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