How to Get Rid of Stubborn Under Eye Dark Circles

Do you ever feel like your eyes are the first thing people notice about you?

Dark circles under your eyes can make you feel self-conscious, draw attention to those areas, and even make it seem like you aren’t getting enough sleep.

While dark circles appear for many different reasons, they almost always look the same.

Whether you have them because of genetics, dehydration, heredity, or stress, there is no hiding it. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce their appearance.


1. Try a Vitamin B-6 Supplement

Dark circles tend to be a sign of either a mineral or vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B-6 is a water-soluble vitamin that helps with blood flow and metabolism.

Because blood flow is vital to the health of the skin and the appearance of the eyes, B6 may help reduce dark circles. Remember that vitamins will only be adequate if you have a deficiency.

If you aren’t sure, talk to a doctor to see if a vitamin B-6 supplement is right for you.


2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a great way to eliminate dead skin cells clogging your pores and give your under-eye area a dull, puffy look.

If you have hyperpigmentation or other types of uneven pigmentation, exfoliation can help brighten the skin and fade dark circles.

Exfoliation can be done with a chemical or physical exfoliant. Chemical exfoliants work by removing old skin cells through an acid. Physical exfoliants use salt or sugar to slough off dead skin cells.

Physical exfoliants are gentler and can be better for sensitive skin. When exfoliating the under-eye area, be careful not to overdo it.


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3. Use an Eye Cream With Vitamin K

Vitamin K can be found in eye creams and supplements and could reduce dark circles. Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and is found naturally in dark, leafy greens.

It can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles by lessening blood flow to the under-eye area. Eye creams containing vitamin K aren’t likely to completely eliminate those dark circles.

They do, however, have the potential to help by lessening blood flow to the area and improving circulation.

Eye creams with vitamin K are best used in conjunction with other under-eye treatments to get rid of stubborn dark circles.



4. Don’t Forget the Eyelid Massage

Eyelid massage can help to get rid of dark circles in a few ways. It can increase blood flow to the eyes and reduce swelling around the eyes. You can do eyelid massage with a clean finger or eye cream.

Spend a few seconds on each eyelid, and keep the massage gentle.

If you want to try an even more intense massage, consider applying pressure to your eyelids with your fingers or by using a warm washcloth.


5. Try Charcoal Eyeliners and Masks

You can try using charcoal eyeliner if you have problems with puffiness and dark circles. Charcoal is used in a lot of beauty products for its ability to draw out toxins.

It’s also used in some eye gels applied under the eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Also, eye masks with charcoal are used to reduce dark circles.

Although these products may not completely eliminate dark circles, they can help reduce their appearance.

Again, you should combine these products with other ways to eliminate stubborn under-eye dark circles.


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6. Don’t Forget to Breathe and Drink Water

If you’re extra stressed out, you may be more likely to have dark circles. Stress causes the body to produce more cortisol, which can cause the capillaries under your eyes to widen.

This can result in darker under-eye circles. One of the best ways to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles is to reduce your stress level. You can do this by taking time off daily to unplug and unwind.

You should also make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can cause dark circles to look more pronounced.

Eight glasses of water daily are how you can get rid of stubborn under-eye dark circles. Reklama: Anglų kalbos pamokos internetu



Many people have some level of under-eye discoloration, which is typically caused by either genetics or environmental factors like diet and sleep patterns.

Luckily, many easy and effective at-home treatments reduce their appearance, including exfoliation, eye creams, and eyelid massages.

With these tips, you can get rid of stubborn under-eye dark circles and feel more confident about your appearance.


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