How to Grow Your Salon Business


Running the salon business can be challenging. It needs good creativity, talent, leadership, customer service, and marketing skills to grow the business.

Trying to balance all these factors can lead to huge clutter. So, proper management is the only solution.

Here, salon insights are a brief and practical way of reaching the top. They help you evaluate every detail of your salon.

Like how it is flourishing every day, what services or products the customers are liking or disliking, the work performance of staff, etc.


It is not easy to accurately analyze every aspect of your salon business manually. Here, bridal salon software comes in handy.

Using the system, this analysis process can be done quickly. You can effortlessly get weekly and monthly reports on your beauty industry.

Well, let’s proceed further and know how to use salon insights to give a better experience to your customers. 


Top Effective Ways To Improve Customer Experience


Top Effective Ways To Improve Saloon Customer Experience


Analyze Staff Performance Reports

Analyzing the detailed staff performance report is very important for every salon owner. Through bridal salon software, they can know how well each employee is performing.

If you find the work of any worker good, make sure to praise that individual. On the basis of performance reports, provide gifts, incentives, and promotions.

On the other hand, if some staff members are not performing well, take time to organize a meeting.

Make some effective efforts to improve the performance of those workers. You can give the extra training to upskill them. 

Looking at staff performance reports will allow you to estimate how much you’re investing in workers and how much they are contributing to your salon.

Thus, the better the productivity of the employees, the greater the customer experience. 


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Estimate Inventory Reports

Using bridal salon software, owners can know about the salon inventory report, like which stock should and should not be ordered.

In addition, they can get clear information regarding which product is purchased the most. 

These reports keep a check on the transactions of professional and sale products. It informs which products are costly and how much profit they give.

You can have a clear idea of which stock is a dead inventory so that you can stop investing money in it. And provide those stocks to your customers which they appreciate a lot. 

When a customer receives the effectiveness of the products they like the most, they are definitely going to revisit the salon again. When good services are provided, there is huge crowd traffic.


Monitor Customers Reports

You can use the bridal salon scheduling software to monitor the appointment schedules of the customers of your best salon in Dubai. It reveals how many clients show engagement towards your products or services. 

Client reports are helpful for preparing marketing methods that will maintain the customer base.

They provide information regarding which of your clients are most beneficial to your salon by highlighting the frequent visitors and biggest buyers. 

Using the bridal salon software, you can reward the top customers for being so loyal through the loyalty program.

Give them discounts, offers, or additional treatment to make their experience better. Consequently, it will assure their revisit to your salon.


Always Be Thoughtful

Every salon owner and staff member has to put great effort into making a better customer experience. Just be thoughtful!

Before Appointment:

  • Start with a friendly welcome. Greet your customers when they visit the salon.
  • Offer your customers a glass of beverage of their preference.
  • Request them to relax in the waiting room, available with the current magazines and outlets for phone charging. 

During Appointment:

  • Try to adjust to the vibe of your customers. If they feel uncomfortable having a conversation, do not force them. 
  • Ensure to have a good music system in your salon to create an amusing and boredom-free atmosphere.

After Appointment:

  • If someone had a haircut, compliment them about their new look.
  • Ask them how they like their new hair transformation.


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Make Sure To Meet Your Commitment

It will be unsensible to cancel an appointment done by any customers. This is directly connected to your reliability and professionalism. No salon owner would like to lose any of their existing as well as new clients. 

So, make sure to meet all your commitments on time. Using the bridal salon software, you can set appointment reminders not only to notify your customer but to your staff members as well.

This will assure that the workers will be on time to assist their clients. 

On the other hand, do not forget to meet another commitment which should be the quality of your salon services. When staff members deliver exactly the services their customers want, it assures the revisit again.


Offer Complimentary Services

Who would not like to enjoy or appreciate complementary services? If some customers schedule an appointment for hair coloring, you can also provide a free styling service.

On the other hand, if it is about face massage, you can go for a body massage as well. In addition, asking about the type of oil your customer would like to have for a massage will also be a good gesture. 

Sometimes, complementary services do not mean a full makeover. You can ease the convenience of your customers by prepping them for their turn and reducing the waiting time.

This can give a great relief as someone might have to do other work after the salon session.


Give Importance To Your Customers 

Salons that use social media to show their customers’ new hair looks have a great advantage as compared to those that do not.

When you upload pictures on your Instagram or Facebook profile, it helps many people. The new clients will find the convenience in deciding whom to choose. 

On the other hand, your existing clients will feel happy knowing that their hairstylist is enthusiastic about posting images of their new look.

Just take before and after photographs of the customers and publish them to your professional Instagram account. Make sure to use good-quality pictures as it will be helpful in promoting your staff’s skills in a clear way.


Summing Up

We hope this article guided you that your salon business does not have to face challenges to better the customers’ experience. A little additional care, professionalism, convenience, commitment, and thoughtfulness can work wonders.

Thus, happy customers mean more profit, leading to increased business growth.


Julia Ching

Julia Ching has been a Manager at Salonist since 2017. Her passion for helping people in business management through the expert industry coverage she provides.

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