6 Ways on How to Increase the Efficacy of Your Exercises


Quickly losing weight and getting in shape are the most common reasons people decide to include fitness in their daily routine.

Although you might want quick results, do not be tempted to undergo some strict exercise regime or extreme diets.

Those so-called “fitness hacks” are highly unsafe, even dangerous, and you will probably experience exhaustion or something worse. 

However, incorporating healthy strategies into your daily or weekly plan and overall lifestyle will make you feel energetic and more confident. And, as a result, you’ll look and feel fabulous.

We’ll introduce you to several safe techniques that will increase your exercise’s efficiency and help you feel fantastic.


Eat carbs before each training

Carbohydrates will give you extra energy for effective fitness training. If you want to increase the intensity of your workout sessions, you won’t do so if you feel hungry.

Your body needs fuel to work correctly; therefore, opt for slow-digesting complex carbohydrates. For example, a slice of whole grain bread or a portion of fresh oatmeal will give you the energy for the upcoming workouts. 

As you probably already know, there are simple and complex carbohydrates. Products of refined sugar and flour, such as white bread and chocolate bars, contain simple carbs.

They will give you the energy that will last an hour or two, and you’ll quickly feel hungry again.

Besides, simple carbohydrates increase insulin levels in the blood, which won’t contribute to fat loss. So, stick to complex carbs and eat brown rice and whole grains before exercising.


Increase protein intake


Increase protein intake

Proteins are crucial for muscle mass building and repair. However, many people’s menu doesn’t contain enough of those nutrients.

Strength and cardio training strain your body, so inadequate intake of protein won’t get you many benefits from your fitness sessions.

If you aren’t a meat lover, get protein supplements, and consume a delicious protein smoothie or protein bars after training.


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Add EMS workouts to your training

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a type of training that implies muscular electrostimulation with mid-frequency or low-intensity electrical impulses.

Due to a special electro-stimulation suit, electrodes are strategically placed around the body, which produces natural muscle contraction.

Furthermore, those impulses penetrate to deepest muscle layers, which is difficult to achieve through regular training.

EMS training isn’t only highly effective in activating the core muscles as it affects deeper muscle levels too.

In addition, that type of training protects your joints from injuries, unlike conventional cardio training, and the results are quickly visible.

Thus, if you want to improve and maintain your performance during exercise, inevitably opt to integrate EMS two or three times a week. You can do that in some popular centers for EMS in Melbourne if you live in that city or nearby.


Enhance your blood flow

Blood has to flow freely to enable muscles and joints to properly perform, providing them with oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, you should warm up before starting exercises for particular body parts.

The primary function of warming up is to boost blood flow which contributes to mobility and makes you feel flexible. Besides, if you miss warming up, you could be more likely to get hurt.

Therefore, doing low-intensity exercises before the main workout is advisable to enhance your circulation. Cardio exercises such as running, jogging, jumping, rowing, cycling, or just walking are the best type of warming up.

All those activities will increase your blood flow, raise your body’s temperature, and boost your overall performance.


Drink enough water


Drink enough water

We sweat a lot when we do strenuous exercises. So, water intake during the training is significant if you’re active and want to see progress in your efforts to get in shape.

Therefore, bring a bottle of water with you every time you go to the gym. Suppose you don’t drink enough water during training.

In that case, you can experience dehydration and be dazed, leading to various injuries.

That often happens when you push yourself to the maximum, trying to reach unrealistic goals. In short, two liters of water daily are optimal for hydration.


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Load your muscles progressively

Focusing on progressive overload is necessary if you want to see desirable results from your strength training. Of course, that is valid for experienced gym goers.

But, if you’re a beginner, it is important not to overwork yourself and to focus on the importance of the progressive facet.

Make an effort to make every exercise a little more strenuous than the previous one. In addition, if you lift weights, increase the weight every two to three weeks.



Although workout sessions are vital, you should focus on water intake and nutrition. To boost your performance, also add EMS training to your workout routine.

And last but not least: always warm up before exercising and progressively enhance the intensity of your training for the best results.


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