How to Install Third-Party Apps on Samsung Smart TV


APK files cannot be launched on a Samsung TV as they can be on an Android device. TPK files are necessary for Samsung TVs as contrasted to APKs, which are optimized only for Android.

In contrast to Android’s Playstore, which offers thousands of apps, the Tizen Store’s selection of apps is far smaller.

Installing TPK files from third parties is a fair approach in this situation to experience your desired apps on your Samsung Smart TV! You do not need to be a Samsung TV app developer to get it done!

You may find numerous how-to tutorials online to help you with this, but it’s understandable if you think the procedure is a little too difficult.

I’ll attempt to clarify the stages in this blog post so that even if you aren’t very familiar with tech jargon.


Why might a Samsung Smart TV require the installation of third-party apps?


All the parts needed to install and use an app on any Android device are contained in a single file called an APK, or Android Package.

Since APKs are written in Java, they are designed to function on Android devices. They cannot be used on a Samsung Smart TV because Tizen OS is what powers them.

The only similarity between Tizen and Android is that both are based on Linux. Android is constructed in Java, whereas Tizen is constructed in C++.

APK files, which are now understood to be JAVA-based, are obviously incompatible with Samsung TVs.

Even if you were able to install an APK file on a Samsung Smart TV, it would not be able to recognize it or start the installation process.

Additionally, to safeguard the system, Samsung TV contains security features that stop people from downloading APKs from unauthorized sources.


Install Outside Apps on My Samsung Smart TV


How Can I Install Outside Apps on My Samsung Smart TV?

There are essentially two efficient methods for doing this.

TPK files for third-party apps can be installed in select Samsung Smart TVs through USBs or external hard discs after first utilizing the command prompt and SDB.

Downloading the TPK files respective to the apps you want, then installing them via SDB, is a sensible workaround for this.

Alternatively, you can copy them directly to the TV device and then install the aforementioned third-party applications across any Samsung smart TV.

Continue reading to learn how to set up a debug bridge so that your TV may run programs from unidentified sources.


Three easy steps can be used to condense the installation of a third-party program on a Samsung Smart:

  • Activate the Developer Mode on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Enabling installation on your TV from unknown sources
  • Through SDB, add TPK files for desired apps in Tizen Studio.


Let’s go over each of these actions in more detail so you can simply carry them out on your TV set.


A Guide to activate the developer mode in a Samsung Smart TV

Getting a TPK, the Tizen equivalent of an APK will enable you to run and test apps prior to enabling Developer Mode, which must be enabled. As a result, you also need to attach your TV set to a computing device.


To start with, activate Developer Mode by doing the following:

  • Select Apps by going to the Smart Hub on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Using the virtual keypad on the TV screen or your TV remote, type the “Magic Sequence” of 1-2-3-4-5.
  • Enable the developer mode.


Your Samsung TV device’s Developer Mode will be activated as a result. A link between the computer and also the TV device must now be made.

Follow these procedures for a system running Windows:

  • Press the Win key along with the R key on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • The Run box will now be displayed; input cmd here and then click Enter.
  • Type ipconfig into the popup box then press Enter once again.
  • Remember the IPv4 address which just appears.
  • Now return to your TV and enter this IP address at the Host PC IP field.
  • Restart the TV.


For a system running on macOS:

  • Launch the Terminal application.
  • Enter /sbin/if/config and the IPv4 address will appear.
  • Enter this IP address at the Host PC IP area on your TV device.
  • Restart the TV.


You may now use your Samsung TV to carry out a variety of sophisticated operations, such as installing software from various third-party sources.


A Guide to “Installation from Unknown Sources” Permission

Apps from TPK files can only be installed once you give the TV permission to do so.

After you have switched on this setting, there will be nothing stopping malware from deceiving you into installing it on your device, so make sure to only install trusted software.


To make this setting active:

  • On your TV, click Settings in the lower right corner.
  • Select “Personal” under Security and turn on the “Allow Installation From Unknown Sources” option.


After allowing installation from unknown sources, you may now get the outside apps of your choosing ready to be installed on the TV.


A Guide to Use Command Prompt to Add TPK to a Samsung Smart TV

Equivalent to the debug bridge of Android, Tizen OS provides a debug bridge that connects via USB or Wi-Fi for debugging any Samsung TV, install apps, or transferring files with administrator permissions.


You must first install SDB (Smart Development Bridge) as well as Tizen Studio, the Tizen IDE, on your machine before you can launch Command Prompt on your Windows PC.

  • The application TPK file must be included in the same directory as SDB in order to implement apps using SDB.
  • Once within the SDB folder, use the right-click menu to select “Open In Terminal.”
  • Make sure that your TV and computer are both plugged into the same local network.
  • At the sdb connect area, type in the IPv4 address.
  • Hit Enter.
  • You can see your TV by typing sdb devices at the command prompt as soon as the interconnection between the computer system with the TV device has been made.
  • Upon seeing the device, enter “sdb install” and press “Enter.”
  • Hold off until the installation has been completed.


When the setup is finished, check your TV to see if the application has been successfully installed there.


Final Remarks

Using outside apps could appear a little intimidating to average Television viewers who aren’t conversant with tech jargon.

Furthermore, choosing the right TPK files is crucial to protecting the devices from malware intrusions. This blog is intended to make it simple for you to install outside apps on any Samsung Smart TV.

But keep in mind that you may always receive assistance if you require it! If you have issues trying to install outside apps on your Samsung TV, it might be a good idea to contact Samsung support for additional help.

If your TV allows the deployment of third-party apps, they will be able to point you in the right direction and let you know.


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