How to Use an Android Phone as a GPS Tracker Device?


GPS is an incredible utility that provides your device users positioning, navigation, and timing services. GPS helps find your lost or stolen mobile and navigate while traveling anywhere. Additionally, it is effective because it works even without the internet and mobile networks.

How about using your Android device as a GPS tracker? Your smartphone can act as an excellent GPS tracker, and it can acquire satellite signals even when the cell range is far away. Also, with the right apps, you can use GPS feature advantage into a reliable and affordable tool for various usage.


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Steps to make Android Phone as a GPS Tracker

We are trying to use a GPS tracker on a Samsung Galaxy device. The process is similar to other Android devices too. You can execute it with the help of Find My Phone to ping your device location. Later with the help of the Google Interface System, you can track your device. 


Here’s how you do it:

1. Open your Android Device’s Settings

2. Scroll down to Biometrics and security

Biometrics and security Android Setting


3. Toggle on Find My Mobile settings

Mobile settings for making android GPS tracking device


4. Toggle on Find My Mobile settings

Find My Mobile settings for making GPS tracking device


If you have not signed in yet on your Google account or Phone number and Samsung account (if you are using a Samsung device ), make sure you login.

After switching on the Find My Mobile option, you can also enable Remote Unlock and Send last location option. Remote unlocking helps you remotely control your lost phone even when it’s locked. Also, your PIN or password will be securely stored by Android.

On the other hand, the Send last location feature will allow your phone to send its final location when the battery is about to die. And lastly, you should agree to the terms and conditions. 


GPS tracking Apps

GPS tracking Apps

If you are trying to avoid the Find My Phone feature on your android phone for whatever reason, we have another solution. Using these apps can also help you track location. Here are some of the GPS tracker apps,


It is a security application with device tracking as one of its many features. You can get and install this app from the play store, and it is very easy to use.

Lookout may be too boastful for you if you only try to get a tracking app. Nevertheless, if your device lacks security, this might be a good choice.


Gaia GPS

This app helps you get a list of more than 50 downloadable and printable maps. In Gaia GPS, you can create custom-built overlays, points, and trials to increase guidance.

Gaia GPS also provides you information for any disaster, such as active fires and private and public territory. This app can record your traveling and gives you an excellent user experience.



Prey is another incredible option for Gps tracking, and it is very similar to the Find My Mobile feature in practical usage. 

Duwe to its flexibility to work on other platforms, including Windows and Apple devices, making it very advantageous over other apps. You can track your device from anywhere in the world.


Topo Maps +

This app was specifically designed for travelers with excellent maps, including USGS maps, National Geographic illustrated maps, and many other options.

This app offers high-resolution maps, which are thankfully downloadable and printable and also will provide your half a million trial data at your fingertip. Topo Maps+ is a user-friendly app as we can create our custom Maps, find profile elevation and tracks, and enable various other route features.


Making Your Android Phone Mountable for Tracking

Once you enable the Find My Mobile option or use any other app, your android device is now trackable. You can directly attach any object, or any person can wish to carry the device for tracking. Certainly, it may not look as easy as it seems.


Want to Track your vehicle with your Android phone?

A magnetic car mount is maybe the most effective and easiest option. Many two-piece kits come up with a magnetic insert inside your device and a Magnetic base for attaching.

With quality products, you can be certain your phone stays secure and strong enough on the base you have attached. Some products like Blackstar Nano Mag and Skyvik Truhold stick hold should be good magnetic car mounting products for you.


Drawbacks of an Android Tracker

Android phones may be superior to GPS tracker in overall usage, but it has certain disadvantages. There are mainly three things to consider if you are using your Android Phone as a Gps Tracker,


Signal and Network Quality:

GPS tracker has the upper hand on the Android device regarding signal quality. Unlike Android phones, GPS trackers are far more accurate and wouldn’t cut in low signal areas. If you are looking for accuracy and quality, a GPS tracker should be better.


Battery usage:

Many apps and software run on your phone, affecting your battery life. Suppose you use your android phone as a GPS tracker; closing unnecessary background applications and only activating the GPS option would be better to increase your battery life.

A dedicated GPS device will have more battery as it only processes GPS tracking than another Android device.


Cost and Risks:

There may be a risk of losing or damaging your Android phone if you are a travel enthusiast as you need to check maps and stuff every time.

A dedicated GPS will make your job easier as it is easier to mount and more robust. Also, you need not worry if they are damaged or lost as they are cheap and easily replaceable.



We believe this blog gave you ideas to use your Android phone as A GPS tracking device. You can find features on your Android phone or get dedicated apps from the play store if you wish to for tracking. Android GPS tracker can help you find your lost or stolen device and assist you when traveling.

Android is useful in GPS tracking, but we recommend you to use a dedicated GPS tracking device due to its accuracy and signal quality. Also, you can get a GPS tracker at a cheaper price, and it doesn’t drain your battery fast as an Android device does.

Nevertheless, you can use the Android device as it comes with multiple features and more flexibility.

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