How to Use EDDM Postcards to Market Your Business?


Do you want to promote your business within a limited budget? EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) postcards can be a good choice. It is an effective way to speak to your audience.

When you think about how to reach out to your audience, printed EDDM postcards might not be the first thing that comes to your mind.

Even though it is an old-school marketing techniques, it can be quite effective. Not only are they versatile but can also be used in different ways to grow your brand.

So, here we are going to discuss a few ways to use EDDM postcard printing to grow your brand.


EDDM Postcards

Bag Stuffers and Retail Box

You can include a physical branded postcard or brochure in the product shipment. They can also be placed in the checkout bags of your customers. This is an excellent way to encourage your customers to return to your business.

The direct mail brochure or postcard will remind your customer about what products and services you offer. If you have an online store, you can simply leave your client with a lasting and tangible impression of your brand.


Appointment Reminder Cards

You can reduce no-show rates by sending out postcards or brochures to your clients telling them about the upcoming important times and dates.

Your client might have a busy life and if you send them reminder cards, it will help to increase the odds of them making it to the appointment and reduce the cost of rescheduling.



EDDM Postcards or brochure printing is ideal for displaying daily drink and food specials. You can quickly change them as per your requirement for advertising happy hour deals, upcoming events, and new menu items.

Does your bar or restaurant offer weekly pints or trivia? You can advertise these kinds of promotions on brochures or postcards for your visitors to take with them as they leave the restaurant. If you do so, you can repeat business and increase attendance for the event.



With leave-behinds, you will be able to strengthen your new business relationship. EDDM postcards can leave a lasting impression when you meet with a potential client.

In fact, they can influence the final decision-making process and serve as a reminder of what your business does and who you are.


Coupon Cards

You can keep new clients coming back to you with coupon cards. Service-based businesses, such as restaurants, spas, hotels, and salons, can use postcards or brochures simply by handing them out with a promotional discount for their next visit.


Promotional Handouts

One of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to the target audience is to direct mail brochure printing and postcard printing.

With EDDM postcards, you will be able to raise brand awareness or promote upcoming events and advertise promotions. You will be able to grab plenty of customers if you hand them out in high-traffic areas.



Companies can benefit from publishing newsletters for their clients or customers. However, they do not always have enough time or news to create content and fill up a whole page.

This is when a postcard can prove to be useful. It will allow you to feature two or three smaller important items. You can print a feature of the product on the back of the address on the side of the postcard and others on the front to drive more conversions.


Thank You Postcards

You might have received a thank you postcard from a non-profit or business you have helped. It makes you feel great when you get on. Sending them out is an excellent opportunity to tell people how much you value them.

No matter whether they have donated, contributed, or put money into your business, it tells them how much you really appreciate them.


Bottom Line

Postcards can be powerful promotional tools and you can use them to reach out to more customers. However, make sure that you are getting it printed by a reliable printing service.

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