How to Make Candles to Suit Your Interior Design Style?


Candle making is a fun pastime you can use to get creative and decorate your home. Different candle styles can help illuminate your home and enhance its interior design.

You should find a suitable candle supplier to make quality candles for decorating your home. Here are some tips for making candles to suit your interior design style!


Choose Fitting Candle Fragrances

You can use numerous candle fragrances to make your home smell good, but each scent will draw different results depending on how and where you use it.

For example, using strong scents in a congested room can feel overpowering and uncomfortable. The same candle scent burning in a large family room will be quite nice and subtle.

Creating the best fragrances requires the right supplies. You can request samples from your supplier of ready-made candles to smell; this helps you determine what scents you like most.

Most first-time candle makers are unsure about how concentrated the smell will be. Getting recipes from suppliers or being patient with trial and error will get you the right potency of smell.


Choose Candles of Varying Heights, Shades, And Size

You can create candles of different heights, sizes, and shades to create visual interest. Arranging those candles in a kind of balanced asymmetry creates a beautiful and calming feature of your interior design.

When arranging the candles, bunch a few candles of different heights and girths with each other to create that rounded balance of weight.

Tall and skinny candles can be grouped with short, stout candles, and/or average height and width candles. These are all different in appearance but balance out when paired.

You can also add some color instead of sticking with only the standard creamy colors. Diverse candles create aesthetic appeal as it breaks the monotony of like-colors or sizes.


Select Unique Candle Shapes


Select Unique Candle Shapes

Candles need not only be round in shape like most people think; you can go with more interesting shapes to add some artistic interest to your home décor.

Abstract shapes like knots, twists, and blobs can be unique and visually pleasing. Svetainės, teisiniai, finansiniai, techniniai, medicininių tekstų ir techniniai vertimai You can also go with realistic shapes like animals and cakes for more decorative looks in themed rooms.

You can achieve these fun shapes with molds, or by carving the wax once hardened.


Positioning Is Key

Where you place the candles in your home will determine how much appeal they create. For example, you can place candles on a side table, coffee table, or shelf to create a sense of warmth and relaxation when sitting on your couch.

You might use candlesticks for a bold, classic look on a mantle, or place candles strategically to add focus and balance to highlight unique art pieces in the house.


Determine Whether to Burn or Not to Burn

Although all candles can be burned, some create better aesthetics when they remain unburned. Burning sculpture-shaped candles, for example, will destroy their design.

Instead, retain them whole to add a design or decoration element to your home. Ensure the candle pieces you decide not to burn are statement pieces and transform your home.


Adhere to the Safety Tips When Burning Candles

Burning candles offer some calming, subtle light that accentuates specific features of the home or creates a mood you want to encourage in a space. When burning candles, consider the following tips to maintain safety and prevent smoke in your home:

  • Trim the candle’s wicks before lighting them to prevent black smoke and soot.
  • Use a bowl or shallow dish under the candle to collect wax drips while the candle is burning. This also helps protect the finish on your home’s surfaces.
  • Ensure your candles are in a well-ventilated area.
  • Never leave burning candles with an open flame unattended. If you are leaving the house or going to sleep, extinguish the burning candles appropriately.
  • Keep candles away from the reach of children.


Find the Best Wholesale Candle Supplies

Candle decorating is one way you can enhance the decorative properties in your home. Use the best wholesale candle supplies to make quality candles for home decorations you will love.


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