Men’s Fall Fashion Tips


After the searing spell of summer that forced you to wear skimpy clothes to avoid sweating, fall is almost out there with all its fun of layering and stacking. Fall and fashion go hand in hand when it comes to styling for men.

Whether you are a fan of coats and blazers or you like to play it cool with hoodies and crewnecks, you can pretty much have all your fun this season. 

However, there are certain fashion trends that you should steer clear of and certain fashion trends that you want to embrace in fall.

From fashion fundamentals for fall to fashion faux pas in fall, this post has you covered. If you want lasses to fall for you, follow us along.


Fashion Fundamentals for Fall

Summer is gone, but mind you, winter isn’t here yet. Fall is a transitional season that gives you a break from extreme temperatures. To look fantastic in fall, you need to be aware of certain styling rules.


Get Accessories for Your Festive Fun

Fall marks the start of fun and festivities, including reaping an abundant harvest, plucking apples from an orchard in the country, and carving a pumpkin for Halloween.

Even your friends might show up at your doorstep to take you to a cocktail or bachelor party.

For that reason, you always want to keep your party costume ironed and hanging. In case you don’t own one, an accessory such as a rhinestone leather belt can make any outfit look subtly fancy.

Rhinestone belts are a creation of pop-punk culture from the late 1970s. You can sling around a Gothic-style rhinestone belt to finish off your Halloween look. 

To get people to notice the belt, make sure the rest of your outfit is plain and is not the same color as the belt.


Keep it Light-Colored 

Whether you wear a long-sleeve t-shirt or a turtleneck fleece sweater, go for a light tone, such as beige or light brown. Other than keeping you nicely cool, the best thing about a light-colored top is that you have a variety of color options for covering your legs.

From jet black skinny jeans to tan chino pants, you can wear almost anything down there.


So, never walk out dressed in bright pastel colors, as they are for spring and summer, and match the lighter-weight fabrics you wear in those times of the year.

Colors such as burnt orange, tawny brown, and seaweed green are autumn-appropriate options and blend in perfectly with almost all dark color choices for pants, including black and navy blue, and even neutral colors, such as beige and taupe gray.


Cut Your Bottoms Short

A nice pair of cotton shorts, a denim shirt, and suede loafers make a cool casual combination that all hot hunks like to flaunt in fall.

For accessories, a thin leather belt in color coordination with your footwear, a bunch of wristbands, a simple leather strap watch, and aviator-style shades work amazingly.


Don’t Just Wear Jeans All the Time

While jeans make a terrific choice to slide your legs into for any occasion, you should not wear them all season long if you don’t want to appear uninspired and unimaginative.

Instead, you could experiment with thicker and heavier fabrics of chino and wool pants. 

One caveat: chino pants might come across as a summer stock held over.


Don’t buy ones with a thin feel, since they will seem entirely out of place. The wrinkled look will make it seem as if you just rolled out of bed.  You want thicker-fabric chino pants.

So, try to go a bit beyond merely wearing jeans to come across as a well-dressed man who has an eclectic taste in clothes and is not afraid to take the plunge and wear a variety.


Layer Your Clothing

Fall is most men’s favorite time because of the layering latitude it allows them. During fall, temperatures normally vary throughout the day. During the day, the weather may be warm, and by the time evening sets in, it’s a bit on the chillier side.

Hence, layering comes in handy to deal with the unpredictably fluctuating weather.


For instance, if a T-shirt or a button-down shirt serves as your base layer, you can add a sweatshirt on top of that and finish off the look with a bomber jacket or a sports coat.

In this way, if you start to get a little overheated during the day, you can just remove some layers, and then you can throw them back on for the evening. 

Layering is an art you need to master to regulate your body temperature while looking stylish.


Don’t Flash Ankles

This rule doesn’t apply to you if you live in a tropical region where summer lasts all year. But if you live in a place with all four seasons, spring and summer are the only times you should be showing off your bare ankles.

For a cuffed pant style, put on your boots. You don’t do that with your brogues or sneakers during this time of the year. 

Sorry, but no exposed ankles in fall at all! The trend has to be scrapped and eliminated. The time has run out. You need to wait a few months before repeating the style.


Invest in a Pair of Boots

Although boots are perfect for keeping your feet nice and warm during the months of fall and winter, you don’t need to buy a whole stash of boots. A pair or two of good-quality boots will do and can last years. 

Nevertheless, fall is the ideal time to begin your footwear search.


Stop Wearing Lightweight Fabrics 

Anything made of linen, thin chino fabric, or seersucker should be removed and stored, but not worn. Put it in the back of your closet so you won’t be tempted to wear it. It’s simply not that time of the year. 

Choose thicker fabric materials, since they look nicer and are more seasonally appropriate. People will undoubtedly notice the change, and it does make a difference.


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