Top 5 MMA Chokes to Improve Your Defense


Mixed martial arts is known to be one of the best self-defense and combat-based training that you can come across. This combat game is still evolving so there is plenty of time for learning. For a very long time, MMA was associated with negative emotions mainly because mainstream media portrayed MMA artists to be the villain.

However, as time changed, MMA artists were more accepted globally, thanks to some of the best MMA artists like Bruce Lee. Within MMA you will have different methods of acquiring a submission. You can use punches, kicks as well as chokes and holds.

For a very long time, MMA chokes have been associated with offensive techniques of fighting, and rightfully so. We have seen so many different artists using chokes to acquire submission and attack people. However, when someone attacks you, as an MMA artist you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve that you can use eventually.

Most people start with a simple punching and kicking combination however, experts say that your hold over your opponent and your technical grip will help you acquire full submission without working too hard.

You will be spending less time and the overall process will be less painful as well.

With the help of this article, we will mainly mention some of the best and yet most simple chokes that almost all MMA artists use. These chokes are diverse so you can use them for defense as well as offense.

The main idea of these MMA chokes is to help you acquire full submission of your opponent without too much effort, these chokes will help you dominate your opponent in no time and they will be forced to submit.


Top 5 MMA Chokes To Improve Your Defense

Chokes are basically a simple technique to hold and block blood circulation to a certain area in a way that your opponent loses control. Some people exert direct pressure on the neck, while another looks for alternative areas that lead to blood and airflow.

It all comes down to the path you choose. Some of the most common MMA chokes that you must try include:

Arm-Triangle Choke

A very simple yet extremely effective bloody choke. You use your elbow to make a crew and then stifle your opponent between the elbow and arm.

You have to use your arm against the neck arteries and then hold it tighter so this can block the flow and your opponent loses consciousness right away.

This is a little closer to the neck so make sure you know about the technique before you use it otherwise you might end up yanking the opponent which can cause permanent damage.

Arm Triangle Chokes
Arm Triangle Chokes

Rear Naked Choke

This is a blood choke that blocks the blood flow toward the upper part of the body, especially the brain. As compared to other MMA chokes, this is not very painful but it is effective enough to put your opponent to sleep.

For this choke, you have to hold your opponent from the back and use your arm to block the neck and then use the other arm to support and firm the grip more.

Rear Naked Choke
Rear Naked Choke

Ninja Choke

Ninja chokes are one of the most effective MMA chokes yet it is very complex. This choke is considered to be a variation of the guillotine choke.

Within a ninja choke, you have to hold your opponent in a choke and then induce further pressure with the help of your arm by creating space between your arm and the body. This will push his neck even further creating immense pain.


A simple defense MMA chokes that will help you hold the neck of your opponent and get it in between your legs and then for the grip by using your arms. This is an extremely painful yet effective choke.


Banana Split

The banana split might seem like a really good name for the choke considering it might ease the pain. However, this is not the case.

It is an extremely painful choke that will hold your opponent still and you will see him wince in pain.

Your main chokepoint is the leg where you will open up the legs of your opponent and induce extreme pressure on the ligament area.

In some cases, when this is not handled properly, you might even end up tearing the ligament so you need to be very careful.

Banana Split
Banana Split

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, acquiring submission is an art and unless you do not focus on your daily practice you will not be able to polish your skill.

You have to start by learning MMA chokes technically so you know where you will be exerting pressure and how you are going to hold your opponent so he cannot move.

Once you have full grip over the technique you then have to see about the precision so you do not end up injuring someone permanently. Finally, you need to work on your speed so you have the muscle memory to tackle everything without taking time for thinking.

You have to mainly train your body to respond on time so you do not end up wasting your time thinking once someone attacks you with full force.


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