Is it Possible to Heal Mommy’s Thumb without Surgery?


Do you know what mommy’s thumb is? The mommy’s thumb is nothing else but it’s another name given to de Quervain’s tenosynovitis condition where your wrist pains at the base side of your thumb due to the inflammation in the tendons sheath.

This mainly happens due to the excessively repetitive and heavy movements by your thumb & your wrist as well as continuously carrying your newborn for long hours that directly put pressure on your wrist along with the thumb

That’s why this medical condition is also known by the name of mommy’s thumb. 


Here when you start feeling this pain on your wrist at the base side of your thumb then don’t ever try to avoid this at an early stage because the problem is going to become worse for you as you can’t keep yourself away from picking and holding your little one.

So, start treating mommy’s thumb in the initial phase to avoid the surgical treatment. And this problem is not that critical and cannot be treated without surgery. All you need to be cautious about your pain and the home treatment as well.


Now, here we will give you a few effective remedies which you can literally adopt at your home and treat your mommy’s thumb or say de Quervain’s tenosynovitis even without the surgery:

dequervains tape mommy thumb
De Quervain’s tape

Use De Quervain Tape

If you start feeling the pain on your wrist at the base side of your thumb then it obviously can be assumed that the tendons of your wrist are affected due to its overuse. So, you can deal with the pain in your wrist area by using de Quervain tape.

Now, forgetting the effective results from this de Quervain tape, you need to apply this on your abductor pollicis longus muscle which is the most appropriate way for applying this tape. 

Here when you apply this tape on your abductor pollicis longus muscle than with the support of de Quervain tape, it will extend itself and will further support the thumb muscle that ultimately relieving the tendons which as a result give you relief from your pain. 

Further, you can additionally apply the de Quervain tape on the extensor pollicis muscle for giving secondary support to your thumb muscle and this dual combination will give your wrist a good relief.

Using the tape is the most effective tape way of treating mommy’s thumb. And apart from this, here I am further going to provide you with a few more easy and effective ways by which you will be able to grip your de Quervain tenosynovitis pain in powerful ways. So, let’s check these out with a quick look as you must be holding your infant right now:


Modify your lifting position

When you start feeling any discomfort or pain in your wrist while you are lifting your baby then the most appropriate thing you can do at the time changes your holding position.

By changing this position, you will certainly feel a sense of relief in your wrist area. This is because overburdening the same body part will start tightening the position of your muscles which as a result slow down the supply of blood and oxygen to that portion of your body.

And this shortage of oxygen and blood supply weakens your body muscle and tendon sheath so you start feeling pain in that body part. Changing position will eventually relieve your wrist and will smoothen the blood & oxygen supply again.


Adjust your breastfeeding posture

Most newborn mothers face this issue of mommy’s thumb while they are breastfeeding their little ones because there you need to hold your baby in such a posture where all the burden falls on your thumb and your wrist area.

So, as a result, your thumb side of your wrist area starts paining. Here, you need to adjust a comfortable position for yourself before starting breastfeeding. You can place your palm beneath the little head of your little one and then hold your baby using your other arm.

This holding position is considered as most comfortable compared to others. Further, you can also find your comfortable positions accordingly while you will be breastfeeding your newborn.



Carrying and taking care of little babies was never so easy. It is of course difficult but it shouldn’t be painful for you. So, try these above-given measures and enjoy your motherhood period with your little bundle of joy!

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