Living Independently: Moving Out Tips and Other Life Hacks


Moving out and living independently can be one of your life’s most exciting but scariest moments. It’s proof that you’re ready to support yourself without help from your friends or family. But it also means you are responsible for your own space, finances, and decisions.

Before you fully commit to moving out, there are a few must-have life skills you need to have and other things to organize.

These things include making sure you have everything you need, how you’ll transport your belongings, and if your finances are in order. It’s a large responsibility to live by yourself. So, here are some tips to make your moving out easier!


The Checklist – Tips for Moving Out

There are a few things you must settle to make your move easier. Make sure you do the following before moving out.


  • Have a new place to live

This step goes without saying, but make sure you have a place to live when you move out. That means you’ve already visited and decided on your new home and paid your deposit to the landlord. You may also need to sign all the necessary documents if you have bought a place.


  • Tell your family in advance

If you’re living with your family, tell them in advance that you’re moving out. Some families are very close-knit, and the news of you leaving the coop can take some time for them to process. If you’re paying for part of the rent or other utilities, informing them about your move will also give them time to plan out their finances.

Of course, you don’t need to do this if you’re just moving out for school. Tell your family your new address if they plan to visit and when you plan to leave. 


  • Calculate your finances

Living with your family means you don’t need to worry about expenses too much. For example, you may not have to think about food or other costs if they cook your meals and shoulder the bills. However, you will be fully responsible for tracking and handling your expenses now that you’re moving out and living independently.

As such, you need to have a plan and put your finances in order. But how exactly can you do so?


Putting Your Finances in Order


Putting Your Finances in Order

First, make sure your income is steady. It’s best to have a stable income stream every month to support yourself. Then, make a spreadsheet or list calculating all your monthly expenses in your new home. Some costs you may want to note are: 

  • rent
  • electricity
  • water
  • phone bill 
  • Internet 
  • groceries


Include laundry costs as well if your new place doesn’t include a washing machine and dryer. Knowing how much all these will roughly cost will give you an idea of how much they take from your income. You may also want to set aside a budget for purchasing furniture and other home essentials such as bedding, kitchenware, and toiletries.

On top of recurring expenses, you may want to organize your debts. If you owe anyone money, manage and reduce your debt first so it won’t cut into your budget. You want to move out without any worries, and having debt may strain your finances.

Moreover, ensure you plan out your moving budget. Apart from boxes to store your belongings, you may also need to hire a service to transport them. However, you can save money by asking for your friends and family’s help instead.

But if they’re unavailable, it’s best to scout a trusted and affordable moving company and get a quote from them.


  • Ensure your internet’s set up

Having internet is necessary now, especially if you’re working from home. Before you move out, ensure you have internet installed in your new home. Consider contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and setting an appointment to fix your internet connection in your new home.


  • Declutter your things

While bringing all your belongings with you may be tempting, taking inventory before your pack is better. The aim is to make packing and moving boxes easier. In that regard, try to take only the essentials with you.

Go through your clothes and see if there are any you can leave behind—if you live with your family—or give away. You can also do the same for the rest of your belongings and sort them into piles. Once you’ve finished, you’ll know just how much you need to pack and if you need to buy more packing materials. 


  • Purchase essentials, furniture, or appliances

Buying essentials is much easier if your new place comes furnished or semi-furnished. While you don’t need new furniture, you will need other items such as:

  • bedsheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets
  • toiletries
  • cleaning supplies
  • kitchenware
  • first aid kit
  • toolbox


However, you will need to buy furniture and appliances if you move to an unfurnished place. While you don’t have to buy everything in one go, the essentials you will need are:

  • bed
  • closet (if it’s not built-in)
  • desk
  • chair
  • dining table
  • stove 
  • microwave
  • refrigerator
  • aircon
  • electric fan


  • Set up your bedroom first

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, unpack the objects for your bedroom first. The reason for doing so is to have an area to rest after unpacking and organizing. Moving is exhausting, and it’s nice to have your bed ready to crash in. You can also take this time to unpack your clothes to change if you get dusty or sweaty.


  • Learn to recycle

Living independently comes with budgeting, so you may not have the luxury to buy new items. Recycling helps you maintain your budget without overspending. For instance, you can reuse takeout containers for leftover food or small storage and jars as utensil holders or mugs.


Take It Slow and Be Thorough

In addition to the tips above, you may also want to consider getting medical insurance so you won’t spend a hefty amount if you get sick. You may still be able to use your parents’ insurance. But doing so will depend on where and how old you are.

On top of that, always track your finances every month and only pack what you need. Don’t rush, and double-check if you have everything. Keep these tips in mind to prepare yourself for your new independent life!


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