Network Security Monitoring Tools In 2022


If you’re looking for the most advanced network security monitoring tools, you’ve come to the right place. It is essential to get the right tool for the job, and it pays to invest in a few quality products.

Read on to look at Splunk, Wireshark, Auvik, and XDR and how they are expected to change the industry in 2022. If you’re considering making the switch, there are several factors.


XDR is to play a major role in 2022

Network security organizations are looking for ways to detect better, investigate, and remediate threats.

While traditional security tools provide a single pane of glass, the ability to combine data from multiple sources can be tedious and requires specialist expertise.

XDR automates this process and saves the data in a central data lake for historical analysis. Its advanced analytics capabilities can help organizations determine which tools best defend their networks against new threats and attack vectors.


The XDR market is still evolving, with many vendors offering different solutions.

XDR has not yet achieved its full potential, but vendors are introducing solutions that are starting to meet the needs of enterprise customers.

The future of XDR is bright for security teams, with the possibility of a unified platform that allows teams to work efficiently and effectively.


Network Security Monitoring Tools
Network Security Monitoring Tools

Splunk is a network security monitoring tool.

It is hard to predict which tools will be most effective regarding network security in the next years. The solution to that question depends on your requirements and your budget.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to monitor your network for security risks, Splunk might be right for you.

The software allows you to monitor server and application logs, set alerts, and analyze big data across different sources.


Despite this impressive list of features, Splunk is flexible, efficient, and effective. Its flexibility makes it a great fit for enterprise-wide security monitoring.

For example, it can help with compliance, automate alerts, and prioritize security risks according to severity.

Users can assign risk scores to alerts, assign different users to receive them, and map alerts according to user roles. In addition, Splunk is compatible with the Blue Coat Security Analytics Platform, which is used to identify threats.


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The Wireshark Network Security Monitoring Tool was originally known as Ethereal. It is a network packet analyzer that can examine traffic at various levels. It can examine everything from connection-level information to bits in a single packet.

It can analyze security events and troubleshoot network security devices, making it a valuable tool for security professionals. And it’s free! Let’s take a closer look at Wireshark.

Unlike most other tools, Wireshark is free to use. If you have a small network, you can start with the essential version, which costs under $100 and provides many features.

But this version doesn’t automatically detect new devices. You have to manually add each device and its configuration file.

This can take up a lot of time and direct work, and you might not want to do that if you need to analyze your entire network.


Auvik is a network security monitoring tool

Auvik is a cloud-based network security monitoring tool with comprehensive network management capabilities. It is a SaaS product, meaning the collectors run in the monitored network.

It automatically generates detailed topology maps and dynamically updates them as the network grows.

Auvik can also show you hardware device lifecycle data, including the status of support contracts and available software versions. As a result, Auvik can make network security management easier.

Auvik is vendor agnostic, meaning it can monitor devices with SNMP, REST APIs, or cloud APIs. It also supports IPFIX, jFlow, and sFlow. While the product can be purchased and installed on-premises, the only downside is the lack of customization.

Auvik comes with pre-configured alerts but no customizable dashboards. Other than that, the company offers a free 14-day trial for interested parties.


NinjaOne automates vulnerability remediation.

For a comprehensive view of your managed environment, NinjaOne provides vulnerability remediation automation and a single pane of glass for vulnerability management.

With Ninja, patch management and identification are automated, allowing you to define your patch policies and prioritize and automate deployments.

And with centralized reporting, Ninja gives you a comprehensive picture of your entire network security environment and its current vulnerabilities.

With a free trial and monthly pricing, NinjaOne is a cost-effective network security solution that allows you to monitor hundreds of devices. Its flexible dashboard reports and centralized management make it easy to manage various systems simultaneously.

With a 360-degree view of endpoints and third-party patching for over 135 applications, NinjaOne is a valuable tool for network administrators. You can click over here that will guide you to IP Login.


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