Revenue Generation with Gojek Clone App – A Simple Guide


Revenue generation with the mobile application is simple. All you need to do is choose the correct business models. Additionally, entrepreneurs must also look at the revenue streams carefully.

What is the difference between revenue and business models? What significance do they hold? In the blog, we will discuss everything about money-making with the Gojek Clone app. 


Let’s begin! 


Business Models or Revenue Stream? Which Term to Use? 

For the Gojek-like app, we use the two terms differently. Business models are the primary source of income for the entrepreneur owning the app. Here, the two models are commission-based and membership subscription plans.

On the other hand, the revenue streams are the sources to earn extra money besides the primary income sources (business models). The revenue streams can vary for different mobile applications.

For instance, in a multi-service app like Gojek Clone, the entrepreneur can make money via a cancellation fee, surcharge, and pay-per-click ads. 


Further in the blog, we’ll get into the details of what they are and how they can be helpful. But first, let’s start with the business models. 


Generate Revenue with the Gojek-like Mobile Application 

This section is all about discovering the simple ways on-demand multi-service apps make money. 


Commission-based model

The merchants, drivers, and even the customers have to pay a certain percentage of their income as commission for the app’s services. This percentage is paid for every single service booked on the app. 


  • From merchants: the Gojek Clone app charges commissions from businesses/retailers using the platform to sell their services. In return, the merchants pay a part of their income on every order received on the app. 
  • From delivery drivers: similarly, the drivers pay the commission on every order. It enables the drivers to make more money and stay motivated to complete the deliveries. Also, they get rewards for completing the targets and facilities like back-to-back trips! 
  • From customers: customers also pay commission, that is, service charges for getting the services to their doorsteps. 


Subscription plans 

Service providers purchase the subscription plans to render their services on the platform. Unlike paying commissions, the service providers only pay a lump-sum amount to buy the subscription plan curated by the entrepreneur. Although the plans are time-validated, the service providers can renew them before expiring.   


Revenue streams 

As already mentioned, revenue streams are not the primary sources of income. They help the entrepreneurs to make more money! 


  • Cancellation fee: is collected from the Gojek Clone app customers if they cancel the service booking a few minutes before the provider’s arrival. It is a fixed fee decided by the entrepreneur. How does it help? Well, every time customers make last-minute cancellations, the app owner gets the monetary returns for completing the service request on time! 

  • Surcharge: is the extra money customers have to pay for the service they’re requesting during peak hours, holidays, or bad weather. The multi-service app levies a surcharge because during the odd times, the demand is high, and supply is low! 

  • Pay-per-click ads: the in-app ads pay well. The entrepreneur makes money via third-party ads shown on the app’s home screen. For every click on these ads, the entrepreneur gets paid a small yet significant amount based on the third party’s budget. Imagine, for every click entrepreneur earns $5. 



In conclusion, the Gojek Clone app is a multi-service app that every business should invest in and make easy money! Not only does it take the business operations online, but assists the entrepreneurs to make hefty profits as well.  

So, take the first step today and choose the on-demand app solution that fits your business well! Leverage the on-demand market and offer what your customers always wanted at their doorstep.


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