How to Select Best Perfume for You at the Store

With an ever increasing number of perfume brands and fragrances in the market, you might find your favorite may no longer be easy to find and you have to settle for another scent or brand.

Of course, brands can share the same scents, but until you test each fragrance on the shelf, you remain just as clueless as a first timer. This article will show you how to get your way back to your favorite scent and settle on something that will last you a long time.


Understand the Notes that Work for You

Choosing the right notes may be the difference between a ‘screaming’ scent or one that is understated and overwhelmed. There are three types of notes, and these are: top note, heart note and base note.

Top note is more fleeting and doesn’t last long, whereas the base note is heavier and lasts longer. The heart note is a moderation of the two, and therefore from these three, you can know which fragrance note to pick depending on the occasion.

The top notes are best for indoor situations where it’s just you and a small group of people meeting for a short period of time. It’s the perfume you choose for an interview, and you need to make a quick impression.

However, if you are going for a night out, then the base note is your pick. It lasts longer and won’t easily fade when facing strong winds or crowds.


Know When to Choose a Perfume and when to go for a Cologne

Cologne and perfume may sometimes be used interchangeably but for the discerning shopper, then the two are vastly different. A perfume has a much higher concentration of fragrance oils than cologne and therefore you need to know how much concentration to put on for the event you are going to.

Make sure you consult someone close to you to help you gauge the concentration, especially if you don’t trust your olfactory senses.


Consider Your Body Chemistry 

People’s bodies are very different and that’s where women perfume preferences come from. Something might smell great to one person but to another it might not be that good.

There are so many factors that will affect one’s affinity to a particular scent, but the most important one is to make sure you love the scent and find someone else who might agree with you.

This is why some companies offer testers in smaller volumes so that you can take it home and test it on your friend or loved one. If they love it, then you should get it.

Overall, a fragrance choice is something that is personal and can’t be shared even with your closest friends. Yes, you might have liked the same things in your youth, but fragrance choice changes as you mature.

You may soon drift towards more muskier scents, and this is okay since it shows you are also changing into a more sophisticated individual.

The most important thing to consider is that your fragrance announces to you before you enter a room and stays behind a few more minutes after you leave; therefore, making the right choice goes a long way in creating your ideal impression.

Perfumes have the ability to reveal a lot about your personality. Our scent tells a story about who we are, while also evoking memories and feelings from the past.

Also, when I mention “scent,” I don’t just mean “good fragrance,” as in the morning or before a night out on the town perfume or cologne.

In this post, I’m referring to the fragrances that we can identify without thinking about it. An apartment vent blowing fabric softener into the pavement in large billowy gusts, or the haze of cigarette smoke on a hot summer evening: these are all examples of familiar scents.

We may choose and select the fragrances we enjoy, but our responses to some odors are beyond our control.




Choosing a Perfume that Best Epitomizes You

Perfume is a way of expressing one’s personality; exotic notes convey daring and rebelliousness, while crisper, flowery scents convey elegance and sensuality.

Choosing perfumes to represent us is not a simple task; it is essential to understand the process of perfume creation and the myths and legends that surround each scent. The following are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the best perfume for us.


Steps to Selecting the Perfect Notes

You have heard of top, base and heart notes but probably don’t know what they mean. Top notes are the first fragrance that a perfume gives off.

It is fleeting and lighter as compared to the base note which is heavier and lasts longer. Heart notes are in between and they largely combine the best aspects of both top notes and base notes.

Within these three notes are the four fragrance families, namely; the floral, woody, amber and fresh which form the main fragrance families.

Your favorite fragrance may fall within these four groups and in some instances, you can combine two different families to come up with a more sophisticated scent.


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Choosing the Right Perfume Concentration

Concentration of perfume oils account for the differences in concentration and intensity between Eau de toilette (EDT), Eau de perfume (EDP), and perfume.

Eau de toilette have the least concentration and you will need to top off in the course of the day. Most perfume companies prefer this because they can sell more units as compared to the perfumes.

 On the other hand, Eau de perfume has a higher concentration of oil and this means it will last longer when applied on the skin. This strength ensures you can depend on it for much longer and that’s why men’s perfume tend to be Eau de perfumes because men groom less often than women. 

At the end of the spectrum is the perfume which is a premium product and therefore costs a lot more than EDT and EDP.  With a concentration of over 20%, perfume last longer even with little application. 

In conclusion, selecting the perfect perfume for women requires a keener understanding of what fragrance notes are and an individual’s preferences. Long gone are the days of uniformity in fragrance choices as individuality is now more valuable than conformity.


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