9 Self-Care Ideas To Help You In Tough Times


The pandemic has caused a sharp decline in the mental health of people. It’s estimated that a whopping 20% of the United States population suffers from anxiety. And it seems to be the case everywhere around the world.

So, how does one take care of oneself in these challenging times? When different problems overwhelm your mind, you should find the cure in self-care.

Learn to care for yourself by focusing on your mental and physical health. Whether you are suffering from burnout, health issues, substance abuse, or family issues – the first step is to focus on yourself.

Remember that self-care allows you to take your well-being back into your own control.

Here are some things you can do to help yourself in tough times.


things you can do to help yourself in tough times


Prioritize your Well-being

The first stage of self-care is to make well-being your priority. Learn that everything comes next, and your mental health should be your topmost priority.

Everything starts working out in your favor once you decide to make your betterment the primary concern. Then you will sleep on time, eat healthy food, and exercise properly.

Stay away from eating junk food and avoid smoking/drinking excessively. Doing these things can regain some control over your thoughts and your life.

Instead of letting the bad thoughts control you, take steps to manage your bad thoughts.


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Get Help

When times are tough, many people resort to unhealthy ways of coping with their problems.

Whether you have resorted to alcohol, drugs, or isolation, it could all adversely impact your health and relationships. So, take a step back and assess your situation.

Then, take help for addiction from experts like the Delphi Behavioral Health Group to accelerate the recovery process.

Or reach out to a mental health counselor if you struggle with intrusive thoughts. Understanding what kind of help you need to improve your situation is essential.


Set small goals

Don’t overburden yourself with responsibilities, and set small goals instead. These short-term goals can help you regain your self-confidence.

Then you may slowly establish greater objectives to make yourself too busy for the intrusive thoughts. Finally, refocus your thoughts from the past to the present.

Learn to be mindful of what’s happening around you instead of torturing yourself about past defeats.


Start journaling

Writing down your thoughts can help you relax whenever you feel overwhelmed by emotions. Experts have suggested journaling for soldiers with PTSD because it lets them calm down.

During COVID-caused lockdowns, many Americans couldn’t endure an isolated existence when their houses turned into prisons.

In these challenging times, journaling helps an individual regain self-control. So, open a Word document and start penning down your thoughts.


Self care tip - Diet and exercise regulary


Diet and exercise

Experts recommend a proper workout routine not only for your physical well-being but your mental health as well.

Surveys show that the people who exercise are happier (75%) than those who neglect exercising (25%).

The correct combination of eating (nutrition) and exercise (physical activities) positively impact your mental well-being. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins that boost your sense of happiness.


Boost your endorphins

How do you stimulate the release of endorphins to make yourself happy again? Experts suggest engaging in pastimes as a critical aspect of self-care rituals.

Hobbies please you because you indulge in the things you like the most. So, read your favorite books, hang out with friends, or wander in the city on your own.

If you prefer being alone in your house, watch some Netflix and chill! These activities will help make you feel happy and release mental stress.


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Clean your space

Cleanliness doesn’t just keep you active physically; organizing personal space can also positively impact your mind. Living in a mess means your mind’s drowning in a whirlpool of chaos.

People should organize their living space to feel more focused and less distracted. Uncleanliness can make you feel disoriented, but cleanliness can bring some order to your life.

You feel less anxious as well after cleaning up after yourself. That’s how living in an organized personal space boosts well-being.


Start using affirmations

Positive affirmations make you self-reliant and boost your confidence. Put these affirmations where you can see them daily, such as on your mirror or phone.

Affirmations create positive thoughts in your mind, reminding you of why you matter and how great you are doing whenever you feel like you’re drowning in intrusive thoughts.

Use these things as reminders to yourself that you’re destined for greatness.


Self care tips - Meditate



Meditation can help people collect their thoughts and focus their energies on general well-being.

You may choose from several meditation techniques, from yoga and reiki to mindfulness and worshiping. These techniques help people reduce their stress and regain mental dexterity.

Let your mind wander while meditating; don’t let your thoughts get out of control during this time.


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We’ve discussed how people can perform self-care to help themselves in tough times. Take care of yourself whenever you’re feeling down by following our suggestions.

Get professional help from experts who can accelerate your pathway to recovery. Focus on meditation and start journaling to control wayward thoughts.

Make well-being your priority by staying active, engaging in pastimes, and organizing your personal space.

Watch some shows on TV to boost your endorphins, and leverage diet and exercise to improve your general well-being.

That’s how you can make yourself happy, healthy, and active again. Just don’t lose hope!


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