Simple and Awesome Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas


Planning a pre-wedding party that gets everyone in the spirit for your big day begins with selecting the right bridal shower invites. Invitations can be anything you want, like a wedding shower, from fun and flirty to sophisticated.


Wedding showers have been around for decades and are a favorite celebration for many brides. When planning a baby shower, invites are a great place to start. For both you and your other party-goers, they’re a beautiful keepsake.


It can be challenging to narrow down your invitation options because there are many styles, color schemes, typefaces, and designs. Have no idea where to begin?

We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of simple bridal shower invitation ideas for any occasion.

With that in mind, here are some often asked questions to remember while picking out your invitations.


When is the Best Time to Send out Wedding Shower Invites?

Around six weeks before your wedding shower, send out your invitations so that your guests have the time to plan their schedules (and clothing!). If you’re inviting people from out of town, you’ll want to send out invitations at least two months in advance, but it’s up to you.

If you’re organizing the shower around a specific holiday or season, this may alter your timeframe. 

Now let’s discuss some simple bridal shower invitation ideas. Keep reading!


Wedding Shower Invites


Complement With The Theme

The invitation cards will reveal the party’s theme and other crucial elements. In other words, make sure they go well with the overall scheme.

For example, choose an invitation card with glistening glitter and vibrant colors if your party has a Disney theme. Here are some more examples:


For the Modern Nautical Bride

This nautical-inspired wedding shower invitation is perfect for the women (or gents!) who enjoy a line- and color-block-inspired design. 


For the Trendy Beach Bride

When it comes to fashion, it’s all about mixing and matching patterns! The right notes regarding stylish stationery with the basic seashell and current ocean waves have been struck.

Your guests will swoon over this when you pair it with rose gold or copper accents at the wedding shower. On the invitation, don’t forget the hashtag!


For the Nautical Indie Bride

This invitation to a bridal shower is a touch out of the ordinary, with a more relaxed vibe. You can change up the nautical motif by using a typeface that seems like it was handwritten and includes a whale symbol.

The color scheme can easily be changed to include yellow or pink while maintaining the ocean theme!


For the Preppy Nautical Bride

Preparation is the name of the game with this one. Colors and fonts can add a bridal touch to the nautical theme, which already lends itself to preppiness. The oval’s white polka-dot border and cursive font are our favorite features!


For the Nautical Glam Bride

We all need a little glitz in our lives from time to time. Elegant hand-lettered typefaces on your bridal shower invitations will keep it basic, while the rest of your shower’s decor will amp up the glam factor.

There are endless ways to add sparkle to your celebration, from blinged-out eyeglasses to DIY nail polish stations to metallic cake toppers.


For the Vintage Coastal Bride

Neutral colors, laurel drawings, and traditional fonts make this a tribute to the past that is both romantic and timeless.

Find ancient nautical charts, oyster shells, and lace to help decorate the bridal event for an old-world feel.


Make A Video Greeting For An Event

The use of video invitations is becoming increasingly popular. You can make a short video and share it via WhatsApp or email to invite friends.

This is a simple bridal shower invitation idea, and it helps to save both time and money.


To Make a Video Invitation

We’ll show you how to make a video invitation for your upcoming event. It’s important to remember that all of the videos in this post are also templates. 


Choose Your Photos And Video Clips First

To set the mood for your next party, use photographs that are in keeping with the theme.


Add The Guest Of Honor’s Photo

A video clip can also be added if desired. You can throw a birthday, bar, bat mitzvah (for boys and girls), wedding, or retirement party for the guest of honor. So go ahead and give them the attention they truly deserve.


Use Text to Inform Guests

“Boozy Bridal Shower Brunch” is an example of event titles or reasons for gatherings that begin with “You’re Invited!” or “Join us to celebrate…”.

Once you’ve completed that, you may add the remainder of the specifics. Date, time, and place are all essential components of the formula. 


Close It Down

It’s time to bring the party to a close with a light-hearted snapshot or video. For yearly events, this is particularly appealing. 

Check out these simple bridal shower invitation ideas to find the perfect invitations for upcoming bridal showers.


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