Awesome Content Ideas for Social Media to Up Your Game


The hardest part of a social media campaign is the generation of new ideas. To get the best result from your social media marketing campaigns, you will have to keep your profiles fresh and up-to-date.

You must think up new and engaging content ideas for social media to ensure that your profile continues to garner the needed recognition.

This is not an easy feat to achieve and is even harder when you look at the fact that you have more than one social media channel you need to keep fresh, active, and up-to-date with the best content that you can manage.

This is a source of headache, especially for digital marketers who have multiple portfolios of social media profiles. Also, if you are running the social media marketing campaigns of your organization or business.

You will need to have a bag full of social media ideas to keep your profiles as fresh and engaging as possible at all times. In this article, you get access to ideas and techniques to keep your social media feeds fresh at all times.


Create a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Series

People go back to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other video streaming websites for new episodes of their favorite TV series and shows. This is called customer loyalty and it’s not limited to movies alone.

The way customers will make a new purchase of your product and stay loyal to your brand if you keep giving them value is the same way they’ll keep coming back to your weekly, daily, and monthly scheduled series.

Also, you get to keep your feed clean, fresh, and organized. Unlike other profiles that just make random posts, having an organized series will help you make your social media campaign effective and keep your social media channels fresh always.

Integrating an #hashtag into your series will give you more visibility and followers will be able to engage with the post with the use of the hashtag. This will enable you to create engaging social media posts that will benefit your social media profile.


Facebook Instagram reels and shorts
Reels and Shorts

Make Reels or Shorts

Integrating video clips into marketing campaigns and social media posts has become one of the in-thing of social media marketing. You should adopt it for your business or brand as well.

If you are struggling with audience engagement, short videos or reels are your go-to option, whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.

People are spending more and more time scrolling through the reels and you can reach a much wider audience through at. As Meta and Youtube, both are pushing hard on short videos.

Video contents tend to regularly derive more engagement in comparison to texts and even picture posts, you will see more reasons why video content is perfect for your brand.

Whether you have a business or a private blog you can create short videos with trending songs, memes, or topics. Use different filters, and voice-overs, and get creative with your content. There are barely any limits.


Create Contests and Giveaway

Contents and giveaway posts are always getting more engagement than regular posts, and there are different forms of this technique that you can adopt for your social media.

Running a contest and doing regular giveaways will bring more people to your social media and drive your engagement up. And what’s more interesting is the fact that there are different reasons you can give for your giveaway and there are various contest ideas you can adopt.

This ensures that you’re not repeating content exactly that might make your feed unattractive. Rather, you get to be diverse with it and keep your feed as fresh as you want it to be.


Host an AMA

Ask Me Anything (AMA) can be just what you need to infuse diversity and freshness into your social media profiles or channels.

As the name implies, AMA sessions are sessions created for followers and other social media users to engage with you or your brand by asking questions related (or not) to your brand, while you provide answers to their questions and share your knowledge with them.

AMA sessions are very effective social media techniques and they allow you to showcase the face behind the brand and further raise awareness for the brand without pushing for it.

AMA sessions also provide you with opportunities to know what the audience really wants (or does not) about your brand. It is an effective feedback point.


Conduct a Social Media Takeover

This technique is becoming more popular among social media marketers and brands. A social media take-over occurs when you hand over your social media profile to a particular person (usually an outsider) for some period.

If you are thinking of new social media ideas for posts, you can hand your profile over to a celebrity or a popular social media influencer. The active and large number of followers of these influencers or celebrities will help drive more engagement to your profile.

Asides from that, you also get to inject a new vibe and energy into your social media profile and keep your feed as fresh as you want. You can all decide to hand over the profile to an in-house person just to spice up the profile with new energies and content.


Team Up With Another Brand

Yes, you read that right. Co-marketing campaigns are building a rave recent. When two brands team up to produce content or campaign, they each get exposure to the audience of the other.

It’s what you should call a win-win situation. Look for non-competition brands that share a target audience with your brand and collaborate on different things from eBooks to articles, contests, and so on.

For example, if your brand is into the production of Suits and corporate wear, you can partner with a brand that’s specialized in the production and sales of casual wear, corporate footwear, or even a styling brand.

This will enable you to fuse your ideas together and create a masterpiece that will drive engagement for all parties and infuse new ideas and content into your social media profile.


Introduce Live Videos

Live videos have a way of making viewers feel more like they are involved in and are part of a creative process than a pre-recorded video. Results of studies conducted on social media use reveal that people stay three times longer on live videos than when it is pre-recorded.

Therefore, live videos should be a way of infusing new and fresh ideas into your social media profile. And while doing that, you get the opportunity to answer questions from the audience and share your knowledge with them in real time.


Give Customers the Spotlight

Shootouts’ are one of the easiest ways of showing your followers and audience how much you appreciate them. Your customers will be glad that they are noticed and appreciated by their choice brand, and other customers will also be motivated to stay loyal to your brand.

Appreciation goes a long way in giving credibility to your brand and earning you customer loyalty. Thereby, beyond just liking or retweeting posts of people who mention your brand in their tweets, take the step of giving a shout-out to your loyal customer and audiences.

You can even give them a sort of prize. This not just gives your social media the freshness you desire, it makes your customers, audience, and followers more interested in sharing your content and helping to further promote your brand and business.


Final Thoughts

There are many other ideas you can incorporate into your social media profiles to keep your feed fresh always like conducting interviews, creating memes and catchphrases, jumping on trending topics and hashtags, creating polls, engaging regularly with followers, and more.

Keeping your social media profiles or channels engaging and fresh at all times can be very tasking. However, knowing the right techniques will help make your job much easier and help you keep your social media feed fresh.


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