4 Steps to Solve your Salon’s Marketing Problem


“If you’re not making significant mistakes along the way, you’re not taking enough business and career chances.” – Sallie Krawcheck


As the above quote defines, mistakes are part of your successful business. If you are not facing any challenges then you cannot learn and grow. So, there are times when you experience problems or mistakes in Salon marketing and are not getting desirable ROI.

However, you do not need to fret at that time! Find out the mistakes and work on the right plan so that it cannot hinder your path to success. All you need to do is to integrate effective marketing strategies and replace the existing ones with those.

To make your life easy, we are unveiling the four ways which will help you solve your saloon marketing problems. So, without any further ado, let’s start!


Saloon marketing Mistakes you are making

Top Salon Marketing Mistakes You are Making


Do you have a Salon website?

The first problem in your Salon marketing is not having a pleasing website. Living in this digitized world, you must be aware of the fact that most visitors search online for anything. Assuredly, they get a seamless and satisfactory experience doing so.

If you do not have an online presence, then, you are losing much of your customer base. Hence, it is the prime issue you need to solve. 


Create a Salon website, draft the story, and introduce the services, and different pricing tiers you are offering to your customers. Mention the contact details or the other ways the customers can approach you.

Mention the number of working days, time, etc. Make it easy for the customers to navigate the website and know everything related to your Salon. Highlight the “Book Now” button and give your Salon customers the best booking experience. 


Not keeping the Right Inventory

There are customers who are revisiting your Salon to buy the best and most popular products. Imagine if you are unable to maintain the amount of inventory at the right time, then, you can lose your eminent customers.

And, it will cost you much more than failure in inventory management. Does this make you worried? Are you also not having enough stock in your inventory?

Do you know the likes of your customers-which product they purchase more from you? No! Then, it is essential to do it now!


Initially, know the behavior of your customers, and what they actually need. Then, remain updated with the latest updates and products used in the beauty industry.

Most importantly, introduce Salonist salon software to your business. It is the solution that will update at the right time about the stocks, which require to be refilled and which are not. And, hence, ensure enough inventory.


Are you keeping the Customer’s Details?

If you do not have the information of your customers in your hand, then how you will approach them? Despite the Salon industry, you are serving, you have to prioritize customers- they are the soul and blood of your business.

It will in the future give you an excess of marketing possibilities. So, if your database is empty, then fill it with the customer’s details. 


Have important information such as Name, Email Id, Phone number, Anniversaries, Date of Birth, etc. These details could be used to send wishes on their birthdays, or notify them about the events you are organizing.

In addition, these can be leveraged to remind them of pending payments or upcoming appointments or send SMS or email for offers, discounts, daily deals, etc.

One piece of advice here is to include the Salon software to include the details; it maintains the database.

Moreover, using the software you can access the customer’s details anytime and from anywhere; however, streamlining the workflow


Noticeably, customers know the difference between making customers valuable and other marketing tactics.


Do you have Right Salon Staff?

Are you sure that the staff you have recruited has the ability to give you the revenue you have imagined? Or can they serve your customers with full efficiency? Think twice! 

Many find recruiting a simple process, but it is not! There are many factors that need to be considered; hence ensuring the right cream in your Salon. You are a Salon business owner and you have varied services. That simply implies that you have to have skilled professionals that can give the services you are serving. To have the best staff, you need to:


  • Know the salaries paid to professionals holding various expertise.
  • Take the interview personally to find the best-suited employee.
  • Hold the details of the potential ones who can be hired when a vacancy is there.


In addition to the above, it is also essential to train the staff from time to time so that they can know the exact methods of serving. Following that, make them aware of the latest events and trends.

Remember that visitors visit you to look different and trendy, if you cannot give them the expected service, definitely, you are losing them. The other point that can make you worried is the expenses included in the training. Do not fret! There is a way out:


  • Let staff training costs be part of the Salon’s initial budget (annually).
  • Negotiate with the companies for less prices as you are their regular customers.
  • Carry out the assessment only when the training is completed and remains impactful. 


Concluding Remarks

Do not make Salon marketing a pain! Though, it is the best way to capture customers and achieve a higher success rate. We are human, and we can make mistakes, but it is important to work on them at the right time.

Indeed, there are several marketing trends and techniques that can change the manner in which you were bringing business. Those who are only starting can keep the above-mentioned mistakes in their mind and not let them be a part of their marketing effort.

And, those who are already established know what they have to do! So, know if you are making these mistakes and fix them.

Which Salon marketing problem are you facing? How are you dealing with it? Are you following any other tactic? Share your thoughts, thanks for reading!


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