Trends in the Interactive Fitness Market


What Is Interactive Fitness?

Interactive fitness is based on the idea of ​​health fitness, which uses information and communication technology to help individuals overcome barriers and challenges in health and fitness.

Interactive fitness equipment helps you build muscle, control and maintain weight, increase physical endurance, and develop strength.

Increased health awareness has been a major factor in the significant increase in demand for interactive fitness equipment, with physical activity being recommended after medical procedures.

Elliptical trainers, treadmills, stationary bikes, weight lifters, and strength machines are some of the most commonly used fitness equipment.


Video games are now mixed with game-based physical activity and are becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious individuals.

This integration suggests proper heart-beating exercise and develops core balance. helps. Children are spending more time playing video games than doing physical activity as video games are much more engaging, immersive, and addictive thanks to technological innovation and increased creativity.

Trending exergaming is one of the fastest-growing interactive fitness market trends as it allows participants to play their favorite games while moving their bodies.

Exercise games are also gaining popularity as they help build strength, fitness, and confidence through interactive play.


Additionally, exercise games combined with video games have become a serious fitness trend. An interactive experience that combines physical activity and video games to enable firm movement and circulation and build core strength.

Interactive play can help individuals, especially children, improve health, strength, and self-confidence.

helps to get the participant needs to move his whole body, similar to his regular fitness routine, making it a great option for those who enjoy their favorite game and want to keep moving at the same time.

Declining physical activity, increasing rates of obesity among adolescents and adults, and rapid product innovation are driving more and more people to seek more innovative and immersive physical activity, which is driving the popularity of Exagames.

An interactive training device is a device that receives user input and responds to responses from the machine. Interactive fitness has other health benefits, including B. Reduced risk of diabetes, reduced body fat, and stronger bones.

Growing public awareness of fitness and healthy lifestyles, corporate adoption of fitness-related initiatives, and product innovations leading to equipment manufacturer portfolio expansion are the key factors behind the revenue growth of the market.

However, the introduction of alternative fitness activities, the growing popularity of new sports and exercise activities, the lack of knowledge in emerging markets, and reasonable levels of market penetration are some of the key factors limiting the revenue growth of the market.


Interactive Fitness Trends In 2022


Interactive Fitness


Functional Fitness

It may sound more complicated. Functional fitness training is about doing movements that help you in your everyday life. The emphasis is on actually using it to train your body!

For example, fitness machines with pins in the gym often require you to use your body in ways that cannot be replicated in real life.

Functional training uses a variety of compound movements, such as squats, lunges, and push-ups that engage multiple muscle groups to build strength that improves performance throughout the body.

Functional fitness training has become very popular in recent years as fitness facilities have become less accessible. You don’t need big, bulky gym equipment or a gym to do it.


Wearable Tech

Wearable technology such as smartwatches and fitness bands have helped Australians find their fit for years. The watch not only provides data on training but also on sleep, exercise, heart rate, and oxygen saturation.

The latest Apple Watch can take an electrocardiogram, guide you through mindfulness exercises, and even detect if you’re washing your hands well!

Deloitte research shows that the biggest growth areas for wearable technology are older people in Australia. This is likely because the pandemic has pushed older generations to experiment with technologies that were once thought to be out of reach.



The Welltodo 2022 Consumer Wellness Trends Report identifies exercise as a trend to watch, noting that fitness companies must embrace the dynamism driven by Gen Z to remain relevant.

Fitness gamification, which will take the world by storm in 2022, is one of the movement’s most intriguing themes.

The popularity of gamified fitness platforms like Zwift and the growing influence of the Metaverse has spawned a new wave of immersive workouts that combine music, visuals, wearables, and trainers to deliver exhilarating fitness experiences for participants.


Intelligent Home Fitness Tech

Many of us will continue to avoid public gyms in favor of home training, at least in early 2022, as Covid-19 remains a major concern.

Some manufacturers like Peloton are doing very well during the pandemic thanks to their passion for home fitness equipment, with manufacturers like NordicTrack and Echelon combining on-demand and live-streaming exercise programs.

He developed a variety of smart treadmills. By 2022, with the advent of touch screens, network connectivity, and interactive streaming capabilities, home exercise equipment will move from simple mechanical devices made of steel frames, weights, and pulleys to sophisticated intelligent connected technology items.


Tech Solutions for Workplace Wellness

In 2022, technology solutions for workplace health monitoring will become more commonplace. Employers can offer different programs to their employees using platforms like Gympass, which integrates fitness apps with gym memberships and classes.

This allows you to choose a solution that fits your individual needs. Other apps, such as Zevo Health, are designed to work with teams working from the office or from home, and the wearables we use today integrate workplace wellness programs into our overall fitness routines. and linked to fitness platforms.


Recent Developments in the Interactive Fitness Market

Peloton acquired Precor in December 2020. As a result of this acquisition, Peloton will expand its R&D capabilities and accelerate its penetration into the commercial market with Precor’s highly skilled workforce. Peloton plans to produce connected training products in the US by the end of 2021.

In December 2020, Smart Fit signed a deal to establish a jointly operated subsidiary in Brazil with an investor who invested $35.7 million to build 34 new gyms. This strategic initiative aims to support market expansion in South America.


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