Understanding Pros and Cons Of Display Advertising


You must’ve seen the ads displayed on the sites you visit while surfing. You might notice that the ads mainly cover the products or services you might have recently searched for. The ads are often also based on the products and services that might be remotely connected to your searches. 

Overall as a customer, these online display advertising proves beneficial for you to get more acquainted with a range of products and services you might need. It gives your brand a visual identity and generates brand awareness. 

However, as with every marketing method, display advertising too has its pros and cons, which we will be checking in this article.


What Is Meant By Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a marketing method that directly reaches out to the target audience. Businesses launch display ads to improve their reach. It helps with attracting the audience to a website. Display ads are usually images, videos, or text-based advertisements.

These advertisements persuade the user to take action, like clicking on the link or making a purchase.

The best thing about display ads is that they can be customized by businesses as per the sites, locations, time, and other factors.

This specific choice helps display the ad only to relevant and interested audiences, who are most likely to take action.


Display advertising pros and cons


Pros Of Display Advertising

Display advertising can prove to be a great campaign if your goals are defined. Here are some of the pros of display advertising.


Global Reach

The most significant advantage of display advertising is its global reach allowing businesses to locate customers across the globe.


Brand Awareness

Display ads are extremely helpful in increasing brand awareness. The reason is that display ad do not seem promotional. They intend to make the customer aware of a particular product or service.

However, the display ads are engaging and successfully attract customers to their product, thus leading one step ahead towards the final checkout. 

The only purpose behind display ads is to generate interest from the customer for a product.

You can target limited users who are most likely to make the final purchase. This way, you don’t need to show the ad to irrelevant users who will never be interested in the product. This targeting can be made based on the demographics, geographical location, age, and gender.

Display ads can be tracked after you launch the display ad campaign, along with the number of clicks. Learn when a prospect became a client, identify the platform where the conversion occurred, and identify the most effective adverts.


Low Cost

Display advertising is quite cheap and you can reach thousands of users on a limited budget. Although you will get low reach if your goal is to reach a wider audience on a limited budget, it is the one for you.


Cons Of Display Advertising

No marketing tactic is foolproof, and the success or failure of any marketing campaign largely depends on how well it adapts to the user’s expectations and preferences.

Every marketing method has certain loopholes, and so does display advertising. Let’s check out these cons that are stuck like a huge hurdle in getting the desired results.


Users Tend To Block Ads

For users, the ads are not always something they want to see, but most of the time, they are just the screen blocking window for them. Therefore, if the ad is irrelevant to the users, they might use the ad blocking alternative, restricting the screen for the marketers.


Low Conversion Rate

Display ads’ primary goal is generating interest regarding a product and gradually generating leads. However, the conversion rate is low in display ads compared to the search ads, which primarily focus on lead generation.

Therefore, as a banner advertising company or a business, ensure your goal before going for display advertising. Display advertising is more suitable for creating your brand reputation or attracting the user to your product. Instead, if your goal is to improve sales, display advertising won’t be the right strategy for you.


No Control Over The Display Location

One of the most significant loopholes within display advertising is that you don’t have any control over which platform or websites your ads will display. So, often the platform chosen is totally irrelevant to your product. What’s even worse is that you will also be charged for these irrelevant ads.

These irrelevant ads are also annoying from the user’s perspective and might hamper your product’s reputation in their views.



Display advertising is an excellent marketing strategy that is executed in the right way. Its effectiveness can be determined by how effectively your product or service reaches your target audience.

However, with experts at work, deciding on the target audience and its proper execution has a lot of potential to improve your product’s online visibility.


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