United Healthcare to Extend Fitness Partnership with Peloton


United Healthcare, the largest market share holder of insurance in the country is now fully ready to expand its fitness partnership with Peloton.

The UHC signed out a partnership with Peloton last year. So far, the company is looking to grow its relations with the Peloton fitness company.

The peloton came into existence in 2012 with the goal to bring the community and excitement of boutique fitness into the home, said the company.


In addition to their ambitions, they bring innovative solutions to the fitness industry using technology that is designed to connect the world through fitness.

Currently, the number of subscribers and active members has reached more than 2 million, according to Statista

The company is initially focusing on making its app available to some 4 million of its members.


Peloton provided access to some of its fitness devices to the eligible members of the united healthcare


Peloton provides a wide range of fitness devices that are enabled with technological connections like IoT(internet of things) and AI(artificial intelligence).


eloton provided access to some of its fitness devices


Peloton devices are a combination of technology, content, and best-in-class instructors to empower their millions-strong community through fitness.


As part of the partnership, members of United Healthcare can access either a yearlong membership to Peloton’s app or can receive a three-month waiver for all access with no additional cost if the member is eligible for the plan.

“Our work with United Healthcare is just the latest step in our Peloton corporate wellness plan to remove barriers to physical fitness and mental wellness”, said the company.


To help out the existing members to join and engage with the company they have launched the Peloton corporate wellness.

However, the Peloton memberships are available in United Healthcare for fully Insured employer plans.


How to become a member of the UnitedHealthcare community plan?


United Healthcare has crossed the number of 49.5 million customers in its array of health plans, including 6.3 million members of its medicare advantage plan.

The company is highly active in making care delivery more affordable and easier for its customers.


United Healthcare's customer care tweet

Source: Ask UnitedHealthcare


United Healthcare’s customer care team is profoundly active in its social media and provides a support system to the end customer. If you are looking to be a part of the big community here is the checklist below. 


Find the checklist to get started with United Healthcare


  1. Activate your member account 
  2. Download the app 
  3. Stay connected 
  4. Explore pharmacy benefits 
  5. Make your first appointment 
  6. Review your member ID card 
  7. Go paperless  


Follow the 7 simple steps to get started with United Healthcare. 


Peloton take initiative in making wellness more accessible for millions of Americans


Peloton has already raised a signal of making the wellness facilities more accessible for millions of Americans after they launched the corporate wellness program with United Healthcare. 


Aligned with United Healthcare’s mission, and through the power of community, and world-class content Petolon is committed to providing the motivation for people to live healthier lives,” said Cassidy Rouse, senior vice president of growth partnership and corporate wellness at Peloton. 


On another hand, MD and the chief medical officer for United Healthcare’s commercial Rhonda Randall said, “Our initial offer with Petolon is proving effective in helping encourage many of our members to get or stay active with the goal of supporting mental, physical, and emotional health.


Although, both are committed to making movement and fitness more available and accessible, said Lynch. 


United Healthcare to increase access to care with  high-performing system tools like telehealth


Healthcare is growing rapidly with the advancement of modern technological solutions like telehealth, medical practice management software, and so on. 


In addition, Health-tech players are in the race of making healthcare more affordable by innovating modern tech solutions, which are eventually going to make the healthcare experience more delightful. 

United Healthcare group has already started building pillars of healthcare by announcing to work on building a modern, high-performing system to expand access to care and make healthcare affordable. 


United Healthcare Group

Sources: United Healthcare Group

The company is also looking to bring other tech solutions for better care facilities by collaborating with different firms. 

Recently, United Healthcare group has collaborated with Walmart to deliver access to high-quality and make healthcare services more affordable. 


The collaboration is going to be active by 2023 with 15 Walmart Health locations in different regions of Florida and Georgia. 


“We’re on a journey to transform health care, connecting more people to the right care at the right time at a cost that makes sense,” said Doug McMillon, chief executive officer of Walmart.


make healthcare affordable

Sources: United Healthcare Group


Final words:

To sum up, the fitness industry needs more innovative solutions like Peloton brought. However, “The fitness business is predicted to be worth $81 billion in 2021 and will rise at a compound annual growth rate of 7.61% to a peak of 136.59 billion by 2028.”


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